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As mentioned CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library... not Calvin)

oops, thanks Ian, I did mistype that... :-P


 2007/9/28 13:20Profile

 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web


While I don't consider myself to be a typical Pentecostal or Charismatic in a traditional sense, I do believe in both the Baptism and the evidence of tongues. My experience is somewhat different than those of other Pentecostals. I cannot simply "turn on" the "tongues" like others do (and are sometimes asked to do by pastors). I am also extremely skeptical of much of the showmanship associated with Pentecostal and (especially) Charismatic churches. But I do believe in the experience

In agreement with your above statement here. I also purchase most of my books from amazon but for the time being i've put this book on my wish list at amazon. I read excerpts from it till it ended on me. It looks great and i will end up getting it.:-)

Thank you brother

 2007/9/28 13:58

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Some more good resources for free books online:

Alethea in Heart - Finney, Edwards, Bunyan, Murray, Wesley, Whitfield, lots and lots of good stuff... but the page color hurts my eyes!

Five Solas - Good puritan and reformed book resource, plenty of stuff to explore.

Glorify His Name - Some interesting older entries, and also some more recent stuff from Moody, Bounds etc (recent as in the last 200 years).

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics - wanna get your Calvin on? Lots of books by reformed thinkers and writers.

Net Bible Library - One word: [b]Hexapla![/b]... besides having the entire Samuel Bagster and Sons English Hexapla online, they also have some other rare readings. Very worth checking out.

Those were the ones I remembered during lunch. That should keep you busy for another decade or so... although if you find something you like, I encourage you to download it, because I noticed that a few other recources that I was looking for have died... so sad.

Ian Smith

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 Re: Searching for Books on the Holy Spirt or free on the web

Hello Julian,

Did you notice that MikeB has posted a link in Articles and Sermons (on p2 now) in a thread called 'A Most Important Work', to bring to our attention a book called 'The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Romans' by GW North (who is also a featured speaker on SI)?

I've started and am enjoying it. The link is this:


Also, there is an old (long) thread which discusses the differences between the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the need to be being filled with the Holy Spirit (which is clear in the Greek but not in English).


There is one thing I'd like to comment from your opening post. I agree one wants to tell everyone when one has been baptised in the Holy Spirit, but, I would distinguish between the joy and necessity of testimony, and one's gifts.

Not everyone is given to the church as an evangelist, for instance. Those who are, [i]do[/i] feel a real burden for the lost, as do prophets, in a way that a teacher may not (for instance).

And there are [i]many[/i] other gifts of the Spirit which are all given for the edification [u]of the Church[/u]. So although Paul told Timothy to do the work of an evangelist and we are all to be unashamed of the gospel, and Christ, you are primarily called to be obedient to the faith, and to the will of God.

If you're doing all that, it may be fine. [i]You[/i] may be fine. 8-)

 2007/9/28 16:35

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