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 Christian repsonse to blasphemy, ridicule...

Hello All, this is my first time posting and I want to thank you all for the previlige.

In my many web journeys I do encounter all kinds of people. It is somewhat sad as well as interesting to hear what atheists and others have to say whenever issues of the Christian faith surface.

In technology sites like Slashdot there are a lot of intelligent atheists over there who do everything to discredit Christianity and Christians whenever the topic comes up--or whenever a debate on evolution and Intelligent Design surfaces.

I had the chance to talk to some people who HATE JESUS SO MUCH in a very real sense on some sites and talk to them about the Christian faith. Here is the argument one of them put forth below on the evil of Christianity.


Huh? Childish antics? Oh, I was looking at your profile and now I see the stunningly clever message I sent. Accident, but since your ego clearly requires some sinister plot revolving around YOU -- take that little "." as you will.

But since you quote the Bible at me . . . warning, unlike most "Chistians" I have READ the book(s).

And here are some things you should read . . . angry boy!

The Bible is the infallible word of our Lord. If you are a TRUE Christian, you follow these these commands:

Who You Should Kill

--Unruly or rebellious child. Deut 21:20-21
--Those who curse or hit their parents. Lev 20:9, Ex 21:15
--Worshipers of other gods. Deut 13:6-11
--Psychics, witches. Lev 20:27, Deut 13:6-11, Ex 22:18.
--Those who do not believe in Jesus (parable). Luke 19:27.
--Those who work on the Sabbath. Ex 35:2 (Moses kills a gentile for this. Num 15:32-36.)
--Those who are accused by at least two people of wickedness. Deut 17:6.
--The children and babies of enemies. Num 31:17, Deut 20:13, Psalm 137:9, Lev 26:29.
--Adulterers. Lev 20:10.
--Homosexuals. Lev 20:13.
--A woman who is not a virgin when married. Deut 22:13-21.
--Those who are careless with murderous livestock. Exodus 21:29.

Who You Should Hate

--Those who eat crab or shrimp. Lev 11:10.
--Those who sacrifice an animal to God that has a blemish. Deut 17:1.
--Those who remarry the same person after divorce. Deut 24:4.
--Homosexuals. Lev 18:22.
--Those who are proud. Prov 16:5.
--A woman who wears pants. Deut 22:5.
--A man with long hair (Jesus?). 1Cor 11:14
--Those who call others fools Mat 5:22

Should we still do this stuff?

--All OT laws still apply in NT. Matt 5:17-19


You don't dare to try and FILTER and pick and choose from the word of God right? You don't pull that nambie-pampy "out of context" silliness with passages you don't like, but then wholeheartedly accept those you DO like? That is SIN!

So either you are a TRUE Christian, and you'll follow those loving commands from God. Or you are doomed to be tortured in hell forever! Oh Glory!


I know she quoted the above out of context and I dutifully responded to counter her points by stressing on the Greatest Commandments Christ extolled and the need for the New Covenant to replace the Old with so many relevant Scripture quotations. So she responded:

Well, thank you very much for all the work there. But there is one big problem -- using the words of a book to prove the legitimacy of a book is running in circles. There is no shortage of superstitious/religious books which claim in great detail why THEY are right.

The argument of New Testament replacing OT is an old and tired one. If ANY of the horrible commands/acts by a deity in the OT are true? You worship an evil being. Besides of course the vast and well documented horror and contradictions in the NT as well.

It shouldn't be this complicated anyways. Its a loving and all powerful god? Then the holy book should be at least as easy and clear of a read as say a Micheal Crichton book! Shouldn't be that hard to accomplish, even over time in every language . . . to an all-powerful, loving and omniscient being!

Anyways, though 80% of Americans consider themselves Christian (though of course 4/5ths of them have never even READ the Bible(s)!) --- 2/3rds of humanity are NOT Christian. They all doomed by your loving McJesus?

Anyways - here is truth: I might vent harshly here, but I'm a loving and dedicated parent, I am giving and honest in my personal and professional life, I give to charities and more . . . if in spite of my actions I'm doomed to be tortured for eternity because I didn't jump through the right mental hoops? You worship an evil being.

If somebody who is good and honest because of threat or promise, pie in the sky vs. torture . . . rather than because they love their fellow humans and other creatures? I submit THEY are actually more evil than I --- regardless of their beliefs.

Carrot and stick theology is demeaning to all involved. Only already evil people require a carrot and stick to do the right thing, the rest of us just are inherently GOOD.

Bye bye.

After her bye-bye she blocked me from responding to her. But through a friend I got to respond to her message which resulted in a final message from her below:

2/3rds of humanity are NOT Christian.

I'm a loving parent and wife, an honest business person, I give to charity . . . if somebody "saved" but less loving and honest gets a paradise after they die, but a truly GOOD person who just doesn't believe what you do . . . . gets TORTURED for eternity after they die? You worship an evil being.

So, let me be. Stop stalking me!

