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double post

Mike Compton

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by Limey153 on 2008/7/28 6:31:23

In regards to playing board games etc, i do think that many board games are fine. However I do not believe that card games are fine, please read an article on this link that shows the blasphemy behind an ordinary deck of cards.




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WOW...that was some serious encouragment thank you so much, i'm really happy that i have a family in Christ, and that i have a place to go and ask questions, that helps out alot. Man, i was speechless at first, when i read some of the posts that people posted back, thanks much for them. About that game that i played,WOW, well i must say thier is a tug to reinstall the game and then go and reinbute my character,but its not that strong of a temptation, but i kind of thought about this and i thought to myself that it is all about the captin of our Salvation Jesus Christ and that if i am saved, then even if i would run and start reinstalling and keep on playing WOW then my Lord would come and get me back, its a really hard thing to run from God cause he is really big, and you kind of dont know where to run. This game is kinda bad tho, when i look back at it i must say thier is alot of Demonic stuff in it, like alot, but i guess the real problem with the game was its idolatry and the fact that i played that game more then i would spend time in seeking the Lord. I would like to start playing the game again though, cause most of my frinds started playing again, but i dont know if i will because mostly i am afraid, because i am afraid of living in rebelion. I need some more help. But i will pray more about this. Thank you very very very much again.

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Hi Watered,

I have a 17-year-old son and I am very pleased that you were concerned about this and also brave enough to take action even though it may cost you friends.

I asked my son if had had heard of this game and he said that he had but that he didn’t play it. He has some pretty good friends from church and they pretty well help one another stay away from things they know they shouldn’t do.

I was pleased to hear my son say that he has had plenty of opportunities to take drugs and other things he knew wasn’t right from people at school, but because he knew the Lord didn’t want him to, and because he had respect for me and his mother and how we raised him, that he resisted the temptation.

He has a few friends that want to stay clean and they kind of hang together a lot. You need friends that can help one another stay clean before the Lord and help one another stay out of trouble.

Just the other day he told me about this guy who got in trouble with drugs and that he and a couple of his friends had been trying to tell him to quit what he was doing and not to hang around those that would drag him down. He said to me, Dad, it is stupid to let a person pressure you and cause you to do things that is not good for you. He said to me, I like being in control and I’m not going to do something that is going to take control over me.

Watered, think about your freedom in Christ and your relationship with Him that is most important. Don’t let anything come between you and your Lord. Don’t let anything or anyone have control over your life because you have been bought with a high price and you are the Lord’s freeman.

Blessings in Christ -rbanks

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watered, I'd like to address this again later. Do you have friends that know the Lord? Where are they? Are you hanging out with them? I challenge you to seek good company and read the historic adventures in Genesis, Judges and the books of the Kings, Chronicles and Samuel.

Randy Lambert

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Zionshield wrote:
watered, I'd like to address this again later. Do you have friends that know the Lord? Where are they? Are you hanging out with them? I challenge you to seek good company and read the historic adventures in Genesis, Judges and the books of the Kings, Chronicles and Samuel.

Amen...Keep listening to sermons and reading articles on SI too it will build your faith. There is always good company here.

 2008/7/30 21:34


This is a really great thread because instead of trying to justify playing this game, you have honestly asked and listened to the advise you've gotten here. Unfortunately this is rare. I'm very encouraged by your heart.

I think when it comes to games, TV, movies, books, music... etc, look at everything like this in light of [b]Phillipians 4:8[/b]:

[i]Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.[/i]

If you make this your guideline for anything having to do with entertainment... you can't go wrong.


 2008/7/31 10:03

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well i have reinstalled the game and i will be reinbuting my character and i will start playing again. I know this might sound shocking but i will pray that i get discernment and i will try to discern for myself if this game is bad to play. I will observe for a while, my life and the way i act and then make my desicion. Thank you very much.

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It is not shocking, it is sad. You are making a choice that is yours to make. You are choosing to rebel against God. He gave you the discernment, and you turned to Him, but now you are choosing to turn away.

Satan has you fooled into thinking that you are in control - that you will be able to know what is right and wrong. It is the same trick he played on Adam and Eve. But the problem is, once you turn from God, you are in the dark and are no longer able to see your own sin because you have turned from the light.

This "game" of life is real. After you die, you will be not be able to "reinstall" or "reinbute."

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Mike Balog

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