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Hi Wayne and Christian, two excellent replies, great addition to this thread. Oh that we would have a church full of these kind of believers!.............Frank

 2008/8/19 17:57

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Did you know that SI are having their revival conference in my home town of Greenock? Perhaps you could make it there?

Yes I plan to be there!


Hopefully there are people of a similiar mindset to yours in your area?

A few, sadly we're all quite young though. There's so much fear of man in the churches where I live; those that know better don't seem to have the courage to 'do' better.


My prayers are with you.



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Hemel Hempstead


Are problem is that are generation has never seen true revivial it is desperate for anything! to fill the gap

Dominic Shiells

 2008/8/19 22:02Profile

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Independence, Missouri


There's so much fear of man in the churches where I live; those that know better don't seem to have the courage to 'do' better.

Do you fellowship together? It would be great to be able to come together and seek the Lord together in prayer and fellowship.

Lord willing I will also be in Greenock for the Conference! I already have my flight. :-)

Robert Wurtz II

 2008/8/19 22:55Profile


I agree Delta... here is a reply to my post from my own site from a great brother in Christ..........

Good evening. The comment from the lady is heartbreaking in that we rarely find such environments today. Instead what you witnessed in Florida is the norm these days. One thing that I’ve pondered about the current generation; both professing christians and those who make no such claim. There seems to be a need for continuous stimulation; be it comedy, music, pseudo news, (”pseudo, because the real news, few could handle) and continuous fabricated storylines. Folks have cell phones and are in contact with others constantly. Being still and allowing the Holy Spirit speak to us would almost seem to be a thing of the past, although we know that it’s not.

There’s so much commotion, noise, voices, and nonsense filling the ambience that few know what it’s like to literally be in awe of the living God who sits upon the circle of the earth. As for the church, we think we can (oh no, I shouldn’t really go here; it caused trouble on an early post) make a schedule and place God into that schedule. “OK it’s worship time, Lord meet with us. OK now it’s offering time, and now, time for a soft message. Suddenly it’s over and we’re out. Fascinating; the Lord is always finished at the same time each week. Where are we going for dinner?”

I don’t mean to sound mean, but when I look up into the heavens at night and the stars seem to stretch into eternity, it’s so telling of a wonderful Creator who inhabits all of eternity that the superfiscial stuff just doesn’t have anything to contribute. An hour in the presence of Jesus; our Savior and Lord who stepped out of eternity to redeem us with his blood, is far greater than a thousand lifetimes. An awesome God who has no beginning and no ending; yet gave his only begotten Son so that we could be with him throughout the ages to come.

Well I was actually planning to finish reading the previous post, but this caught my attention; especially the comment from the dear sister who knows what the authentic presence of the Lord is like and hungers for that which is real. Thanks for another post that highlights the lateness of the hour. Have a blessed evening in Jesus.

 2008/8/19 22:59


This was my reply to that brother.........

Hey brother Timbob…….you did not seem mean at all, perhaps passionate for the presence and majesty of God, but not mean. I just left my church of eight years and that was part of the reason, our church is a lot like the one in Florida, only our Pastor was a good preacher. Yet, just so much noise, I totally agree. There is such a need amongst “worship leaders,” (whatever that means nowadays) to be trendy and different and always new. I wrote a post a few months ago called “Faith is in the silence.” Seems like this generation, young and old, are terrified of silence. The next time I get a chance to share anything from any pulpit(who knows when that would be) I can see myself just standing there and saying nothing. Then, after about 30 seconds, the people start to get restless, then after 2 minutes there would be extreme discomfort. People have been raised with constant stimulation. It goes along side an indulgent people who have to be continually gratified, at least at the five senses level, which is where I think the problem lies. A good brother that I respect, suggested that the end time harvest has begun, the seperation of the wheat from the tares, right under our noses. If I could find a Pentecostal , Spirit filled, sold out to the Word , not afraid of silence, waiting on God, crying at the alter at our condition church, that is where I would be. Right now I will settle for Biblically sound. God bless you brother, I belive that we both have passion for His glory and His majesty and the vastness of who He is………….Frank

 2008/8/19 23:01

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 Re: What fire has the younger generation acquired

A friend emailed me about this post and told me I should read it. I am so glad she did. When I read what this dear lady said about the presence of the Lord in the church, and tip toeing in and out because it was so real I could have cried. Hearing about the old days from the older ladies in the church and looking around now and frustrated because of the hunger for the reality of God and not knowing what to do about it. I feel the same way. There are a few exceptions to what I am about to say, I'm sure, because God always has a remnant of people more concerned with Him than self and in that kind of gathering, He is free to move without people trying to take the credit or exalt themselves. But I'm battling the same kind of frustration. I dig in the Word, I pray, I actively pursue an ever increasing knowledge of God, of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I know I need the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I want to be so full of Him there is no room for self left. He is my delight and the more I see of Him the less I want of me. Like BH Clendennen says "The Blood of Jesus took care of the sin problem I had, but I need the indwelling power of the Holy Ghost to take care of the self problem."

