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John MacArthur
Paul Washer
Byron Yawn
Charles Spurgeon
Paris Reidhead

 2008/9/13 11:53Profile


Some of the preachers who have edified and enriched my relationship with God and knowledge of Him...

Keith Daniel

Gerhard DuToit

Bill McCleod

Leonard Ravenhill

Paul Washer

Voddie Baucham

Alistair Begg

Gareth Evans

Ralph Sutera

Lou Sutera

Otto Koning

Denny Kenaston

Bill Gothard

Don Courville

and the list could go on...

 2008/9/13 12:06

 Re: Your favourite preacher?

I am always amazed That the Lord would ever give a mere mortal the revelation he gave to Paul the Apostle. He was taught in the secret chambers of eternity Himself, and that to lay a foundation for the very essence of the Church Eternal herself.

How could it be? Colossians and Ephesians.....on and on. And his obsession with mercy, in light of his own sinfulness and depravity. He was given suffering as bread, so that he would not trust in himself, but God alone.

I know that this is not fair, in light of the question, but here is a MAN given grace to form the written Word of God and display it without a semblance of self promotion or pride. I'm impressed.

As far as others, T. Austin Sparks has fed me more than any other. A. W. Tozer, Whitefield, Bunyan, Nee, and let me not forget Oswald Chambers; who loved his cross. Under that tier, I have been drawn to the devotional brothers, who accented death and resurrection in the believers life, corresponding with a life of worship. People who direct me to the truth that it much more important to God in what I become, rather than how I act or what I do.

These men are not primarily theologians. The error of this thinking [theologian's] is that knowledge is reality, and they insinuate that what you believe in your mind affects your position with God; but in reality it is your DEEDS and your FRUIT that follow after you, not your doctrinal stance or mindset.

Pulpit ministries, alone, seem to support a CLERGY/Laity mindset, and in my mind beget division and pride. [ Though some holy men have Pulpit ministries..]

Meetings are not the Church, and Pulpit preachers alone , without a basic understanding of ministry to the LEAST, do not impress me. I am drawn to brothers that know the fellowship of His sufferings, and can sense their love in their writings. I also see, that without sound DOCTRINE, the Church will Perish, no matter how spiritual you may think you have become.

I am now in a season of reading my Bible almost exclusively.

 2008/9/13 12:29


Those are the ones who have inspired me the most it's not necessarily the preaching but the effect they have had on my life.

 2008/9/13 14:29

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Reidhead, Ravenhill, and Washer have been used of God in my life. I recall when I was an engineer listening to Ten Shekels and a shirt and being broken in a way I had never been broke. Then later listening to 'Modern American Christianity' by Washer, the Lord started a process which eventually lead me out of a lucrative Engineering career into full time youth ministry. Then Ravenhill... was so random and fierce, and just wonderfully used of God.

However I can certainly relate to one of the first posts on this thread. There is a tendancy to elevate preachers above what they preach, and there is a temptation to desire to preach like so and so preaches, or have the power that so and so has, and when we do this we border on idolatry.

Jay Miklovic

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Hi KrispyKrittr

I don't believer Ravi Zacharias is a compromiser. That is a pretty serious allegation to make about him just because he took up the offer to preach the gospel of Jesus at the LDS. Many a great men of God have been accused of 'compromise' by people who don't know enough about the context.

In that case D.L. Moody, Ray Comfort and David Wilkerson would all be compromisers too for they too have spoken in some places which we may chose not to preach in.

Ravi Zacharias is a servant of the Most High God. He has been given a voice to speak to Kings and because of this, many accusations will come against him.

In Christ our beautiful Saviour

Vic Gill

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Sweden (Northern Europe)


*Charles Stanley
*Adrian Rogers
*Leonard Ravenhill
*Zac Poonen
*John Piper
*A.W. Tozer
*Mark Driscoll

Almost on my list of preachers to recommend: "Paul Washer". I see that many people on this thread endorse Paul Washer. I dont know how many sermons Ive heard by him; and Yes - he always sounds angry... There is nothing wrong with his teaching; on the contrary everything he says is relevant for the body of Christ; but still - there is something about tone of his voice I just cant cope with (sorry).

Sincerely Magnus

Magnus Nordlund

 2008/9/18 12:17Profile


I don't believer Ravi Zacharias is a compromiser

Do you even understand the thrust of the event in which he agreed to preach at the LDS temple in Salt Lake? Apparently you dont.

I would recommend you read the following link before you go about accusing me of rash judgementalism. Ravi's visit to the Salt Lake LDS temple can hardly be compared to Moody's visit:

And how do you explain his refusal to pray in the name of Jesus Christ at the National Day of Prayer event?

I also recommend this link concerning this controversy:

He IS a compromiser. I dont care what it is, who it's for or what it's about... I will never bend to political correctness. They can throw my butt in jail for all I care... I will never deny the name of Jesus Christ, and I will pray in public in front of everyone in the name of Jesus Christ. And I expect nothing less from our so-called leaders.

I dont care who it might offend. You know what offends me?? Offended people.

Be careful who you defend lest you be embarrassed.

And by the way... I'm not saying he is apostate or has left the faith. I dont think that at all. I just think he is spineless. He's soft.


 2008/9/18 13:01

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 Re: Your favourite preacher?

Paul Davidson
Dr. Spencer
Chuck Swindol
AW Tozer
David Wilkerson


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 Re: Ravi

[url=] Mormons, Catholics and Evangelicals... Unity??[/url]

Mike Balog

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