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Hi Guys....been out of the loop for about a month. Just playing catch-up. As someone who has been "locked," a couple of times :), just let it slide brother, I am sure you did anyway. I know the frustration of having a thread hijacked by insensitive people who do not really care for the subject at hand. I am not saying that this is the case here, in fact its not that important. I rejoice at your "regenerated heart," brother and know that we have an enemy that comes to steal and rob, dont let that happen, I know you wont.

The interesting thing to me is that you have been insensitive in the past brother, no judgment there, just speking the truth in love. The only reason I mention it is, that it has been my experience that as genuine Christians, we are often tempted by actions that we ourselves have been guilty of in the past. And I think the reason this occurs is because of the parrable of the man who has been forgiven of a great debt. He then goes out and gets a hold of someone and has them thrown in jail for a lesser debt. Upon hearing this, of course, the King is furious.

So, forgiveness is the order of the day. It keeps our hearts right before the King and it spoils the plans of the enemy. The world will know us by our love for one another.

Public calls for moderators to be removed flies in the face of love. It speaks to bitterness and revenge. So I would appeal to those who would engage in this, to think again. Test the motives of the heart, if these motives are found wanting, publicly repent.

May the Lord bless us all, may we be refreshed in our spirits, may we be lights in the darkness of this world, especially now as the world rocks to and fro in the midst of financial calamity and Frank

 2009/2/8 0:35

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 Re: Krispy is disheartened

Dear Krispy,

Are you really so disheartened over this? Last I checked that thread had 2277 views. Do you know why? I know that what drew me there was to read of what the Lord had done in your life. Let's rejoice over the changes He has wrought in you! Eventually, all threads must die or be locked...but Christ forever lives in you! Rejoice! And again I say, rejoice!

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 Re: Krispy is disheartened

Hi Krispy...

Only on SI...

Well, it is not confined to SI. In fact, things are much worse in many other places.

As far as the locking of that thread: I am glad it was locked. We never know who ventures into our "virtual" congregation. They will know that we are His disciples by our love for one another. I wonder: What do public displays of disgust show this lost and dying world? What happens when a hurting person seeking truth happens upon our words? Do they show life? Or do they show the world that we can't even get along with people who name the Name of Jesus? We crucify one another (including our elders, err, moderators) simply because they reprove us or have a different opinion or persuasion.

His banner over us should be love...even in disagreement. Sadly, the Body of Christ often provides atheists with plenty of reasons not to believe.

I, for one, am so grateful to Greg, Mike and Paul. They do a fantastic job in these forums! I have matured quite a bit in my years here...and I believe that our moderators have played a role in some of that growth.

Anyway, I am glad that someone locked the thread. We know what you wrote...we rejoice with you and your testimony of a personal revival/awakening...we pray that this continues its work (in all of us)...and we can each move on. May our focus be on knowing Him.



 2009/2/8 2:11Profile


I love ya and the Lord loves you, no doubts about that, we're brothers in the Blood, I'll laugh with you, I'll cry with you, I got your back, and you know Jesus has the both of us. Over a thosuand miles, and quite a few years, sight unseen, we've formed a friendship based on the Faith we me, thats just cause for exultation! Remember how we used to fuss and go at one another? Now, if it wasnt for our family responsibilties, etc, if there was one guy on this forum, I had to pick to go out and hit the road with for some itinerant preaching and evangelising, it would be you my friend.

Now THAT cheers me up. btw, if you ever get the chance, watch the movie, "The Apostle", thats "our" movie, trust me, you'll love it! It indirectly led to my salvation.

oorah, semper fi, do or die, In Jesus' abundant love, neil

 2009/2/8 2:27

 Re: Stevie

I am going to apologize for the only fault that I find as far as myself is concerned.

If you read the last few posts of Krispy's thread you will see that I left a facial expression>>> :-( Which on proboard it means "undecided" but I found out on here it means "sad". Anyway, I left it because I was confused about all of the talk Chrrsschk and Krispy were doing about Lynard Skynard.

I'm sorry if this was taken the wrong way. If you look at all the talk they were having about Lynard Skynard, unless you are a Lynard Skynard fan you would be confused too.

Actually everything about all of this had me confused. I thought surely they would have picked up my confused expression and understood that.

If you look at their response to me if anything that is what you should be disgusted at.

What Crrsschk, did was disgraceful saying things to me like "spit it out" ect... and I felt it needed to be addressed at the time publically but maybe that was not a good thing, still not sure yet.

Anyway, sorry for my part if that did in fact be in any way the cause of the problem no matter how small it may be.

The issue with everything else I mentioned is now in the Lord's hands. God has searched my heart and so far there is found nothing else.

If you have any more problems with me please take it up pm. Please don't continue these personal attacks on this forum before the whole world.