I watched a video of Leonard Ravenhill's "Are We Willing to Drink His Cup" posted on this site, and here is just a brief quote that touches on this:

"The Church never had more equipment that she has now, but she
Never had less power!
Never less anointing.
Never less of the miraculous.
Never less from the omnipotent God.
As I’ve said before, When did you last tip toe out of church Sunday morning breathless, awed by the awesomeness of God’s majesty? God’s glory? God’s omnipotence?" end quote.
I say Amen and God have mercy on us, forgive us for being so self absorbed and focused. Help us see our error and be our Power and Strength to change to let You take over and BE GOD!

I have gone to church for 7 years and not one time in all that time have I ever seen anyone get the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Apparently nobody at my church seems to think this is a problem-I think it is a silent scream that there is a problem. Until God began to stir me up about 3 years ago to dig into His Word, for myself, I had read it, liked to read it, but I was content with things like they were and thought the Baptism of the Holy Ghost an optional thing. Perhaps more necessary for the preacher or pastor. But Eph 5:18 says be filled -continually, regularly, always, not just once, and that is a command not an option, but I've never seen it.

What I read the church is to be I don't see where I am. I've struggled with this so long. There's no real fear of God because there's no real presence of God. That's because the church is full of unbelief. He said if 2 gather in His name He'll be there in the midst. But you can tell by how people act they don't believe that. If they thought this Holy God, with eyes of fire, and more power than our minds can comprehend, was actually in the midst, people would behave differently. The demons believe and they tremble but people do not. I don't want some demon showing more reverence and fear of God than I. Not when He promised it to me in Jer 32:40.

People come into what is supposed to be His House and so casual about how they come, and catch up on the latest with each other, so much talking but no prayer before the service, but who comes with a prepared heart, and a reverent longing for God to show up and make Himself real? Isn't He supposed to have the preeminence in all things-our thoughts, our hearts, our lives, our church services, etc.? We can't do that without the power of His Spirit. But, isn't that how it should be? Now, it's all a routine, planned out, and even the preaching of the Word is not real preaching, but men reading Scriptures they don't really understand and talking for two hours about what they think is the church's problem and what it all means. No divine revelation-Without a vision the people perish (Prov 29:18) -without a clear understanding of the Lord they don't fear Him so they throw off restraint. How can sinners be convicted and fear God when they walk in His House and see those who claim to be His children with no fear of Him, no reverence? Psa 89:7 is a command too but you don't hear it preached much. God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about Him. Not a suggestion but a command. People just haven't had that revelation, that understanding of Him and who He is. That's why Hosea was told by God "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hos 4:6) They refuse to know Him, because they refuse to get alone with God and pursue their own revelation of Him-and that is why the church is so lacking His presence and fear.

The Lord teaches me things I never hear preached at church. Sometimes I think I've just completely misunderstood Him and His Word and then I hear somebody like David Wilkerson, or Carter Conlon, or BH Clendennen preach exactly what the Lord had showed me and it takes me to my knees. Last year, during a particularly frustrating time, when I was digging in the Word, and in prayer, vexed by these very things I mentioned, the deadness and dryness of the church, and I don't want to be there anymore. My kids need the reality of God to stand in this wicked generation-not a dull dry, man centered religious routine at church. God spoke to me and told me last December that I was in the Door, and dry and weary and tired but the rain is on the way-I knew He meant that latter rain of the Holy Spirit. I have never spoke in tongues although I've heard the Spirit speak inside me in tongues. I've never had the Baptism but I long for it-I know I need Him. Not just the experience but the daily living under the leadership of His Spirit.

A few weeks ago, David Wilkerson preached "Getting Ready for the End of All Things" which is for some reason not yet posted on this site, but it's on TSC's site: and He said the Lord told him the rain is on the way-and I thank God for this confirmation. Hope you all go find that message and listen to it. It's needed.

We desperately need the reality of the presence of God in our churches, our homes, our hearts, or nothing is going to change. I long to see this! I want to hear Christ exalted and lifted up, hear Him preached crucified, hear the Cross preached, and lifted up, not the externals. Where has the reverence and the gifts of the Spirit gone? I have heard how it used to be until I am sick to death of hearing it. I am hungry for the reality of His presence in my life NOW-and in this violent day we live in the church has never needed Him more. It is so wonderful to know I am not the only one noticing these things. Thanks for posting this.


