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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : 1 John 1:8

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Joined: 2007/8/17
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Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada


Your doctrine is error. We are to repent and believe to be saved, and then we are to repent and believe, to repent and believe, to repent and believe our entire life times on this earth, once we have been saved. Repenting & believing is not a one time occurence, it is a continuous occurence to the true Child of God.
I have said nothing about not having to repent and believe to be save. To the contrary I said[quote}

{The cure is Jesus, when you see the blood stained hands, feet, and side, and realise that he bore it all, you can not help falling in Love with Him, and turning from ungodliness to Our Risen Lord, who has Grace and Mercy for all who turn to Him.}

And again I said{quote}

{not at all saying we cannot sin or will not sin, or that we do not have to confess our sin, when we do fall, so that our conscience remains clean.}

I believe turning away from ungodliness to our Risen Lord is repentance, and confessing our sins when we fall, as an on going repentance. I have never stated that I live in "sinless perfection" as you have {said I }stated, but I see a place in Christ that is so far above what I know, and I have my eyes focused on Him.

Love in Christ tom
Ps I thought we were talking about the sinful nature, not the salvation message, as 1John1:8 is speaking to the saved, not the lost.
edit added {said I}

Tom weighill

 2009/3/14 2:24Profile

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Thomas , I want to commend you for your sincerity and good spirit, throughout this thred . If our eyes be single , our whole bodies shall be full of light !! God Bless you richly .. Clint

Clint Demoret

 2009/3/14 11:20Profile

Joined: 2009/2/17
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Muscle Shoals, AL


I John tells what the character of a christian is in absolutes, not in opinions or conjecture. In terms that leaves no doubts. This is what a genuine christian is from the word of God. You may test yourself by them. That is the reason it was giving to us by God.

 2009/3/14 19:38Profile

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