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Last semester one of my professors, a veteran missionary, said almost the exact same thing as Chris (ccchhhrrriiisss). He said that having a firm understanding of the Gospel and of course knowing your way around the Bible was essential, but that if he had it to do again, he would get a degree in inter-cultural studies from a secular university that offered a specialized degree.

We read the following books in that class and they not only radically changed my view of missions, but have had a huge impact on me in general.

I have been to several foreign countries. I wish I had read these books before my travels. I will read these books again before my next trip. They truly are that good. Five stars.

[url=]Cross Cultural Connections - Duane Elmer[/url]

[url=]Survival Kit for Overseas Living - L. Robert Kohls[/url]

As far as language studies go, my professor said to learn only a small portion of the language before you go…just a little beyond the basics. He stressed how hard it is to “unlearn” mistakes and that it really helps to have a local coach you through the process. He said that the locals usually have greater respect for those who learn their language the correct way, and not sound like the typical American that studied the “how to” tape series.

Peace be with you brother


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