It is so sad she blocked my friend as well. But I wanted the forum to observe these arguments and use relevant Scripture and experience or knowledge to encourage others who might encounter someone with the above type of mindset. To me it's sad that this woman took pride in having American Christians block her from taunting their faith--but when I took the time to explain things to her from Scripture, she was the one blocking me. Are American Chritians actually learning how to "defend their faith and ready to give an answer" from external ridicule--or are thier roots too shallow to make a credible defence. Well, thank you for reading and God bless you all.


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Nottingham, England

 Re: Christian repsonse to blasphemy, ridicule...

Joseph, welcome to the forum. Much to enjoy, learn and share here.

I can understand why your post was largely ignored.

It was negative and ungodly. Not a reflection of you, but of the ungodly, bitter, godless woman who blocked you from the website.

For myself, I don't visit non-Christin websites.

They have nothing I want to be involved with.

I might view a few news websites, but that is it, I don't partake in the forum.

In order for a Christian to have a credible defence for their beliefs, they have to believe that the Bible is the word of God.

The way Christians seem to give more time to the things of the world than they do to the word of God shows the weakness and unimportance of their faith.

The blasphemous woman of the website you visited is very confused and has lost all arguments, as well as her soul, if she continues in the way she is going.

You obviously must have got to her in order to block you from the site, so well done!

But defending our faith, as it says in 1 Peter 3v15 is important.

Also, Jude tells us to contend for the faith, or fight, for the faith.

Won't go on, hate long posts.

God bless.

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 Re: Christian repsonse to blasphemy, ridicule...

Joseph I was blocked from posting God Word and view on a news website in our state. When blocked I emailed the general manager and complained he was allowing the liberal comments and not God's Word. He said I was being offensive to some Most of what I posted was copied and pasted form scripture about homosexuality. It was in reference to legisation prhibiting homosexual from fostering and adopting children. The legilation failed. There were more comments about homosexuals were just as good at being parents than there were against. As a matter of fact there was very little truth allowed to be posted. I know there many people who speak out and get censored. The news media controls what is said and there is not as much ignorance as appears sometimes because of the censor.After I was banned I re-registered under a different email address and continue to post occasionally. They welcome and allow all the liberal comments about homosexuality being ok and the "What has God Got to do with it and the separation of church and state so leave God out attitude". We give what we can and praise God he did leave us ignorant and without understanding and it is by HIS grace that he didn't. God Bless.

 2007/7/17 18:01

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 Re: Christian repsonse to blasphemy, ridicule...


I read this post a few days ago and have thought a lot about it since...

Mind if I give you a piece of advice? I suggest that for your own spiritual well-being you stay away from those evil sites. The reason is that at some point in time, the devil will use these arguments to wear down your faith in the LORD Jesus. These arguments will come back to haunt you and weaken you. Your first priority is to protect yourself from evil, to get out of evil's way.

Usually, when people have developed well formulated reasons about why God is not reliable, etc., etc., it is because they have fought against the Holy Spirit and are quite pleased with their position. They are closed minded, they have shut God out and never mind your best intentions, they will try to knock you flat. And you know the devil is behind all this.

So, Brother, I suggest, you stay away from them...they will contaminate your memory, your brain, your spirit...may have to ask the LORD Jesus to clean it up for you!


Sandra Miller

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Thankyou Ginny, Enid and moe_mac...I really do appreciate all your kind thoughts and advice! I am so sorry that my first post had to be negative. It was something that was bothering me for some time. I do appreciate all what you had to say. God bless you all...

When I first read some of the things these people were saying about our Lord Jesus I was so "unhappy" and I spent some time talking to God about it. I knew for a fact that it's Satan inspring these people to do and say these things. But after some prayer God gave me the confidence to reply back to some of these people and confound their arguments. Sometimes, I so much feel like allowing God use me to "CAST DOWN IMAGINATIONS AND EVERY KNOWLEDGE THAT EXALTS ITSELF AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST!"--and I venture to give these atheists, blasphemers, etc., the right kind of response that would remind them how truly shallow their thoughts and reasoning are.

I have had a very deep deep experience with the Lord Jesus beginning with my Salvation in 1994. Over the years I have very profound experiences...something that you would call God's Supernatural power in the name of Jesus! I know JESUS IS REAL and every word in the Bible is TRUE because I have experienced things that have reminded me there is so much more to our natural world!

This is the real battle now isn't it. Many of us have settled into predictable natural patterns and have come to think because mankind has come to understand and manipulated what is there in nature to advance their quality of life, then the spiritual world no longer exist. And those saying there is a spiritual world which preceded and controls the natural world are seen as cranks. And it's sad to see this naturalistic thinking has also creeped into the Church so much so that many begin to doubt the Supernatural events that did take place in the Bible and that Jesus did.

Concerning the provocative pic and the reference of Eve being "rib woman"--isn't it amazing to see science falling behind? The concept of Stem Cell research aims to grow any human organ/tissue based on other body cells. If humans ever achieve this, meaning they can grow any human organ from other human organ/part, why is it so hard to believe that the Creator of the Universe can grow another WHOLE HUMAN BEING from a man's rib? So much to think about there.

