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 Re: when to divorce? need advice.

I have been married for 20 years. Two previous marriages. Do you know what the odds are on the second marriage, let alone the third, My wife and I, as recent 10 years ago were so far apart of what "thus saith the Lord", and we had many heated debates about HIS WORD that ended in bitterness that was put in both our hearts. In HIS WORD is the answer to all questions, if we die to self, we can see. It is a painful process, but if two people go against God's instruction and become married, prior to settling it their heart to settle matters within HIS WORD beforehand, the only way that you can work this out is for both of you to realize, it is not about what you think, what your parents think, what the world thinks, but go to God's Word says, and after you arrive at that, through prayer, Bible discussion, you will ever arrive at what matters, is not about what either one of you thinks, but what HIS WORD says about marriage and life. There was some things I had wrong, and some things my wife had wrong, and at times we still make adjustments. The closer we get to HIS WILL, the closer we get to each other in any relationship, not only marriage. It was a painful process that takes years in marriage, but we both now, what it comes down to is, what thus saith the Lord". Until both the husband and the wife arrives at that, you cannot settle any matter. That's why a nation can't settle matters. I will be praying for your marriage and that God will put both of you on the same page and that being HIS PAGE.

 2007/8/6 13:10

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 Re: thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful advice, it will be greatly considered and prayed over. I don't plan on divorcing, you know how you can get down and feel defeated, thats why I wanted o post this to get feed back and help me focus. It has been hard around here trying to get private time with the Lord. We had many distractions this past few weeks. Thank you so much and I will continue to remain faithful and standfast. I will download this thread so I can have it to reflect. Thanks again.

blessings to you all, :-) :-)

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