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 Re: The context of the author's remarks

Hi He Reigns,

I am out of town right now and borrowed my relative's computer for a few minutes. So I can't be long and detailed. Again, I think the concerns you raise are legitimate. The booklet I quoted from is not really a current publication bit I think it still has relevance. Bro Prince travelled the world over and shared this message of praying for one's country and government in many nations and to the believers there. He believed if it would work here it would work there. He taught on multitudes of other topics also to help strengthen the churches and believers in these countries. There was harldy a man with more missionary zeal than he had and who understood the plight of the church in many of the persecuted countries better. He never came up short there. His ministry is still carrying on in that tradition and has always sent as much teaching materials to as many countries as they possibly can. "Reaching the unreached and teaching the untaught" is one of the themes or mottos of this ministry. This booklet about believers praying for our nation and government ("Praying For The Government) was published for us here in this country. Bro Prince became an American citizen after coming here from Britian and had a love for this country that moved him. I think his statement about not criticizing are for many who do that, criticize, and nothing else. Not an iota or one minute spent in prayer for the leaders they criticize. If they aren't praying first and are only habitually criticizing then they are being disobedient I have come to believe. And why stand on our own national soapbox and throw volumes of criticism at other countries and their governments if our house at home is not fixed first. I think that is what he meant by that statement about not talking about other countries. How much of a light, especially morally, are we to other countries right now? I don't think we should not criticize. But we should not criticize only and nothing else as so many do. I can almost say with certainty it's an epidemic in the body of Christ and may be partially responsible at least for the condition we find ourselves in.

I've said enough. I sound like I'm on a personal soapbox and may be to a degree. But the issues of abortion, pornography etc. and the oppressed church were well on this man's heart. He journeyed to these places and taught among them. Praying for the United States so it could get out of its responsibilities to other nations was not even a part of his thinking. But the prayer closet he felt was as powerful a place to fight battles for nations as anywhere else. Thank the Lord many have. I also realize that fan worship of a sort of certain teachers can be a little too pronounced and that is not where I am coming from on this subject and him. I realize the difference.

Meanwhile, let's pray.

Thank you,

"Doc" :-D

David Winter

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