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Discussion Forum : General Topics : How do you conquer Non christian music in a heathen enviroment?

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 Re: How do you conquer Non christian music in a heathen enviroment?

Delta, I've worked in restraunts, where the music was cranked up and they would usually play just one station, which was pure secular hard rock, and while some on here would not necessarily consider this a solution, what I did was to call up the radio station and request songs from "Christian bands" that are playing very popularly in the secular market. So, instead of requesting Metallica, I would request 12 Stones, or P.O.D., or something like that. I figured, if I had to listen to hard rock all of the time, I might as well request some more positive messages to be played, as well.

On the other hand, times got so busy during work that I would end up just drowning out the music, and concentrate on the task at hand. I've even spent time praying while working. Sometimes, I would pray for the employees, and sometimes I would even pray for the band members of the music that was currently playing.

Just some thoughts from me. :-D

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Another thought pertaining to some of the other posts...

While I do agree that much of our (Christian) music can't be distinguishable from secular music (outside of some of the more obvious differences, such as the band members personal relationship with Christ, many of their attitudes not being filled with anger and rage like much of secular, and much of the music being more positive than negative...), we must remember that God didn't give us a law of music. God didn't say, "Oh, Moses, here are also 10 commandments for how you and the rest of the future generations MUST play music."

Now, obviously we have some standards that we can draw from the O.T. and N.T. such as some of the more obvious (love thy neighbor as thyself, no sexual immorality, debauchery, stealing, and so on and so on), so you obviously want uplifting and positive songs. If the Bible says no sexual immorality, well, then the songs should not be lyrically lustful, if we are to love our neighbors, well, then we shouldn't talk about hurting them, or criticizing them, and so forth.

Now, obviously Scripture is very plain, and very clear on singing new songs to the Lord, and playing them with loud clanging symbols, tambourins, harps, lyres, dancing, and so on. I think a lot of it just has to do with how the music is represented. Does the music, and do the artists behind the music promote Christ in how they live, breathe, worship, and talk?

Ok, I'm done.. lol

Another thing to think about when it comes to Christian and secular music sounding much alike... remember as you argue, think upon, or perhaps judge someone, remember that many a number of popular hymns were written to the notes and music of bar songs... and still to this day are sung with that same music that was produced and played in the bar... ;-)

Just something to think about!

God bless.

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Longview WA


personally, I would buy an ipod and down load a bunch of sermons and listen to them.
and other worship type of music, hymm's.
With it playing in your ears even not very loud
when your trying to listen to something playing on your own earphones or plugs, other stuff will be drowned out.

Where I work we have a rule, not written but just courtesy, who ever is in the lunch room first gets to pick the station on the radio until that person leaves the lunch room...
So I get to pick the station quite often,, but when I cant, I still just read my bible and I done really notice whats playing on the radio, usually when your concentrating on something you dont hear stuff around you...
God bless and hope it helps.


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Excellent points poet. BTW where is longview in comparison to Whidbey Island (It's where I grew up during my younger years as a child)?

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