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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : The Fear of God

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Joined: 2003/7/18
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Reading, UK


Hi Ron, you wrote in a thread about the meaning of fillial fear,I can't remember where.Would you re-enlighten me as i think this woould add to the discussion.Thanks

Hi Derek
Its on the earlier page of this same thread.

Ron Bailey

 2004/7/17 16:01Profile

Joined: 2004/6/10
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Yea, I see it as having a heart that says "God there is nothing more worthwhile than you! Everything else pales in comparison to you. I am worthy of nothing because you alone are worth it all!"

I have been thinking about the thing that drives us to fear God. What if it is how worthy He is for each of His characteristics? We have the spiritual knowledge of his power, which is worthy of awe, beauty, which is worthy of astonishment, love which is worthy of all the love we can give, holiness which is worthy of fear, authority, which is worthy of total unquestioned submission, enormity, which is worthy of humility...I could go on... I remember being able to see God like this, and it was like each individual aspect of His nature shaped how I reacted to Him as a whole.

All to and for Him,


John C. Kelly

 2004/7/17 16:53Profile

Joined: 2004/2/8
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Worthing UK

 Re: thanks

Ron, thanks
Can anyone advise on the best method of keeping track on threads and discussions etc
There is so much material its knowing how best to record stuff
thanks for your patience :-)

derek Eyre

 2004/7/17 18:16Profile

Joined: 2003/6/2
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Isle of Lewis, UK

 Re: The Fear of God

Can I recommend a book by Jerry Bridges called the Joy of Fearing God.

It is probably the best book I have read on the subject, and has an awesome parable illustrating what the fear of God is.

Ruairidh MacLean

 2004/7/23 9:53Profile

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