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Brother Mike,

Thanks so much for clarifying. I too was saved as a Catholic, and I guess that, especially with those of that particular denomination, there is the tendency to sway towards manifestations because of this upbringing. There is a woman from the area that has affected many because she has hands and feet that bleed during "religous" holidays. I believe they call these things stigmatas? Anyhow, the pagan portions of Catholic religion run strong in this area.

It is so true that many that were involved in the charismatic movements began to fall back into beliefs that they had come away from when first saved.

I feel that as you mentioned, that many non charismatics have more godly fruit, and if we continue to strive to seek Him, even without pursuing His gifts, that He will not let us down.

As I was reading through the first portion of Acts this morning, I noticed that when the Holy Ghost on the Gentiles, they were not even seeking it. I pray that this will also happen to our non charismatic brethren. How wonderful for God to reveal Himself in that manner.

Lastly, as I was reading, I thought "Lord, we are so lacking, and we cannot deny that something is missing that we so need." I really want God so marvelously to move so that my unsaved family will know that He is a living God and that I am not a nut.

God Bless and Thanks again. Kathleen


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