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I believe it is absolutely incredible to realize that the things described in Revelation less than, say even as little than 30 years ago, seemed totally science fiction, are now not only possible but practical and even logical from the worlds point of view. I have worked in a technology field for local government most of my life and have followed the trends and issues that government face. The number one challenge since the late 1980's is identity; are you who you say you are? Fradulant benefits are breaking government. This is not just an American problem. Has anyone noticed now the recent advertising of identity insurance? A recent statistic I encountered in my job several weeks ago is that currently statistics are that one in three will have their identity stolen in one form or another. Stopping terrorism; illegal imigration; financial fraud; health care; A secured form of identification along with vital personal records is ready and cost effective for all world governments. Hard to ignore something so obvious and practical.


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 Re: Single Currency

"During Wednesday's summit, Mr. Ahmadinejad also called for greater regional economic integration and urged member states to begin discussing the establishment of a single currency and a bank that would promote trade. Iran's closest neighbors and key trading partners, include Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan."

Ahmadinejad Blames Economic Woes on West at Tehran Summit
By Edward Yeranian
11 March 2009

Michael Corral

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remember that the mark is AFTER the time when Jesus comes to take HIS people. if I had to guess i would say about half a billion / 500million christians would be tooken (remember this is stricktly MY guess, no factual evedence can prove or disprove, remembering we do not have access to other people's hearts like God does so no statistics are worth even looking at to in depth, in my opinion) but umm... and also during the blood storms, big hail, and wormwood (if it is before the mark i'm not sure.. the mark is after the dead and resurection of antichrist so...) and the 200mill demonic horseman, appolyon. ect. there are not going to be a whole lot of people left on the Earth by the time of the mark application. also remember that NOT EVERYBODY is going to take the mark, it says something about not being able to buy or sell without it, well that to me is obvious that there will still be rebels and christians/trib saints, so that makes the numbers even lower. tim layhaye and jerry b jenkins pridected that there will be much human life lost during those years and i would guess about .75 - 3 billion people by the time of the mark application.

remember i am 17 and still learning which is why i can't get to specific. but just adding a MAJOR point that you missed with the "6+ billion people"


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