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roaringlamb wrote:
I do not know which Calvinists you are talking about, but any that I know would agree that Christ died for the ungodly, even more than that, He bought all who will come to faith in Him.

Please do not misrepresent fellow brethren in an attempt to make a point, because that is lying about what we(Calvinists) believe..

It was directed to only who it might apply, if it does not apply to you then I would not be concerned, personally I feel we all need a larger mirror, some of us are way to busy standing behind other folks looking at them in their mirror.:-)


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I don't want this to be a discussion on Cal/Arm, but I thought that the misrepresentation was both unfair and uncalled for.

Be that as it may, the conversation has digressed yet again to this abortive topic. This thread is 7 pages long. The majority of it is as unedifying as a tabloid magazine in a grocery store. Brethren, I believe that if we would only [i]pray before posting[/i], we would find the Lord impressing it upon us to avoid these topics like a pestilence.

Try it for yourself and see :-(


Paul Frederick West

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