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Jam 3:17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

Brother Joseph, Thank you for getting involved at SI, but I was wondering if you might consider something, a question really. Do you believe it was God's wisdom to post a tag to that "my space" website?

My purpose isn't to offend you but I see so much pass on Sermon index that potentially is dangerous to the unlearned and really is unnecessary. I believe you should have posted in segments your thread to that individual and gave your rebuttals in order that we all may be edified and built up in the faith, just a suggestion.


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Thanks for the thought dohzman. I am also learning a lot more about God and also how to relate with people! I am sorry if that tag offended anyone here and I am truly sorry about it.

There were a lot more offensive images that had to do with Christ that this person, who I conversed with, along with others were sharing to unsuspecting Christians and challenging their faith. I thought this particular one was one amongst the more offensive many that could still provoke some serious thought or "holy anger?"--in an effort to counter their message. I was so provoked to the point that I wiped the offensive message and made the pic my main My space pic.

But I am here to also learn and I do apologize for the offense the reference to this tag might have caused. My intention was to learn how Christians here would respond to these kinds of "in-your-face-attack" because we do live in a world full of offenses really. I have heard people say unbelievable things to me when I simply wanted to share the love of Christ. So, when faced with these kinds of challenges--how do we respond? The love of Christ constrains us to pray for and bless our enemies. Yes. But truly dohzman--I was really angry. I thought about how Paul "handed" over certain people to Satan who were impediments to the spread of the gospel--if I can remember-- a certain Sorcerer. I was almost tempted to pray that kind of prayer so that God would humble these people, but then I remembered I still have to "bless" them. When do I draw the line?

How I responded to these bits was a bit long, and I felt pasting it here would increase the length of my post. And yes, the contents of what I said was quite a bit harsh although I did not go over the line insulting them. I thought I would most likely learn from people here how to go about this in future that is why I also did not put my own responses, but I would if anyone is interested. The truth is, as long as one is out to share the gospel to an evil world, these kind of offenses WILL surface. Christians shielding themselves and focusing on heaven is ok...but when that Christian wants to advance God's kingdom here on earth, he would definitely meet devilishly inspired speech aimed at quenching his/her fire. And as the world becomes a lot more complex, and the arguments against the faith become what they are should the Christian challenge the "wisdom" of the world? Prayer is a start, but like Paul noted about the Greeks, these people seek a "wisdom", but if we preach Christ and Him crucified, which is foolishness to the world, the world now is taking the battle to our courtyard by aiming to ridicule the Cross itself which we preach about so as to silence the there's a need to demonstrate the superior power and wisdom of Christ's death on the Cross. I don't have a monopoly of knowledge, that is why I shared this so that I could also learn from others, how this through the Spirit's help can best be done.

I will try to see how I can edit out the link to the tag. If I am not able to I would welcome any useful suggestions. Again, I am truly sorry for any offense this might have caused. It was not intentional. Thank you for understanding and God bless you all.


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 Re: Christian repsonse to blasphemy, ridicule...

you dust off your feet, and walk away, let God deal with her and don't fret, don't worry. He saw the time you spent lovingly witnessing to this woman. God sees, that's all that counts.

 2007/7/23 10:25

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Thank you worm4Christ. It's amazing that I never even thought of that. Thankyou for reminding me that I don't have to answer everything but trust God to handle the situation and people best. I appreciate this reminder. Not all battles are worth fighting. Thank you.

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 Re: Wow - Deja vu

Ha .... or however you spell it.

JesusFreak, did you get your nickname from the Books "Jesus Freaks" ???

I loved those ... AMEN.

And that song by Steve Green, "The Blood of The Martyrs is the seed of the Church" .... Actually the name of the song is "THE FAITHFUL".

And "I pledge allegiance to the Lamb" sung by Ray Boltz, but ya GOTTA see the video that he did with that song .... it's probably on the web somewheres. I know the lyrics are to both songs.

Anyhowz, some of us retired or disabled folks are missionaries on line now.

IF GOD calls a person to that (Only HE can) then don't expect anything less than what you got there.

ONLY GOD can tell you when to pull out.

That is a way or form of OPEN-AIR PREACHING or Missionary work. Look at James Elliot ... what did he get ???

What freaked me out though, is that I've gotten those same remarks back at me from christian sites. OH-OH !

BUT if GOD calls you there or a similar place, He will equip you to take it all.

He will grow you in wisdom to have reply posts ready before they even reply. :-D

HE IS SOOOOO GOOD. He'll never send you where HIS GRACE & SPIRIT will not "hold" you.

LORD Bless your desire to SAVE SOULS.

Just be pressing in to HIM with complete "child-like" DEpendence.

Bless you "Joseph". He's one of my favorite Bible characters, only second to Paul.

Only one life will soon be past,
Just what's done 'for' Christ will last.

 2007/7/25 15:13

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