 2008/8/20 9:49Profile


Dear Kathleen.......My heart bleeds every time I hear a brother or sister express what you have expressed. There are more of us than you think :)
You have rightly summed up much of the situation. Can I just say, you sound like a woman Baptized in the Holy Spirit to me. God speaks to you, and you hear the Spirit speak to you. He teaches you in the silence of your Spirit. You know that you continually need to be filled and you know the difference between life in the Spirit and death in the flesh(going through the motions at church) Can I suggest that you read some things the Lord has given me, I believe that they will bless you. You will find in these posts a kindred spirit and know that there are so many of us who long to see the beauty of Holiness in our church's. Yet, I think that it is becoming more apparent to me as I speak to others, that this may be the new reformation. This may be the seperating of the sheep and the goats, the wheat and the tares. This may be the very oil the Lord speaks of when He references the ten virgins in regard to the end of the ages...................Frank

 2008/8/20 10:14

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 Re: links

Thanks for sharing these with me. I printed them out for further study. I'm reminded of what God told Elijah when he felt he was the only one, God still had 7000 who hadn't bowed to Baal. I don't want to bow to religion or men's traditions, or ideas of who Christ is, but to this awesome God who saved me and delivered me from destruction. I don't want who people think He is, I want to know Him myself. How can I represent accurately that One whom I don't know? So much of the vernacular of the church is wrong. They think to witness means to hand out tracts and tell people about Jesus. But if you look it up in the Greek, (Acts 1:8) it is the word "martus" and it means one who has laid down his life for the sake of another; one willing to die (to self, or literally) for the faith He believes in, and one who has firsthand knowledge of something or someone. And conviction, it isn't a mere "bad feeling" for having done something wrong, it is the Holy Spirit finding you guilty of breaking the law of God, and it's punishable by death if there is no repentance. And God is eager to forgive which is why He sends conviction. It is so good to read these posts. Thanks again. As far as the baptism, I can't really say-I've never seen it happen so I don't know. I just know there is still too much of self in me and not enough of Him and I praise Him for only He can make me a reflection of His Son, and I know He will not create this hunger in me and leave it unsatisfied. I want to possess the Testimony of Jesus Christ-that testimony is of one of death, One who gave up everything for the sake of others, and poured out His life as a sacrifice so others could know this awesome God, and be saved, too. (Rom 12:1) It involves a cross-and only the Holy Spirit can take us there. Oh, for grace and strength of God to follow the leading of the Spirit to the cross, for the things of this world have lost their meaning and allure, and He alone is the desire of my heart. His grace, always sufficient.


 2008/8/20 10:43Profile

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 Re: to achieve Pentecost we bypass Calvary

O for a body of believers in Christ willing to wait upon the Lord, “to be still and now that I am Lord”. I know that in my secret place I am with them. During the welsh revival I read that Evan Roberts enter a waiting church and proceeded to sit silently and wait upon God for 3 hours. No one left, no one spoke for 3 hours and then the conviction of the Holy Spirit came upon the people.

O for a people willing to wait upon the lord. Let us enter into the closet and wait upon the Lord. Let us come out from among them and be separated.

Hence may the cross which we proclaim crucify us on it! May we bear the cross we preach! May we first receive the life which we intend to impart to others! May the cross which we proclaim be that which we experience daily in our lives! For if our message is to produce eternal effect, it must first become the food of our soul.
“The Messenger of the Cross” Pg 19

Frequently in our attempt to achieve Pentecost we bypass Calvary, not realizing that without our being crucified and thus losing all belonging to the natural, the Holy Spirit cannot work with us to gain many people. Here is the spiritual principle: die, and then bear fruit.
“The Messenger of the Cross” Pg 27

Sometimes in an oppressive atmosphere singing may be used by God to release people. Prayer at times may too be a help. But if we make singing or prayer the center, we face the peril of releasing soul power. Many people live carelessly for six days, and then attend a church meeting on Sunday. They hear the singing of many hymns and feel warm and joyful. But let us inquire from whence this kind of warmth and joy comes? I can prove that something is defective here. Should a person live casually for six days and then come to God one day, he should instead feel guilty and reprove himself. How then is it that the singing makes him feel warm and joyful? This cannot be spiritual power. I do not wish to be a narrow critic, but it must be pointed out that too much singing does excite soul power.
“The Latent Power of The Soul” pg53

Christian Roy Merlino
August 20, 2008

Christian Roy Merlino

 2008/8/20 11:29Profile

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