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I'm sure you're wife knows better, but can I make a suggestion?

Flour has a fairly short shelf life, before it starts to lose nutrient value...

just a suggestion, go to that blog, and there are vendors that sell 50 lb sealed buckets of hard red wheat "berry", the unground wheat kernel, and get you all a hand wheat grinder, and if you keep it properly sealed, the berries will keep for a good long time, and she can grind 3 or 4 pounds at a time.

just a suggestion (from personal

there's a lot more things I can suggest you to "stock up" on,(which you probably already know) but this isnt the appropriate website to suggest as such, the other site I suggested in my previous post is, it doesn't have a forum, but there's a lot of good stuff on it, as far as "being prepared" goes.


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