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 Prophet Tom Deckard

I would be very interested in people's opinions here on this guy. There is one YouTube video about this guy who says he is a prophet of God and that his prophecies have all come to pass. He prophecied AIDs, the two Iraq Wars, and some startling upcoming events, including an upcoming worldwide Bird Flu epidemic.

Go to his website and read how he says Christians can avoid it by properly applying the blood of Christ and keeping God's commandments.

I can't find anything wrong with what he's saying. I read his entire websites. There are even pictures of a "glory cloud" on him.


It's enough to have me in prayer about it.

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 Re: Prophet Tom Deckard

I would be very interested in people's opinions here on this guy.

Well, since you asked :)

There are Hindus, Taoists, and Buddhists that have also learnt how to tap into the Adamic soul-power and predict the future, clairvoyance, mesmerize, hypnotize, heal, etc. Signs and wonders and fulfilled predictions and miracle healings in the Name of Jesus alone do not make a true prophet of God. There is an unmistakable aroma in the true prophets of God, an aroma of brokeness and gravity of which I detect not in this man, his tailored image, nor in the flippant way he speaks and uses God's Name frivolously every 30 seconds in the unctionless phraseology of "bless God". A man who truly knew God wouldn't speak like this. Every word of the true prophet is carefully weighed and purified. If you want to compare the real with the false, I suggest you do a comparison of this video with any message by [url=]Arthur Katz[/url]

Paul Frederick West

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This is one reason why we have not allowed linking to youtube and other video sites and sermons because people can "waste" [b]much[/b] time listening and watching these materials that do not edify our personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

People have little time these days and it is best to fill as much with good materials from as possible.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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"Note to the original post."

I can understand your allure, as all of us would like to find Elijah, hidden out, with real spiritual Power and Faith.

Tom Deckard is a liar. He deceives and lies; exaggerates to the point of the pathological, and does have some hypnotic power over the naive, and unsuspecting.[ no offense if you fell for this wolf.]

I have known of him for 25 years, and went to one of his meetings. As you may guess, I was excessively grieved. Again, a never ending stream of fantastic claims including apostolic ministry over 10s of thousands of primitive people groups, prophetic authority over nature, and predictive prophesies about world events.

The only particle of this being valid was from his own testimony. He proved these Mosaical feats in the only way a liar can. He lied. It seemed that if he thought he got one over on you, he come back with even a bigger whopper, to shock you. Not one fact or corroborating witness.

I am only saying this to you, as the moderators have indicated; You need some discernment, and the only way that you can get it, is by learning the ways of Jesus, and prayerfully reading your bible, for yourself. Not to teach, or have knowledge, but to LIVE by.

As was mentioned, the man's fruit is suspect, to say the least. This is how you identify a deceiver , over a man of God. The peace, love, and graces of Christ will flow from a man, or woman of God. You will know them by this obvious, unhidden fruit. A deceiver will just tell you about his exploits or fruit, and impress you about his own super spiritual life. Look for control in the ministry of a deceiver. Jesus never controls. He sets you free, either to love Him, or not.

They will NOT exalt themselves, or brag about their mighty power. I ask you, why would anyone want you to believe they are so great? For what reason? Think it out. As the moderator said, do you see humility? Do you see brokenness? Is Jesus exalted above all? "Grievous wolves, drawing away disciples AFTER THEMSELVES!, not sparing the flock![ ACTS 20]

They want to impress you with Elijah claims, to gain control to enhance their power over men. the reasons are various, but the result is the same. Shipwreck! For you!

This is , I believe the point of the moderators, It takes a little more than because "I SAID SO!", to make a prophet. Many are pathological liars who want you in their web, as disciples, to gain power. Tom Deckard is one.

Pray diligently that the Lord Jesus would send a true Shepherd into your life, to get you to a point that you could walk in your own wisdom with THE LORD. This man will also show that he loves you, and is for you knowing God, above the benefits you may give to him.

"NOT that we have dominion over your faith, but are fellow workers for your joy, FOR BY FAITH.....YOU STAND!,,,,2 COR 1 VSS. 24

 2008/4/21 22:46

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1 Corinthians 13:8 Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
1 Corinthians 13:9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
1 Corinthians 13:10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.


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 Re: Prophet Tom Deckard

I dont have much time, so I'll just cut to the chase and be blunt...

You said:

I can't find anything wrong with what he's saying. I read his entire websites. There are even pictures of a "glory cloud" on him.

The fact that you cant find anything wrong with him concerns me. Glory cloud? Other than Renassaince art, where in scripture do we ever hear of a "glory cloud" being on someone? And having just glanced at his site I found a lot of things that are just plain unscriptural.

My recommendation to you, my friend, is stop watching these so-called prophets on youtube, and chasing after "the annointing", and bury yourself in the Holy Word of God.

I dont want you to take this post as being "harsh" or anything like that. It is truly out of a heart of concern that I say these things because I was once caught up in all that garbage myself.

And... years of experience have taught me that if someone claims to be a modern day prophet... he/she probably isnt. I'm leary of ANYONE who proudly claims to be this or that "in the Lord". They are nothing. God is everything.


 2008/4/22 12:04

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"there are many prophets annointed by adobe rather than God"

I'm pretty good with photoshop too; send me a pic & within 5 mins. Presto instant 'glory cloud'... :-P

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Tom Deckard is very easy to debunk as a false PROFIT! To this day, he claims to have healed a muslim president of Malawi's brother of HIV. Malawi has only had 3 presidents! The 1st one was a Christian, since 1905. That leaves 2, alive and well! It was reported in the NY Times on 2004, that President #2's (Bakili Muluzi) brother had died of AIDS. The current has never reported an HIV brother. Deckard is reading the news! And read Daniel and Revelation for yourself.

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 Re: Prophet Tom Deckard

Tom Deckard is a false prophet, he holds meetings in a small town in southern Illinois where I live. There are people that attend the church where I go that used to sit under his ministry. These people have shared with me some of the things that went on in his meetings. At one time, like many that get off base, I believe Mr. Deckard was used by God. I don't want to just slam the man, or repeat things that I have not seen for myself, but several men of God I respect in our town have broken fellowship with him for the things he has taught.

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Bill, I like your quote: "Regardless of how brilliant or how great one's intellect may be, God's Word is not understood by human wisdom or reasoning. It is only through the Spirit of God that the Word of God is understood."

Just noticed it for the first time. I copied/pasted it in our church bulletin! Thought you might like to know!

To all the others, if you write something that grabs my spirit, it will likely show up in our church bulletin sometime.

God bless SI!


Sandra Miller

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