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Because of class time and homework I am unable to respond to threads on SI but on the weekends, please do forgive my tardiness.

Mike: I really don't know where to begin with your post. How many drafts does it take to write so fluently? It must be natural. Anyway, you take the heavy yoke off my neck in more than one area; bringing lofty testimonies and larger than life spiritual figures down to reality. That’s not to say that I can make excuses for my looseness by pointing out the errors of great men, but it is encouraging (if I may use the word) to know all strove as I do. But I also think of Ravenhill telling the a story of John Wesley. He was having dinner with John Bunyan and was asked to stay and have conversation. Wesley refused on the account he had to get home and sleep lest he be unable to have his morning devotions to God.

Even so I yearn for this type of discipline. But you’ve shown me that circumstances to permit the glorious moments like the one detailed above are a gift from God, not my discipline. But there must be effort on my part—the one thing lacking. And this winter season in my soul as reigned so long I’ve forgotten what the summer feels like.

I don't know how you juggle everything mike, but I am making no leeway. I read the other post you made in Warriors thread about setting small goals, and I'm going to try that. It hurts my pride (because I've gone much farther), but at least its progress. I managed to pray for one hour three out of the last four days, so I’m going to follow the path you’ve trodden uphill and try to get victory gradually over the loose areas of my life. Thanks for the wisdom.

BeYeDoers: I have no advice for you brother. Nevertheless I know this, we are the most blessed young people to ever live (save those in Christ’s earthly life) to have such wise men over us in the local church and SI. We have floodlights of God through the abundance of articles and sermons here—we really are without excuse. Join me will you, in, if not having victory, at least attempting to fight until the end. God help us both.

Sean Hobson

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