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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : I am not sure of my salvation anymore?

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Santa Cruz California


Brother Mike, it sound to me like you're right where Luther was, when it was revealed to him that the just shall live by faith.(Romans 1:17)

I sometimes wonder if it is not so much our lack of salvation as it is a lack of trusting God that He has saved us. Almost like saying, "oh no God you cannot save me, I am too wretched!" Which sounds good on the surface, but is really either pride or doubt.

Christ has fulfilled the terms of the covenant of redemption, and our faith is a proof that we are His.

One other point, I tried to live other mens' faith for a while, and ended up where you are. I thought, "oh if I could just be like Mueller, or Spurgeon, etc.."

But I am born again to be like Christ, and God has uniquely created me and the circumstances within my life to conform me to His image. My trials may be similar to others', but they are custom designed by my Father for my good, and His glory.

Brother even the weakest hand that is stretched forth in faith, is enabled by His grace, and even if the light is dim, it is not all darkness any longer.

patrick heaviside

 2007/10/13 20:37Profile

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reformer, we are "cause and effect" christians
We are circumstantial.
These two things will torpedo your walk.
"I am having a bad day" ...WHY?
"well my car had a flat,the babysitter quit,and i lost my wallet all in one day"
"I am having a good day" WHY?
I got a raise,I found my dog,and my neighbor actually waved at me"
We are circumstantial because our leaders are circumstantial.
The man of faith never has a bad day.
His vitory is not tied to circumstances.
Everything can be falling apart but he knows he has victory.
He doesnt have victory because things are going right or good,he has victory because God says he has victory.

When you come through this and are on "the other side" God will use you to help brothers out of this same dillema.
Now you will address this pitfall with authority, and you will be there for them.
Remember its not about us. Its about them.
Also remember when your spiritual walk seems to take a dive. Do the basics.
Affirm who you are and who your redeemer is.
Enter into worship.
make yourself read the word.
Get around believers.
Refuse discouragement,doubt,anxiety etc.
Rebuke the enemy.
Do you see we have a radical walk?
.......God blees you bro.,

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I want something deeper. …. listening to these Godly men on SI

I wonder if I’m hearing you better now, Mike. Let me know.

Is it like you’ve had several big turkey dinners – so much good food, so much variety - and still there is much more? And you don’t want to miss out on any of it.

I have been learning that we do not necessarily need what others seem to have in order to be fully satisfied in Christ.

For me, the danger of trying to absorb a lot of good sermons and reading material is that I can become driven about it. (ex gotta listen to a semon when I am driving) Also, I can set my expectations so high that I start feeling overwhelmed and even discouraged - so many should's and aught-to's: Why am I not as successful as so and so? Oh, how slothful I have been! I need to try harder. If we’re not careful, we can beat ourselves up. That may be an indication that we are trusting in ourselves and not resting on Christ to get us there.

I’ve had to learn that not every “word” is for me! And neither is every sermon – or at times, any sermons! or even SI at times!

”Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled…”

I like that. There comes a point when we experience satisfaction. And yet, we also continue to hunger and thirst. Here’s the rub: If we hunger for something other than the Bread of life, the Living water might possibly find ourselves worn down and very unsatisfied.

Well, Mike, that was certainly a sermonette to myself, and may not even apply to you. Do feel free to ignore this if it not a ‘word’ for you. :-)



 2007/10/13 21:24Profile

Joined: 2007/1/31
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I will pray your eyes will be open to riches in Christ. In Christ are all hidden teasures. I will pray that Christ will be your bread. May in Christ bring you deeper, in amazing love of Christ.
Deeper still I plea
Deeper In my walk
Deeper in my love of God
Deeper in knowing my God
Deeper in understanding
I want to sit and hear the word from my God
I want them to speak to my heart
I want to go deeper in seeking you
leaving all earthy things
I want to go deeper in your word
I want you and nothing less
I have listen too many men of God, But they never meet my souls need.
and that is you. I can sit and hear many sermons. But can they never compare to your word?
I need you, I need to sit at your feet.
I need for you to speak to me. I need you is my heart cry. Let me sit and wait for your voice.
I wonder can God do this in me as he has done in these mighty men?
I ask what is it that they have that I have not?
God has given all the same?
God does not love one more then aother?

Deeper can he work in me?
Deeper is my plea
Deeper in His love
Deeper in His ways
For I am done with all my fleshly ways. I die to self. Let it be Christ is a live in me.
What have I gained that was not a gift?
God grace is all a gift.
So This I pray more Grace more Grace
Deeper I plea
Deeper I want to go, can I know the richness of Christ, can I have a word from God?
Deeper is my plea
Deeper to know my God, does he love others more,
is not the same spirit in me then in my brother?
Does not all richess belong to me as while?
I am I filled with man word? Or do I want more?
Do I want to be brought deeper in Christ, So I to
can say I know my God. This I have a word from God.I have heard his voice in my heart.
So deeper is what I desire, To be filled in Christ alone.
Many Men of God to which we look up to, because they know their God. But this is my plea. Let be that I too will know my God. That I will hunger for him as I was going to die.
I want to go deeper in Christ and nothing less
to die to self


 2007/10/13 21:48Profile


Reformer said:

When the truth of Gods Word is proclaimed without compromise its exciting and then on the same token there is much DESPAIR because it is not preached this way in most places

Much despair is right.

About 8 years ago I was listening to some ministerial tapes that a preacher sent me on a subject that is mostly controversial, yet it's a bible subject and many have their interpretations on it. Be that as it may, I had listened to the tapes and being a good Berean I followed along with the scriptures provided to make sure that all is legit.

After I was done with all 13 tape messages, I was dumb founded. I literally collapsed on my couch in utter confusion. I thought, "How did I ever come to the conclusion of what I believed before". I came to the conclusion that man was teaching me false doctrine, without searching the scriptures for myself.

Even though I was in confusion over the matter for a great while because it's not easy to get rid of a lifetime of false teaching. Traditions take time to wear off.

Mike your coming to SI was a God given appointment to learn things that you have never learned before. Consider that as perk in your faith regarding your salvation, God is leading you into all truth, thats a privilege that many of us fail to see.
Hebrews 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

Our LORD God is chastening you and scourging you from false teachings that you have received. What your feeling ain't pleasant, but afterwards if you continue to just believe that He is working on your behalf, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt the peaceable fruit of righteousness, we all will. Not someday off in the blue yonder, but here in this life.
Hebrews 12:11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

Every last one of us who are going thru the purifying fire, will doubt our salvation from time to time. And the reasons for it is generally to do with our circumstances. But be of good cheer, your in good company.
Romans 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

 2007/10/14 11:59

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