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 Is being "Slain" really unbiblical?

There is alot of division and disunity in the body of Christ over the issue of being "slain" in the Holy Spirit. Those who refute the idea of an individual being slain argues it goes against the fruit of the Spirit "self-control" as well as "the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet". However, addressing these arguments as well as bringing forth truths from Scripture, I would like to defend the concept that a man or woman being slain in the Spirit may very well be a biblical concept.

1. Being slain in the spirit is not "self-control". the issue with this argument is when Paul states self-control as a fruit of the Spirit, he is talking about the person's character and behavior that flows from the life of Christ. He is not addressing physical manifestations, He is addressing the lifestyle of a person.

2. "the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet" - Paul is addressing the confusion that arose in the church over the everyone using their spiritual gifts all at once rather than allowing one another to take turns. it is in context to those who are all prophesying at once.

Now while I realize it may not be "biblical" to be slain, at the same time it may not be "unbiblical". Here's some reasons why...

1. the laying on of hands - we agree that it is biblical to lay hands. hebrews 6:2-4 in the "elementary teachings of Christ" (Of all places) addresses the laying on of hands. Jesus laid hands. the early church laid hands. Israel laid hands. so the issue of laying on hadns is obviously a biblical one.

2. we see in Scripture that through the laying on of hands there can be an imparting of the Holy Spirit to another. In Jesus ministry, "power" went from Him to heal the crowds. In the early church the apostles would lay hands on the early believers and the Holy Spirit would be given through their laying on of hands. so we see there can be impartation through laying hands.

3. the Spirit of God is capable of overwhelming a man. a) the Spirit of GOD. not just an influence or a feeling, but God Himself. The thought alone should be overwhelming b) men in Scriptures were terrified, joyful, trembling, awe struck, and face-flat in the presence of God at times.

while i agree much of being "slain" might be over emotional and flesh, let's not be quick to call all of it "unbiblical"

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 Re: Is being "Slain" really unbiblical?

There is alot of division and disunity in the body of Christ...

...and a sure fire way to add to the division is to bring up topics like this!



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Here is my findings and general conviction on this topic:

[b]Revival Experiences: Slain In The Spirit by Greg Gordon[/b]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Just a brief testimony, I have never been slain in the Spirit before.

However, I have laid hands on people before and prayed for them and seen them "go out in the Spirit." One brother who was a former drug dealer and pimp that has been saved in the last year came up front to receive prayer. He's a very large man. I had hardly put my fingertips to his head when he fell like a log.

Can I explain it? No. May it be the power of God? May it be a psychological response of some sort? Maybe both? I honestly don't know. The only thing remotely like it in all of Scripture that I have seen is during Solomons temple, "the priest could not stand to minister" because of the Shekina glory. Such seems the closest thing I know of it. But, nothing is seen of people having hands laid on them and then falling out in the Scriptures.

All I can say though, is I have personally seen and known people that have had their lives changed dramatically because of whatever experience they had when they were "slain in the Spirit." I believe such to probably have been a God thing. That's not to say every instance of it is of course. But that's not to say it's all fake either.

Jimmy H

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I appreciate the article by Greg Gordon on this manifestation that has divided much of the Body of Christ. Falling out under the power of God is a common manifestation where there is an awesome sense of the presence of God. In the Old Testament the priests could not stand because of the glory of God that was manifested.

I have often witnessed and experienced the falling under the power of God when hands are laid on someone for prayer. Often there is a tangible anointing that flows through the one that is praying to the one that is being prayed for. This anointing will sometimes overcome the senses of the one being prayed for and they will not be able to stand.

The Word of god instructs us to "Lay hands suddenly on no man" (1 Timothy 5:22) I would hasten to add that we should not allow just anyone to lay their hands on us. If someone is manifesting the wrong spirit then this spirit can actually be imparted through the laying on of hands.

Throughout the history of revivals and various moves of God, falling out under the power as been witnessed and experienced by many.

We should not seek this experience, but seek Jesus.


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 Re: Is being "Slain" really unbiblical?

Hi Mattie,

Much of what happens today claiming to be the Spirit of God is simply the flesh.
Some, a few, are earnestly seeking a true experience with the Lord and He will not disappoint those who seek Him with all there heart.

We cannot put the Holy Spirit in a box and tell Him He can do this and He cannot do that because there is no example of such in scripture. All things must be judged by what kind of fruit an experience produces in individual believers. We do not know nor do we understand all the workings of the Lord in the lives of man.
John made it clear with his words in closing:
John 21:24-25
This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true. [25] And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

I have seen the power of God place a giant of a man, who was very skeptical in the working of the Holy Spirit, flat on his back with no prodding from anyone. He came forward for prayer for his foot and as I started to anoint him with oil his knees buckled,
He lurched forward, caught himself and then fell over backwards like a ton of bricks, hitting the floor so hard his head bounced several times. This rough, tough skeptic spent 90 minutes being ministered to by the Spirit; at times crying like a baby and when he once again stood to his feet was a totally changed man, who before lacked the fruit of the Spirit, now became a living example of a Spirit led life. This experience turned a very arrogant, mean spirit man into one of the humblest men I have ever met.
Can I explain this? No, except to say the Lord will do what it takes to accomplish His will in the way He chooses.

