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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : WHO DREAMED UP THIS PLAN FOR SURVIVAL? by David Wilkerson

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Hey Lysa, Actually I was responding to the whole thread, not one in particular. Actually I read your post before I posted and I enjoyed what you wrote. In regards to Brother Wilkerson's being a proven prophet, have you read his book the Vision? It's an eye opener, everything that is happening today is in that book that was given to him back in 1973.

As for him denying that he is a prophet, he really should stop doing that, his humility only confuses the matter. I have a brother in Christ here who is a prophet, he does the same thing. And the reason why he does it because he sees himself as not fit for the kingdom of God, or called to that office. And I know what they mean. In the revival that comes the LORD told me that I will bless many with my singing. But because I have been put down everytime I open my mouth to sing, I feel that perhaps that I wasn't called into this. And that is basically what we are saying, so we need to stop doing that and just accept the call to whatever God has called us into regardless of what we think about ourselves.

I hope that makes some sense.

 2009/3/11 20:54


I feel personally compelled to store up for the sake of blessing others if and when any calamity comes.

Amen brother. There is a false idea going around that it is a sin to do so.

Surely there are also hypocrites who will store up food under the reasoning you have given here. They will be exposed as goats at the time of trouble when they come up with a reason not to share it. A good self check for us all is to see if we are doing anything to help others out of our abundance, if not, we surely will NOT help others when we are in need. I would recommend anyone who hasn't listened to this short message to do so as a means of examining your heart in this area. [url=]Sheep and Goats - David Servant[/url]

I can garuntee that those you help will not be calling you names like “selfish” and “ungodly” as you meet their need (and glorify Christ in doing so).

In Him - Jim

 2009/3/11 21:47

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