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Ever since the Church of England abandoned the Gospel - it has had to look anywhere else for it's "pulling power".

Seems as thoughh for sometime we (in America) are also looking elsewhere for "PULLING POWER".

Many words in "Christian Rock & Roll and much of Christian Comtemporary Music are preaching "another Gospel"!....not to mention the music now in Churches that sound more like "chanting"...the same words over and over.

Has anyone ever Heard of:
The Old Rugged Cross or
Love lifted me or

Oh, that's about SIN,....that's right, we don't go there these days! I guess it's "Politically incorrect"....and now have clinics and drugs and 12 step programs to take care of that.

Love in Christ

 2007/7/24 8:14

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Seems as though for sometime we (in America) are also looking elsewhere for "PULLING POWER".

Suffice to say, I'm not actually part of the Church of England - but I think most Churches, even relatively evangelical churches do this. We're still keen to see success.

I preached last Sunday on what it would take to see the promise of 'Heavy Rain' (a prophecy) in our congregation. I said how I didn't want to see the thousands flock to our Church, but rather wanted to see us repent and become holy and leave the secret sin behind - God forbid our church be filled with more like us as we are!

Speaking of songs, there's a Hillsong song of which the Chorus repeats "I will worship you for who you are". The bridge is:

Faithful to the End
Redeemer and

We seem to skip past "Holy and Righteous" as fast we can these days, and throw these words in to songs and sermons without any revelation - we want the Saviour Healer Redeemer Friend (Halleilujah) but we don't want the HOLY and RIGHTEOUS Saviour Healer Redeemer and Friend - as such we are still to much like the world - and such we seek a pulling power because:

1) We don't witness enough of the power of the HOLY Spirit and
2) We're not changed enough, nor have a desire enough to please God alone, to get beyond our 'results-based' church.

All of church is based on 'results' today. That's why that wonderful Reidhead sermon 'Ten Shekels and a Shirt' is so important.

I hear phrases like "If the conference in October goes well...of course the session will approve a Friday-night ministry..." - what sort of condition is that? We want results - I want Jesus.

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 Re: Hitler

people always compare themselves with Hitler and I think that makes them feel better.

But didn't Hitler think he's a good person?? In his mind, he's doing god a favor by cleaning up Germany.

I never met a person who didn't think they were good.

Leonardo Santana

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We want results - I want Jesus.

AMEN brother! I want both though as long as the results are because of a genuine outpouring of the Holy Ghost and not results from compromise.
But, even if I never see the revival I so long for I will still give this christian life everything I've got for my most excellent Jesus.
"Love so amazing, so divine
[b]Demands[/b] my soul, my life, my [b]all[/b]!"
Isaac Watts

Jeff Mollman

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