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Thanks Chris for passing along the data. Especially the chart. (edit: Over the years there has been so much emotional smoke on various political battlefields, that's it's hard to know the facts of our various present situations.)


Mike Compton

 2008/2/14 10:32Profile


Abortions began to drop between 1981 and 1982.

There was a sharp drop while Clinton was in office.

When they began to hand out birth control to minors and whomever, that was why.

They don't count "the morning after pill" abortion neither.

So, the laws have not changed - except that, birth control doesn't even need a parent's permission now, for prescriptions and Planned Parenthood - has been very busy helping these youth etc..

Sad is right.

 2008/2/14 18:27


I will say this to you my dear brother and fellow marine comrade and this is all I will say or respond to in anyway, shape or fashion on this subject,


u know nothing concerning this subject as u ought to. I am african-american and Irish, but I look AA, and from the south, but no one is aiding and abetting people of color nor or their any excuses still being made on behalf of any one race. YOU ARENT BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICAN SO U CANNOT COMMENT ON THIS TYPE OF INFORMATION OR SUBJECT. U DO NOT WEAR MY SKIN COLOR OR THE ONES U THINK U CAN REFER TO.


These so called horrible, ungodly, deceitful, and hideous mindsets, and deeds are still being carried out against people of color. It is still a terrible time in our history and in the here in now, that is racial acts of injustice and deep, very deep imbedded pain. Brother I know, I have been a part of it personally on more than one account, Brother I have also been a an outspoken member of such heinous acts of verbal and physical occurrence.

So it is a mad insult and lack of personal understanding for someone of your wisdom and character to say such a thing. I have learned that many caucasian people that I meet, that is , so called brethren and others alike seem to think they know what is wrong with black people who aren't really black that is the stereotypical color that has been given them just as the N word to further stereotype and stamp people of color or African-American people with.

You or any other person that is not of color or particularly African-American cannot speak for what u thunk u know as it pertains to the struggle or skin color of any other person besides yourself or your particular race. Please, I ask u out of proverbial wisdom that u rethink what u think u know because of your hearing in media and in other aspects of propaganda or false misleading information.

Now Brother, and u r my dearest brother in Christ, but I feel compelled to respond to u in this post because I feel u through ur post, and God has blessed u brother with understanding of his word. So do not think or allow ur flesh to rise as I display this info, but it really is to hopefully educate u as a brother in Christ about that u DO NOT know what it is to struggle in slavery and in-depth crushing, and humiliating pain that is still resonating in the African-american community.

I applaud Barack Obama, but he is half AA and half caucasian, and I say that because people , powers that be have different views about how they perceive what they perceive. Perception is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but nevertheless unless one is properly educated and of course wears the same skin color that all one can comment on is what they read or heard

Even the scriptures state that we can only "speak that which we have known and have seen with our eyes, and especially as Christians because the truth is involved, and that pure unadulterated truth is Christ.

Also, theses so called representative "black" leaders are only leaders in their own eyes, because the majority of people of color will tell u that these people are more like zealot or people who want to be heard instead of holy spirit freedom fighters. I do believe that God will use men and women to fight for the cause/s of others. That's right, the Lord Jesus has a place for such people, but nevertheless, it is in vain unless the Lord builds that house. God must build up, and allow whatever has to be torn down.

Love you with all my heart in Christ

Jesus must be lifted
for personal discussion hit me at [email protected]

 2008/2/14 20:28



I'm not interested in debating this with you. As I said, because I am from the south no matter what I say will be misunderstood by someone.

First off, my brother, I am not 100% caucasion. This is an assumption on your part. I am 25% Cherokee Indian... and my ancestors from that culture had their own hardships to endure. And certainly Indians in this country have not gotten a fair shake either. And guess what, my friend, I have black hair and a tanned complexion year 'round.

Secondly, as an American I am entitled to my views on differing matters, and have a right to speak them freely (and within the guidelines of Sermon Index when voiced here).

Thirdly, it seems that we agree about "black leaders", not sure what the contention is there.

Fourthly, all I was pronouncing was "personal responsibility". What you failed to gleen from my post (I'll assume you just read thru it too quickly or something, because my point was clear...) is that it doesnt matter what race a person belongs to... they CAN and SHOULD rise above any adversity (with Christ's help and empowerment) and make something of their lives according to God's will. Black, white, red, purple... it doesnt matter.

Did I say that it's as easy for blacks as it is for whites? No. I never said that. Nor do I think that. But no one, regardless of skin color, should blame any one else if they fail to pull themselves up by their boot straps and meet their full potential.

But unfortunately you assumed that I'm 100% caucasion. And since I am from the south you assumed I must have some racists tendencies (just as I predicted someone would).

As you know, since you're a brother-in-arms, I had brothers in the Marines from all different races... black, japanese, jewish, hispanic, white... you name it. And would have given my life for any one of them without a second thought. Being involved in sports I have had fellow athletes of different races compete with and against me. As a coach, it might surprise you to know that ALL FOUR of the coaches that coach for me are black. I hand picked my coaches.

It is an insult to those of the AA race who know me for you to make the assumptions about me that you have.

And I'm not even 100% white.

Like I said before... the issue is a PEOPLE problem, not a race problem. The issue is a SIN problem, not a SKIN problem. Black AND white.