In contrast to this; I remember praying one night at the close of the service and as the elders and I went down the line praying for individuals, I arrived in front of a dear sister before the others and as I anointed her with oil she immediately began to fall over backwards. About halfway down she realized ‘no one’ was behind her; it was rather amusing when her eyes flew open and that instant look of terror, no one is catching me, her knees bent and she sat on the floor, looking a bit embarrassed.

Are most instants of being ‘slain in the Spirit’ like the example of this sister? I think they are, and it has been encouraged by making a big deal out of it and going so far as to provide catchers to make sure no one hurts themselves.
But this does not give us license to reject true fruit producing experiences, even though they are the exception and not the rule.

If it is glorifying the Lord it is the Spirit of the Lord. If it is glorifying man it is the flesh.

In His Love

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for some reason i have never felt comfortable with people falling i have always been kinda pushed back by it, BUT once i remember at a church service people started going to the front and as i also walked to the front to pray in the group i saw people falling and the funny thing is that as i got closer and closer my knees kept getting weaker so weak that i had to take a seat. i have never seen anything like this in scripture but since that day i have been open to it.

I will warn though i have seen pastors that push peoples head back and i know that the day that it is forcefully done to me i might return the favor :-o (j/k lol), it makes me very angry to see men playing at Christianity, but in all things test the spirits and see what the Lord has to say about it.


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 Re: Is being "Slain" really unbiblical?

Those who refute the idea of an individual being slain argues it goes against the fruit of the Spirit "self-control" as well as "the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet".

Hi Mattie. I do not know that those would be the reasons, self-control as part certainly but what the spirit of the prophets has to do with this I cannot see.

I think that as the way this whole thing is 'practiced' along with it's terminology that it is frivolous and decidedly unbiblical. The examples given here by others would put them into a different construct all their own and not the caricature of being "slain in the Spirit".

The usual parsing of scripture that is used to defend this is from;

Joh 18:6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground.

But this scripture is contorted from it's moorings and meaning, the only reason they would have fell to the ground is because of fear.

This so called phenomenon that is rampant today is presented as some kind of gimmick whereby the person is preconditioned to 'expect' something, has his head touched, (more often pushed), and then anticipates some sensation that causes them to fall backwards into the awaiting catchers. It creates a false atmosphere that suggests all sorts of things for younger believers. Many will go along with it to not be seen as unspiritual all the while suppressing the recognition that nothing happened except they were pushed. Others will convince themselves that something really did happen because they have been so preconditioned to expect it. It is an appeal to the soulish, emotional realm and has no Biblical warrant or principle anywhere in scripture. The whole thing is designed to supposedly produce a feeling, some euphoria and is nothing but manipulation and psychosomatic playing upon those same emotions and feelings. It is frankly ridiculous and embarrassing.

The odd question that is never earnestly asked is;

For what purpose? What is the point or reason for such an exercise? To show God's power?

Where in scripture is there any thought given to the Most High doing parlor tricks or giving His children cheap thrills such as put forth with this sort of thing? There is none.

This age has taken even something that was expressed by others here as sincere and real as having a reaction to meeting with either their sin and guilt or the reverential fear of God's presence and cheapened it, marketed it and made it into yet another gimmick. It is frankly appalling and saddening.

The problem with this is to confuse the two and why there is so much 'division and disunity.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Is being "Slain" really unbiblical?

Hi Mattie, my thoughts run parallel with KJ on this topic, however the problem comes in when these things are seen as validations and an expectation of the moving of God. It almost becomes a doctrine in the 'free' churches that to be in the 'anointing' and 'flowing in the Spirit'=Slain in the Spirit, Rolling on the floor, etc

In other words if there isn't great chaos everywhere with people falling over like tenpins and just mass hysteria, God isn't moving. This is false religion and it focuses the sheep on the externals of Gods working in a person and not on the main issue and that is the state of the heart.

This is almost as bad as holiness turning into a three piece suit.

Its not that being slain is unbiblical its that it is taught as though it were.

Zeke Oosthuis

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however the problem comes in when these things are seen as validations and an expectation of the moving of God.

It's amazing how in some circles I run it, you are looked as somehow unspiritual if you have not personally experienced this phenomenon. I was told by one brother that I needed to "lose my dignity" before I would ever have this experience. To that I replied, "I lost my dignity when I started preaching on the streets," to which they were silent.

I am open to experiencing such a manifestation if for whatever reason God wants me to. However, I am not seeking it, as I see no Biblical reason to have faith for such an experience.

The only "experiences" I see Christ to call us to have faith for after our conversion is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the continual growth in the grace of God. Being that I have already received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the only thing I seek from Him now is to attain to the resurrection of the dead as spoken of in Philippians 3. I just want to know Him more.

Jimmy H

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