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 Let's Get Refocussed

I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has noticed that this forum, in general, is getting off track.

I know I have played a part in it because I have allowed myself to be baited when I should have walked away.

While it's fine to talk about Harry Potter, world affairs and music in light of scripture, what has been happening over the course of the past few weeks is shameful. I'm not pointing a finger at anyone because I've allowed myself to get caught up in it too. This is an overall problem involving all of us.

The purpose of this forum is to edify and encourage one another, and join together in our desire for revival. We've lost focus of this, I believe.

Thru this forum I have gotten to know people from around the world, and tho we dont always see eye to eye on every little thing we discuss, we have forged friendships of lasting importance, even tho we may never meet on this side of heaven.

A decade or so ago this would have been impossible.

I want to make a challenge to all who read this and participate in this forum. While there will be disagreements on this forum, lets not make someone out to be the enemy. They are not. Our enemy is Satan. Not another believer, and not even someone who claims to be a believer but may not be demonstrating the spiritual fruits that a true believer in the Gospel should demonstrate.

Remember, even as believers we may not be bearing good fruit all the time. I know I dont. I wish I did.

If a argument arises on a thread, walk away. If you feel that you're trying to compel someone to reason with you about a particular issue, but you feel like you're talking to a tree... walk away. What difference does it make if you win or lose an argument? I can tell you by experience that if you dont walk away it wont be long and you'll be arguing in the flesh, and your motives will not be pure.

State your case and leave it alone unless you think the other party is willing to listen.

There is a lot of political baiting going on right now in this forum, and it's always been understood (and part of the rules) that politics is not part of what this forum is about. It's always a hot button, it's always controversial. It needs to stop.

So what if someone hates George Bush, or hates Al Gore...? Find a forum that discusses politics and fight like Hannity & Colms all you want. Thats not why we're here. The internet is not lacking for political debate... dont bring it in here.

This forum used to be a sanctuary. A place where we could come and have healthy discussions. Every once in awhile we do lose focus and need to be brought back in and reminded of why we are here. Someone else mentioned that we should be able to do this without Mike & Greg interjecting themselves into this and scolding people. I agree.

So c'mon brothers and sisters... lets get refocussed and recommitted to why we're here.

Lets have a day of repentence.

Let's start with me.

Lord, I repent for being upset at some of my brethren, and I repent for allowing myself to get caught up in debates and divisions that I should have ignored. Help me to be more focussed on edifying and encouraging my brethren, as well as being open to what others have to say. Help me to learn from my friends here at SI. Lead all of us into the truth.



 2007/7/26 8:23

Joined: 2004/3/24
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 Re: Let's Get Refocussed

Yea and Amen.

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 2007/7/26 9:02Profile

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Fort Frances, Ontario



Now you listen here, I am going to tell you like it is.....Just Kidding.

Amen Brother.


Murray Beninger

 2007/7/26 10:00Profile

Joined: 2007/5/15
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Bowmansville Penssylvania USA

 Re: Let's Get Refocussed

Thank you so much for this Krispy. I've felt the need for this too.

Jeff Mollman

 2007/7/26 10:09Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
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 Re: Let's Get Refocussed

Thanks Krispy...

I began to realize this over the last couple of days. I have no problem with individuals wanting to introduce discussion of current events (or controversial issues) on this forum. However, I do have a problem when the intent is to replace "fact" with "speculation" -- or to introduce issues or beliefs in a manner that seems like one set is the only ones that count (thus closing any sort of honest discussion).

These sort of discussions appear contrary to the goal of this ministry.

A dispute is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, a discussion about such issues can be helpful in imparting and contemplating knowledge. However, when individuals discuss issues in a manner in which they use the opportunity to make their beliefs sound like the only ones that matter, or when an individual makes wild, unsubstantiated claims based on fallacies of thinking, then the outcome is usually less-than-ideal. In the past, they seemed to produce divisive "clicks" where individuals of like beliefs formed cloaked factions that are united by distinct opinion (and where those who are often most guilty reacted to one another [and publicly] as if they were "victims"). Such division cannot be helpful. This is in direct contradiction with the mission of this website.

Thank you, Krispy, for bringing this up! It would be good if we could all take this concept to heart. As believers, we should always learn to walk away -- even than being right. With God's help, we can each put this into personal practice.



 2007/7/26 10:27Profile

Joined: 2005/11/10
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 Re: Let's Get Refocussed

This forum used to be a sanctuary.

Need anything more be said? I remember a couple years ago, before I registered, when most of the posts on SI seemed to be heaven-touched.

I would admit it was probably just as much the experience of finding such a place among both the general Internet and the Christian Internet. SI was like a place set apart.

Still, there has been a clear witness over the past year that the Christ-filled nature of many of the posts on this forum have been missing. Now all that remains is to ask ourselves, can that be recovered?

 2007/7/26 10:30Profile

 Re: Let's Get Refocussed

Hey Krispy, Brother..

I just wanted to encourage you. Your kind of like one of the Pillars here at SI. You had said in the HP thread that you were away from SI for two weeks and when you came back it was not the same. Certainly it wasn't the same because one of the Pillars were missing. As you said about Brother Ron that he has challenged your thinking on many occasions, likewise, you have that same effect on others here. Like the rudder on the ship, though it be small, yet it steers the ship.

I am not trying to thwart this thread into a lifting up ceremony of members, however, you do play a large role here. And for that I am grateful. So the next time you leave for two weeks, find someone that will take your place. Someone who is like minded, filled with integrity, and humility.

Sincerely In Christ 8-)

 2007/7/26 10:43



I'm all for lively discussions, and I've never been afraid to tackle controversial topics. But controversy for the sake of controversy has no place here.

Recently the Bible version issue has been discussed... and it has been a wonderful experience because tho there were widely different opinions, it was done in a very civil and loving way. Thats when a controversial topic can be a blessing.

We need to get ahold of that. If we can discuss something like Bible versions in that manner, then certainly we can disucss other matters in the same way.


 2007/7/26 10:47


Compliments... I appreciate your words, but I assure you there are others here who are bigger rudders than me. But if I have done or said anything encourage anyone here, let God get the glory... cuz I know the real me. :-)


 2007/7/26 10:49

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