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 Re: message by Art Katz


Thank you for your kind words.

I believe that the message by Art Katz that you refered to was "The Two Judaisms" found [url=]here[/url].

I do hope Troy will find it in his heart to at least investigate the messages of Art Katz before leaving SI.

I was so gratified to hear him for the first time here and was also grieved that just as I was discovering his messages I heard the news that he had just died. There is so much insight into the Word of God that eclipses all the shallow pat answers regarding the eschatology of Israel... some that many of us were trying to grasp on our own that was made crystal clear.

And I must add for the sake of Savanah and DeepThinker, that if you want real deep and spiritual thinking that does not pander to cliched theological positions, you need to listen to some of his messages.

It seems to me the height of spiritual pride to suppose that we Gentiles who as the Pharisees said to the blind man were "altogether born in sins" to imagine that God, who calls Himself eternally and unchangingly the "God of Israel" and who claims marriage to Israel, and who does not believe in divorce... would permanently cast away Israel.


Clint Thornton

 2009/1/8 2:24Profile


My husband and I were just talking to a friend of ours tonight and she said that some missionary friends of hers have been shut in with God and that they have had some visions of what's coming.

She said they saw military tanks in our country. Someone else got a word that Obama, will not be able to take office because the war will begin just as Obama is about to take office. Makes sense to us because if Israel wanted to have a war they would be better off doing it with President Bush, in office.

I know that you can't believe everything you hear and trust me I don't but it's something to think about. I really sense something is about to break loose soon even if they are wrong. Someone also mentioned that Russia is supplying Iran with uranium.

 2009/1/10 22:09

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