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Nottingham, England

 Re: "THE CALLED" - by Rahman Reuben ... Chapters 1 to 3 ...

Has it occured to anyone yet that Rahman is using the forum to plug his novel?

Just a thought.

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 Thanks Bro Xtian ...

Hi bro Xtian ... You wrote;
"I have prayed, but as scripture dictates I can no longer have anything to do with you. I leave in the hands of God, whom you are disobeying."

--- i totally understand, and i do appreciate all your prayers up till this point ... Like you i too leave this in God's hands, that's why i said if i'm in error He will straighten me out ... i know He will, and is ...

i do pray that because you've not got the instant reaction from me that you desire it won't cause you any more spiritual discomfort on my behalf ... On this i'll be praying for you ...

Blessings in Christ Jesus ... :-D

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mamaluk you wrote;
"??? this even a godly approach?..or something of Madison Avenue?"

--- i may be deluded, or even misguided, but i'm no "thief in the temple" in this regard, so i assure you a Madison Avenue motive is far removed from me ... i had a guy suggest to me an agent for The Called, who for a percentage would attempt a Madison Ave. approach ... The Lord had already warned me of such, and so i told the guy, "How in the future would i be able to say of The Called that the Lord enlarged it if i hired someone to do it ... Where would the glory be to Him in that?" ---

mamaluk you wrote;
"I suppose if "important men" like Mr. Falwell or Mr. Robertson endorse this book, that would make it all spiritually sound and "Christian"?"

--- Funny that you should say this ... At one point, about ten years ago, i was told that The Called didn't stand a chance because i was nobody, and that the only way it might succeed is if a "big name" preacher endorsed it ... By all reasonable standards The Called is doomed to failure, that's why i say if it's of the Lord only He can/will enlarge it ---

mamaluk you wrote;
"sigh....very sad !!"

--- Hope you're not so disgusted by/with me that you'll not pray for me ... If you are, of course i understand ...

Blessings in Christ Jesus ... :-D ---

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Hi Enid - you wrote; ...
"Has it occured to anyone yet that Rahman is using the forum to plug his novel?"

--- Hmmmmm ... i try never to be as dastardly as you suggest, but i understand your reasoning ...

As much as many may not believe, i'm the type of Christian prone not to do such things "in the name of our Lord" if i don't feel led of Him ... Again i may be deluded and/or misguided (God will reveal), but i'm not mercenary in the things of God ... My motive for The Called is the same as why i believe God gave it to me, toward the salvation of souls, and whatever other good purposes He might use it toward ...

[b]i posted THE CALLED on SI on 6/18/2004[/b] because i felt led of our Lord to, and for that reason only ... [b]THE CALLED was not published until 9/30/2005 ... So in the initial posting there was no book to plug ...[/b]

Let me tell you something about The Called ... It's what's concidered a self published book ...This means that i had to pay to have it published, about 4K when it was all said and done ... i'm not a rich man, and when i heard the Lord say "publish it now" i balked because i had to pay for it out of my need ... Publishing The Called pretty much wiped out my little savings, but i believed and so i did ... Once i was led to Xulon, i did the research and found that the average self published book sells about 50 copies then it dies into the sea of oblivion ... That didn't make me feel very confident, but i believed the Lord gave it to me, i believed He was telling me to publish it this way, and so in spite of dreading to see my $$$ go, i did it, trusting that if He be for it, who/and whatever odds could stand against it ... When it comes to The Called i only do what i hear
(my belief) what Holy Spirit tells me to do, no more, no less ... A great deal of the time He's always telling me to "give it away", which is still monetarily costing me, but then everything i have He gives me, including my money, so when i hear spend/give it, i give it ... This i believe is part of His training me in stewardship ...

Anyhow all this to say there isn't any amount of "plugging" i can do to make The Called succeed ... Everything points to it's failure, i mean just look at the degree of adversity leveled against it (and myself) in this Christian community ... If i've read bro Ron's inference correctly The Called is a work of treason, and i'm a spiritual Benedict Arnold ...

If The Called succeeds it will only be by the grace, mercy and promotion of God ... If He don't "plug" it, all earthly reasonings point to its eventually being "un-pluged" ...

Blessings in Christ Jesus ... :-D ---

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Tho this thread may cause tension, if it were not i'd not be learning all that i'm learning here (and for that i praise God) ...

[i][b][color=CC0000]i post this for anyone who might read previously and think that the 1,000 years as one creative day is solely a JW concept,[/color][/b][/i] but is in fact believed by other saints of other Christian denominations, just as the 7 day, 24 hour concept is also ...

i got to thinking since the Church of Rome is primarily the one that set so many precedents in belief for all subsequent denominations, just what did some of the early fathers think/say about this subject ... By God's grace i believe He's led me to a very informative site ...

[b]Catholic Answers - Creation and Genesis:[/b]

[i][b][color=CC0000]Again this is not posted as attempting to convince anyone of the 1,000 year creative day concept, but that it's concideration, and belief, far outdated the founding of JW orginization ...[/color][/b][/i]

Blessings in Christ Jesus ... :-D

Bro R

 2007/1/26 12:44Profile

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interesting that rahman refers to an organization that teaches & enforces doctrines that go directly against the bible, as his support for his wandering from the solid doctrines found in the bible.

Take a look at the catholic catechism and compare it to the bible - I did a few videos that discuss their traditions vs God's standard, the bible. And the CC doctrine/traditions not only come up short, but often promote idolatry and heresy.

[url=]Catholic traditions vs God's word 1[/url]

[url=]Catholic traditions vs God's word 2[/url]

[url=]Catholic traditions vs God's word 3[/url]

Again this shows that we should base our doctrine on what is true, and that is only found in God's "in context" word. Getting support from those that lie and teach heresy is no support at all.

BTW excuse the poor quality of the vids, but know that all catholic beliefs are taken from their 1994 catechism.



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