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 Re: Scary quotes from the Emergent Church

RE: original
It reminds me of a Marxist, Leninist intellectual explaining His views interacting his true Humanist Faith using Christian vernacular.

It is not really idea's about the "Emerging Church" at all, but about "emerging truth", the redeemer of modern secular humanism. "Truth is bigger than any religion.", is their real mantra, and constitutional Right for all humanity.

Really, truth is relevant, marching in step with the evolution of mankind's mores. In simple terms, there is no absolute truth. We survive as an organism in toto, a cosmic community that ever changes as time has matured , and Christianity is one of the fingers on one of the hands that point to a God.

A Christian, with the holy Spirit mandating and molding our thinking into the mind of Christ, practices casting down thoughts, imaginations, and "creative" thinking that exalts itself AGAINST the knowledge of Christ.

This is nothing but the wonderful seed of doubt that the serpent hissed toward EVE; "Has God Said?"

These people have long since cast away their faith, and as I see it, are somewhat irrelevant.

[b]Thy Word, Oh Lord, IS TRUTH![/b] , not the ever shifting psychobabble of antichrist humanists that wallow in their own defiance of The Messiah Jesus, and his commands. I understand intrcesrr83, that that is your point, thereby the "scary Quotes" title. The issue I have is that they DESIRE you to engage them on their own terms, and we can never get to the "Right" of it, for encrouched in their vernacular are undefined and quasi trues that squirm under your confrontation...and slip back into a more "liberal" Christian Theme. Their language is designed to ambivalent, and oozes and drifts into non categorization by Nature. It's like double talk, but more sophisticated and slippery.

They despise the rule of our Lord Jesus, and spout antichrist signs of ancient Gomorrah translated into modern American that cries, "ME!" "I will ascend" "It is my life." "I will be satisfied." "I will find my own path to God" "I will be happy!"

"The cross is false advertising for God!", for these very reasons. The cross would kill me, and inhibit my many ambitions and desires to satisfy myself, and it surely is my right to do so!" [go my own way, and reject the Cross of Christ."]

"I tell you even now, with tears, that these are the enemies of the Cross of the Messiah."..[to the Judiazers who discredited Paul's gospel pointing to works of the law..]

It is a similar spirit. Anything, and any religion away from The Blood shed for humanity...the world...all before and ahead.

It is but Apostasy, and these leaders of course do not want to be identified with his majesty the Devil, but they betray themselves with such an eloquent, but alas, forked tongue.

 2008/8/7 19:54

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 Re: Scary quotes from the Emergent Church

I just listened to the interview too...

deary me.

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I just listened to the interview too...
deary me.

What interview are you all speaking about here?

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What interview are you all speaking about here?

Check out intrcssr83's post posted on 6-12-08 at 20:01. There are some links listed.

Hope this helps.


Sandra Miller

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Have any of you read, "The Truth War" by John MacArthur and "Why We're Not Emergent By Two Guys Who Should Be" by Kevin Deyoung and Ted Kluck?

I've read all of "The Truth War" and part of "Why We're Not Emergent". They really deal with this issue well.


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