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 Re: rap


rbanks wrote:

When I read your other thread I rejoiced and wanted to post but couldn’t until now.

You can't post on his thread because Crrsschk, removed the link so we can't. I know I can't and I'm sure none of us can. You'll understand if you read to the end of that thread.

 2009/2/7 19:24

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The way you have attacked Mike in the other thread was bad enough but trying to bring it over to this one is even worse. I think you need to take this up with him in a PM. As far as I could read he did nothing wrong at all in that thread about how Father is working in Krispy life. He did ask what was your problem lately and to be honest with you I was thinking of asking you the same thing? Sister what is really bothering you, it almost seems as if you have been trying to pick a fight with someone? Is this really how Father would want us to speak to one another? I will be praying for you.

Mike I just wanted to say that I know much has been on your heart of late, I am praying for you. I also wanted to encourage you that I think you do a wonderful job as a moderator here on SI.

God Bless

 2009/2/7 19:49Profile

 Thats right Mary Jane

Mike Balog is one of my favorite brothers in the Lord, and a fine moderator on this forum, and in my humble opinion, anybody that doesnt think so, can pack up their marbles and go elsewhere.

Sorry that doesnt sound too Grace-filled, but some of the rhetoric I been reading of late regarding Mike's moderatoring abilities smacks of bitter diviseness rooted in hard heartedness, public ill manners and just general lack of cyber etiqutte.

nuff said, God bless you one and all, neil

 2009/2/8 2:37

 Re: Thats right Mary Jane

Neil summed up my thoughts 100%.

Hang in there Mike! We love ya!


 2009/2/8 4:56

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 Re: Christian Rap - Cross Movement Records

Sorry I haven't read all the posts other than the first one. I came across these guys several years ago. At the time they were known for how they dealt with a few 'Christian' artists that seemed to just be trying to tap into that 'market' by releasing a few Christian tracks.

The lyrics are pretty good it has to be said. I'm particularly keen on LeCrae's music, there were a couple of tracks on there that really spoke to me, or more, spoke with me as a thank you to the Lord for what He has done.

 2009/2/8 8:24Profile

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