Keep looking to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.


 2009/2/8 3:50


Hey folks... I'm not disheartened that it got locked, I'm disheartened that it had to be locked.

Rebecca, your "apology" is the absolute height of hypocrisy. I dont think I've ever heard anything quite like that before.

I'm really praying for you....


 2009/2/8 5:08


I'm with you bro. I have a similar story about a change in my heart that I want to share with the body here, but I am waiting until I can convey it properly. Didn't want to steal/hijack your thread or I would have posted it there.

Miccah... PLEASE do share it! It would be an encouragement for me, as have all the other comments and encouragements from most folks here.

I dont think you're in Rebecca's cross hairs, so you're safe! :-)

By the way, thank you to everyone who has posted and PM'd me this week. What an encouragement you all have been. Last night I allowed Satan to get me discouraged over this junk going on. I was mad and I was discouraged. But then I realized this was Satan's way of making me look like a complete fool by posting the change in my heart, and then fighting with someone here after saying that wasnt going to happen anymore.

Praise God I didnt get sucked into it. I've made a few appropriate comments where necessary... but I think y'all will agree... it would have been waaaay different a few months ago. Praise God for new beginnings and second chances. (and third and fourth chances!)



 2009/2/8 5:16

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
Rebecca, your "apology" is the absolute height of hypocrisy. I dont think I've ever heard anything quite like that before.

I'm really praying for you....


I was going to Rebecca about this, but seeing as you have addressed this publicly, I hope that she has that strength to be able to endure being used as an example, that could benefit the community at large.


RebeccaC wrote:

I am going to apologize for [u]the only fault that I find as far as myself is concerned[/u].
(emphasis added)

This comment reminds me of something that was pointed out to me, by a couples counselor, when my marriage first became "rocky". My wife was going through a heap of emotional issues, diagnosed as suffering depression. I was presenting a bit of "I did this.. but she did that", kind of thing, as I was acknowledging my shortcomings. The counselor responded, "Do you think that what you did was wrong, because all I am hearing is that you had an excuse, and it was her fault."

It was what some would call a "brief moment of clarity", where I realised that any expression of repentance, whether to God, or to others, which fails to take [u]full responsibility[/u] for our conduct, is in fact false repentance, because it is void of humility. Now, having said that, I know that when I did it, it was a defense mechanism, and I could trace all the reasons why I did it, and it could be said that I had know choice in my behaviour, but the fact is, none of that mattered, when it came to [u][b]my[/b] acknowledgement of [b]my[/b] wrong[/u]. The only way that I could deal with this, was to "confess my faults one to another" so that they could "pray one for me, that I may be healed". Talk about suffering the bitter string that humility inflicts.

Sister, I hope you can sense the compassion in our words. I find it ironic that you have advised that Krispy PM Mike about his moderation decision, but then you have aired your own grievances, publicly. Again, I hope you don't see this so much as a "rebuke", but as a "loving observation". When our counsellor pointed this out to me, it arrested me. I was torn between being incensed, because of my feeling of being wronged, and desiring to let go of my offence. Thankfully, the latter won out, and I was the better for it.

Let this be a lesson for us all.

Aaron Ireland

 2009/2/8 5:46Profile


I didnt want to write what I did publicly, but since what she is doing is very public, I felt it needed to be stated publicly.

However, over the past two days I have written her privately and tried to discuss some of these things with her... only to see the situation worsen. Her responses to me privately were encouraging, but publicly it hasnt proven out.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I did go to her privately before I stated that publicly.

Also, Rebecca, I didnt PM Mike because I dont have a problem with Mike. I was disheartened that the thread HAD to be locked... not because it WAS locked. There is a difference. Unfortunately it was a decision that you forced Mike to take, and I support his decision.

And now you've carried it over into several other threads.

Rebecca, I beg of you... tell us what is really going on? Dont you see how self destructive you're being?

I think everyone here needs to keep Rebecca in prayer. There has to be something deeper going on here than what we're seeing.


 2009/2/8 7:48

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For the record I want to say that Mike Balog and the other moderators, in my estimation, have done a fine job over the last 5+ years. They have a very difficult job. They give enormous amounts of time to this ministry.

Moderators have the oversight of these forums. We should respect their authority. They are not at our beckon call or instruments designed to enforce our wishes. In their judgment if something is out of line they will address it. If an individual begins to cause strife and division they typically are dealt with privately and banned if it cannot be resolved.

These forums are a source of edification and discussion. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what the other person is saying. Patience is in order. Always give the benefit of the doubt. If we explain ourselves when asked, then that will typically clear the air. But the moderators and others are not mind readers. We do not all share the same concern either. What may alarm one may not alarm another.

Robert Wurtz II

 2009/2/8 8:08Profile

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