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Darin, thank you for going through all of that with me and for the links. I thought I was going to tear your arguments apart with God's word but I'm starting to think "your" argument IS God's word.

I just watched some of the youtube videos from the link in the message board -TRUST JESUS. STOP SINNING. TRUST JESUS. STOP SINNING- and it was extremely encouraging. It is EVIDENCE and CERTAINTY of things not seen but hoped for.

I'd like to read some of the trickiest or strongest arguments in favor of inherited sin nature and compare them to reason and the scriptures. If you have any ideas I'd appreciate it. I would be satisfied if I saw that the doctrine didn't stand the test. I didn't extrapolate it from scripture but heard about it before I ever read the bible so it's weird because I viewed the whole bible through that lens.

It seems like maybe the simplicity of God's love through Jesus Christ may be complicated, confused, and obscured by this doctrine if it is indeed false which I suspect is the case.

I found the library of theology site and maybe I'll post some questions on the other message board.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to go through all of this with me.


 2008/11/20 18:10

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