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Oh no... you're a lady! I called you "brother"!

Many many many apologies!


 2009/2/9 14:27

 Joy...the Hebrides

you wrote:

I recommend a visit to the hebrides,

oh sister, you have no idea how I have been LONGING to visit those islands! The thought and memories of two elderly blind women in a lonely house in Lewis engaging in secret travailing prayer not only fills me with joy and hope, but fills me with shame as to my own unprofitability. The thought of a man like James MacKay, pastor of that parish on Lewis, who meekly obeyed the rebuke of these two elderly saints, when he questioned the Word they had from I type this, I get overwhelmed with the thought of such brothers and sisters, laboring.

as you know, this wicked world is in the midst of great financial turmoil, I believe its Divine Chastisement, though it grieves my heart to see suffering. In Feb of 2008, the Lord impressed upon me the need for frugality, and to save. Not to hoard, or to be selfish, or to ignore the calling to support the Church or various other ministries, missionaries via love offerings, but to forgo all but the most essential purchases, so I wait.....and long to go, and to take my son with me.

I have been following Hebridean property prices for a few years nowm, and two listings caught my eye, but I have neither the ready funds, or the call, OR the freedom to pick up stakes.

One is an old meeting hall on Lewis for 25,000 pounds. If I had the funds, and the Lord's release, I would buy it in a second :

[url=]Old Mission Hall-Lewis[/url]

Here's another that I find interesting:

[url=]Church Manse[/url]

forgive me all, I dont mean to turn this dear website into a real estate venue, but I had to share that with one and all. I felt led.

May God bless you richly Joy, neil

 2009/2/9 15:16


"Oh no... you're a lady! I called you "brother"!"


 2009/2/9 17:11

 Re: Joy...the Hebrides

The above is a link of a transcript of a tape of Ducan Campbell talking about the revival in the Hebrides... here's an excerpt of it:
"This is revival dear people! This is a sovereign act of God! This is the moving of God's Spirit, I believe in answer to the prevailing prayer of men and women who believed that God was a covenant-keeping God but must be true to His covenant engagement."
Just think how wonderful it would be a part of the move of God in this way! Yes, it all started with those 2 elderly ladies travailing for a move of God in their village. Duncan Campbell initially went to the parish for 2 weeks, he ended up staying 2 years!!
The photos on the links you included are typical kind of properties and chapels that are scattered along the islands. :)

Revival. I feel something stiring up in me when I say that word!

 2009/2/9 17:35

 Never heard that one before!

Joy, every sermon of Duncan Campbells's on this site, I've listened to, I've read every book he wrote, or was "about" him and the revival, but I've never read that one, he tells several revival antedotes I've never heard, never heard about the seven communists converted, or the "wild lass of 17" converted.

Time to go lay down and pray, there's to got to be more to this, I don't have enough of Jesus. There HAS to be more!!!

God bless you, richly, neil

 2009/2/9 20:13

Joined: 2009/2/1
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 Re: Never heard that one before!

I'm printing out the transcript of that Duncan Campbell sermon as I write this--can't wait to read it. I, too, am longing to see revival break out. God has used the Lewis revival accounts to inspire me to pray and to let go of more and more of what wastes my time and energy in this fallen world. The world needs Jesus. The time is short.

 2009/2/9 22:07Profile


"...there's to got to be more to this, I don't have enough of Jesus. There HAS to be more!!!"
"The world needs Jesus. The time is short."

Yes! That's it! There HAS to be more and the time IS short. We don't have enough of Him and the world doesn't have anything of Him! Let's do it! Let's put aside all the other superfluous things, what else can be a higher priority?! Those 2 elderly in the Hebrides, even though they were in their eighties, hadn't lost that zeal, that fire, the yearning for more! With that, they had that faith and persistance in prayer to continue until God answered. They prayed from 10pm-3or4am, twice a week! Then they asked the pastor to join them, along with the elders. So the pastor and elders prayed in a barn, and the 2 elderly ladies prayed in their little cottage, at the same time! Then it happened... it only took a few weeks of prevailing prayer and revival broke out. God moved! The fire and the zeal that they had spread to thousands of others! Not only were they in their eighties, but they had severe disabilities. This is so encouraging, because it doesn't matter how inadequate or unworthy we feel... God knows we are, but it's not us... it's Him! (I know I stuggle with this holding me back!), Almighty God can still move when a life is surrendered to Him.

 2009/2/10 10:31

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