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The governor is accused of putting a cross in the background of his ad. The 'cross' they find offensive is nothing more than a bookcase. The critics say also the three lights stand for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! What is disappointing is that the media grabs such a concoction and makes big news out of this ad.

What I loved was Huckabees response to the critiques who are complaining about the so-called cross and three lights... he said:

"Yes, and if you play the ad backwards it says "Paul is dead... Paul is dead...""

(For those who dont know, the Beatles put a backward message on their "White" album saying "Paul is dead... Paul is dead..." in reference to a conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car accident and the Beatles were trying to cover it up)

I thought his response was hysterical and awesome! Shows the man has a sense of humor.

I like that.


 2007/12/20 12:39


Let me say that what I believe about how and where Jesus is proclaimed has nothing to do with one who chooses other beliefs. However in the same thought the people that want to separate the LORD of glory from the public square or anything else in their life does not effect my relationship to the LORD nor does it change my opinion about proclaiming HIS name anywhere anytime and I thank HIM for that. It is HIM that works in us both to will and to do. I am in the world but not of the world. It is through HIS power that we proclaim HIS name, I pray not be conformed to the world or be conformed to how the world thinks. It is quiet enjoyable when one is able to be pleasing to the LORD and obey all the rules on and in the all things in same instance but which one should we be most concerned about? I know which one I am most concerned about. When Chistians do acknowledge HIS supremacy in all things, it's called fellowship.

 2007/12/20 14:49

Joined: 2007/9/13
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KrispyKrittr wrote:


I think you're missing the point... it isnt politics in and of itself that is the problem. It's the inability of a lot of folks here (and I include myself in this at times) to discuss politics in an open forum like this without it becoming a [b]huge[/b] divisive fight. That is what Greg is trying to avoid.

Thanks for the reply Krisper. :-)

The point was not lost on me. Yes, you are right. There would be some in-house fighting when it comes to debating different politics. It can get nasty, and no one wants that.

I did not clearly explain myself on why I wrote what I did, hence the confusion. I appologize about that.

I find it sad that we need to have these kinds of rules in place because people cannot control themselves. It is too bad that we cannot talk about related Christian politics in this forum, for the most part. I think that regardless of political ideology, it is important to not only know what our leaders are doing, but to be able to pray and discuss what they are doing/saying as a group.

SI is an extended family of believers from all different walks. What an awesome opportunity to have the ability to pray in unison about certain political areas or Christian politics as one.

Now getting to that oneness is a whole different story, and I think that is why the rules are in place.

Blessings bud


 2007/12/20 15:16Profile


I hear ya, Christiaan... but think about it... if a little country church of 150 people cant go very long without a fight, how can we expect a forum that open to literally millions of people world wide ever gonna avoid a fight?

It's like in football. You would think that parents would be grown up enough to be able to behave at football games... yet we have to set down a written code of conduct for them sign every year. And every year we end up kicking some folks out because they dont know how to behave. We have to have cops at every game for the safety of everyone because of the idiocy of a few.

I wish it were different... but facts is facts, ya know?


 2007/12/20 15:25


I agree with the written code of conduct on the football games and those parents should be thrown out if they break them. However this is not a football game, if someone broke a manmade rule proclaiming the name of the Jesus anywhere as the Apostle Paul and others did as they proclaimed the gospel and we know where actually killed because they didn't obey the rules but were doing the will of God. They were proclaiming that HE must have supremacy in everything and that should not be offensive in any manner to any christian and especially should not be offensive or against the rules anywhere, let alone a christian forum.
Proclaiming HIS supremacy in everything is what the Apostle Paul and others did and what would a every true born again christian should do?
How often did Paul encourage other brothers to go ahead do just that and go against the grain. Having the priviledge to proclaim HIS name anywhere without persecution is a blessing. Is we do suffer any penalty for doing it, oh well, do we give in to manmade rules and remain or water down our speech? I don't think so. Will we suffer for it? He said we would.

 2007/12/20 16:39

 Re: Political discussion

Hello, it's been quite awhile since I have viewed and posted on SI. Also probably won't be posting much in the future either because of mission/time constraints here in Iraq. Yes I'm back in Iraq again.
However I thought I would have a little fun and add to this posting.
Ibelive we should be able to discuss politics on this forum. or at least have the liberty to post something. If someone do's not like "the way it's going" just don't respond. AHHH but thats the hard part for some of us isn;t it? We often feel we just have to give an answer for everything. Even if it's from the sincere motive of working toward being of one mind in Christ.
Seperation of church and state does not mean seperation of God from government. I think Roy moore said that. Also I think rev Lawrence white said something like we must be prophetic not political. His context was that we need to be involved in speaking in the political public square on the great Moral issues of the day and not bow to merely supporting candidates who are "electable".
Well aside from that please continue to be salt and light in our precious America, land of the free home of the brave. God bless, John

 2007/12/21 7:16


John let me say first thank you for your service to your country and it's people and second your committment to your Lord in seeing you are not in favor of separating him from anything. I too am a Judge Roy Moore fan for the same reasons. We are in oneness John because we agree HE is worthy of supremacy in everything.
I don't plan on agreeing with someone who considers HIS supremacy in just a part of something. I may tolerate them, but not agree with them. Mainly because Jesus told the rick young ruler, you lack one thing. Many lack one thing and go away sad because they are not willing to give up there social clubs that do not allow HIS presence there. One who promotes separtion of church and state may as well go ahead and say, Jesus your presence is not invited or welcome. Very dangerous attitude for anyone.

 2007/12/22 20:50


Moe mac and all others at SI and elswhere in the states; THANK YOU for YOUR SERVICE to our country through your prayers and preaching and living as salt and light. I am here in Iraq doing what I need to do. You are at home doing what I beleive to be the GREATER work! Please continue to fight for the spiritual renewell of our precious and wonderfull America! God bless, John

 2007/12/25 13:29

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Yes I'm back in Iraq again.

Good to hear from you again brother! You have me wondering what the day is like there, how you are doing, how the troops are doing ...

Could only imagine brother, my prayers for you all.

About politics here ... Might just be easier to say 'past history'. Krispy pretty well codified it, but unfortunately it just tends to get far too ... hostile. The disclaimer bit has an allowance if you will that some of these things will come to the fore regardless, that is recognizable, just that there is an extra bit of scrutiny required. Guess it is an attempt at striking something of a balance while for the better part discouraging it as it derails from the primary purpose of this site. It is a titled balance, no doubt about it.

God bless you brother.

Mike Balog

 2007/12/25 14:12Profile


Currently it is cold during the day maybe reaching about 60. The morale of the troops as well as the Iraqi people is good. The surge helped bring the added security needed.
Please pray for the Iraqi Christians. They are the frontline "native missionaries". I have had a stronger burden for them since I arrived. I have been praying that God would pour out His HolySpirit upon them. I have been asking God to give them holy boldness to proclaim the liberty from sin and death that only comes through the work of the Lord Jesus on the cross and ressurection.
This christmas christians in Baghdad celebrated christmas! last year they did not go out to celebrate because of the violence.
So again please pray for revival of the Iraqi christians and beyond! God bless, John

 2007/12/26 4:52

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