Look at the Cherokee people here in NC... my own people. Poverty reigns. Alcoholism and casinos. But can a Cherokee man blame the white man for this? NO... if he is a drunk it's HIS fault, and no elses. If he has lost his house to the casino... it's HIS fault and no elses.

Unless you're a Calvinist... then it's God's fault. :-P ... sorry, coulnt resist that!


 2008/2/15 12:04


EJG... I just want to add that I love you.

Just because we may disagree (however, I think we just misunderstand the other) doesnt mean that I dont love you, or want to be in harmony and fellowship with you.

Just didnt want that to get lost in the mix.

Semper Fi.


 2008/2/15 12:27


2 Thessalonians 2:11
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

 2008/2/16 10:45


On video from ABC News: Obama admits that he will no longer wear US flag pin:

 2008/2/16 11:36

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Yes, there was a significant drop in abortion during the Clinton Administration, but this probably had more to do with a conservative Congress than the pro-abortion measures attempted and implemented by the Clinton Administration. The Republican Congress banned federal funding of abortion -- which was part of the welfare reform legislation of the "Contract with America."

Many of these articles (including the CDC figures), by the way, do count abortive "morning after pills" within their figures. Another recent article by pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood included a figure of every single "abortion pill" sold in the United States as a legal abortion. Even with these numbers added, there was still a noticeable decline in the number of abortions.

The most accurate figure in this issue is not the[i]number of abortions[/i] performed each year (because this lower number does not reflect the increase in US population). What makes the decreases in abortion most notable is that of the rate (number of abortions per 1000 women). This number has fallen considerably over the past decade (even though “abortion target groups” – low income, minority women – has increased dramatically). In addition, it is interesting to note that the birth rate has actually increased slightly -- especially amongst minority women.

Birth control (condoms, etc...) probably does play a significant role in the rapid decrease in abortions. But as "questionable" a tactic as this might be for some, it does prevent the murder of a human life. However, we can't discount the other legislative measures that have taken place. Abstinence-based education has been taught increasingly over the past eight years, especially with funding from President Bush’s “faith based” initiative. Partial birth abortions have been banned by the Republican Congress. Many states have passed legislation that makes it difficult (if not impossible) for minors to obtain abortions without parental consent. The Republican Congress withdrew funding for most abortions during the 1990s. One state, South Dakota, even [url=]banned abortion[/url] altogether (while the measure passed the legislation and was signed by the governor, some liberals successfully gathered signatures on a petition that forced the issue to a vote, and it was rejected by a [url=]slight majority[/url] of voters). Regardless, we should recognize that there have been changes in the laws concerning abortion in this regard.

Probably the most important individuals in regard to the issue of abortion are neither the President nor the Congress. The nine members of the U.S. Supreme Court have immense power in regard to the Constitutionality of this barbaric practice. Recently, the slightly conservative Supreme Court has defended prohibitions of some abortions. However, this could change if a liberal president appoints more activist judges to the Supreme Court. The abortion argument currently deals with the “right of privacy.” However, this argument has serious Constitutional holes in it (since when did “privacy” allow for the Constitutionality of murder?). Right now, the Supreme Court is just one or two votes away from declaring abortion to be unconstitutional on the grounds of “cruel and unusual punishment.”

So yes, Taco, the number of abortions during the last decade has fallen dramatically. More importantly, the abortion [u]rate[/u] has fallen dramatically. And yes, there has been legislation passed that has targeted abortion.



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Should Christians pledge allegiance to the United States? I have thought this dating back to a summer bible camp in Virginia I was with.

As well, it is very unfortunate that most people are ignorant of the fact that "the pill" contains abortive elements....

There is alot of love on SI, God bless all.

 2008/2/16 13:47Profile

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 Re: Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton: The Blind Leading the Blind

Here are some sobering stats concerning abortion:

Forty-five million have been aborted since roe v wade.

One third of these aborted are black babies = 15,000,000.

Current population of blacks in in the USA is 37.1 M. or 12.4% of the total population.

Here is an article sent out by Christian Newswire:
ATLANTA, Feb. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today decried Planned Parenthood's use of her uncle's image and words on its website.

"Planned Parenthood is no stranger to deception. I know firsthand because prior to my abortion, a Planned Parenthood doctor told me that my baby was just a 'blob of tissue,'" said Dr. King. "Now, Planned Parenthood lies by trying to imply that my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would somehow endorse the organization today. He most certainly would not."

"Uncle Martin accepted an award from Planned Parenthood in 1966 when abortion was illegal in every state and before Planned Parenthood started publicly advocating for it," continued Dr. King. "In Planned Parenthood's own citation for Uncle Martin's prize, not only is no mention of abortion made, it states that 'human life and progress are indeed indivisible.' In 1966, neither the general public nor my uncle was aware of the true agenda of Planned Parenthood, an agenda of death that has become painfully obvious as the years have unfolded."

"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, 'The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sacrifice the future of his children for personal comfort and safety,' and, 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere,'" added Dr. King. "There is no way he would want his name or image associated today with Planned Parenthood, the group most responsible for denying civil rights to the over 45 million American babies killed by abortion, one-third of them African-American. There is no way my uncle would condone the violence of abortion, violence that Planned Parenthood has always tried to mask, which brings painful deaths to babies and can result in torn wombs, serious infections, and emotional devastation for their mothers. Let me be clear, Planned Parenthood must stop using and lying to my family and the entire community of humanity."


Sandra Miller

 2008/2/25 18:33Profile

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