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 Re: Bush to meet Pope

Hi Annie,

I'd like to echo Mike's welcome for you to stay longer online if you can but I understand it's a personal decision weighed against other factors.

Thank you for the link, also. It seems the writers have used 'if' judiciously, perhaps as an acknowledgement of the legal considerations.

I didn't mean that 'you' would abort babies 'just' because they are deformed, but that in reference to "Science", that has only been a practice, basically within our lifetime.

You've raised several points here, around the matter of how scientific development (in sterile technique, infection control, anaesthesia, as examples), have made surgery safe.

But I would point out that one of the attractions of legalising therapeutic abortion to doctors, was to eliminate the work they did in more major surgery and greater morbidity which they were forced to do when back-street or self-attempted terminations went wrong - such as lost pelvic organs, pelvic infections, loss of fertility and loss of [i]life[/i].

These diy attempts, were also an application of 'science'.

In a way, you are implying that screening for fetal abnormality is wrong, but again, that screening was extended to cover situations which families found difficult to cope with, [i]beginning[/i] with attempts to rule out difficult labours during which the mother's life would be put at risk and there would be [i]no[/i] hope of the baby's survival.

Even the examination of the abdomen during pregnancy, is a screening technique. Just where should the line be drawn?

Originally, the research done on nutrition in pregnancy was with a group of unmarried mothers who were virtually living on the streets. This was at a time when the legitimacy of a child's existence depended on its parents being married.

While I accept that social change may be taking society further from understanding God's mind on some points such as the importance of marriage, the law on abortion has not been developed outside of deep consultation and consideration with the medical and legal professions.

If I may use the post to make a general apology, it is to all those who think this matter is, or should be, a straightforward [i]no deal[/i].

Each person has to be able to live with their own conscience before God with regard to both their thoughts and their actions on this matter.

 2007/6/22 11:34

 Re: Bush to meet Pope

Compliments asked

Does the dust have a heartbeat?

In this case, yes. Because body cells all have an internal life cycle. But, it is completely dependent on the mother's life support system.

That was my point in the other post - to try to explain that for all the appearance of being 'alive' in the womb, those body cells of the fetus have no more life in them than one of [i]your[/i] blood cells or muscle cells, on their own account.

The whole structure, the physical body of the unborn, is not ready to do its own independent life support (breathe, maintain temperature, eat enough), until the very last week of development.

And, even the red blood cells are slightly different, as is the way the heart and some of the blood vessels work until birth has occurred.

In other words, that transition from clay vessel to live human being is the most common (and successful) miracle of creation and it's remarkable it goes so well so much of the time.

 2007/6/22 12:10


Thank you for your opening words Dorcas. They brought tears again. Sorry but I am literally in a car crusher (my only way of describing the entire situation), physically, situationally, and emotionally ... but I know, as you do, that Romans 8:28 is "For" 29.
Don't mean to beat that to death --- but it's literally kept me [u]alive[/u] for over 30 years of this "stuff" I've had to face and all but alone at that.

Anyhowzzzz, yes, Medical technology is good for many things, that goes without saying .... so can I.T. be used presently for much good. And so on, UNTIL it breaks God's Laws.

Like I said earlier, I had a tubal pregnancy 29 years ago ... but in the O.T. or even N.T. days, it would have been just "up to GOD" whether HE wanted me to live longer or not.
I live that way now ... not having the luxury of all the Medical care that is out there.
I don't mind living as they did. It's sort of a good challenge to my faith.

"LORD Bless."
We'll talk more.
Always His Body First ~ Amen!

 2007/6/22 12:20

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Krispy your response to me is ironic. Think about it.

 2007/6/22 14:29Profile


Krispy your response to me is ironic. Think about it.

... I would think about it... if I knew what you were talking about.

Shed some light for me, cuz I dont remember responding to you about anything. I looked thru thread. Did I miss something? Or did you assume I was responding to you about something when in actuality I was responding to someone else?

Help me out...


 2007/6/22 15:06


Maybe referring to no response, therefore that requiring the thinking and being ironic?

I have no idea.

 2007/6/22 15:18

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