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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Are Women Totally Forbidden to Teach?

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Scripture is clear... 'nuff said.


 2007/6/4 11:46

 Re: It all comes back around.

Yes, we did have quite a few of these threads just a year ago and for that whole year backwards, so to speak.

You that were here 2 yr.s ago know what I believe, but I'm in a mood to waste my breathe again.

Krispy is right ... but that's a shortened version.

We had woman teaching in our Bible College ... but let me qualify the 'type' of woman there were and they were few.
They were old retired Missionaries like my favorite gal Elizabeth Elliott ... who knew how to teach without AUTHORITY.
Elizabeth Elliott had the perfect view of this matter.
She would never speak in a Church in the A.M. Service - not even if asked, because she felt, that was the time of opening the Word by the Pastor or whomever else the Pastor designated.

She only spoke on Sun Nights because the Pastor was sitting there, so that put her under him.

How many men have read her books or listened to her faithfully on the radio when she was on for all those years.
Well, she said, if they want to tune it or read, that is a choice they are making - and there is no authority pointed at them.

I truly believe that the "authority" part is even more important to view - hand-in-hand 'with' the teaching.

When I first joined SI in '05 I said, if SI had lady Moderators, I'd not sign on.

I feel us ladies on here are not 'teaching' but sharing our views and just the other normal parts of fellowship - encouraging or whatever. With some exceptions now and then.

To be truthful Forrest - Your sign on name through me. Can you understand why and not take offense at the same time ? It's a "here I am" type Title you've chosen ... that's why I visited you site before I posted anything to you two days ago. I saw you are not that brazenly authoritative on your blog site, so I wanted to give things time to get to know you.

Anyone can be ordained now a days. But ordaining woman is not my idea of Scripturally Right.
Women deaconess there were in the first Church but they were there to minister to woman's needs. Nice and proper like, I think. I don't want to share my personal problems with a male-deacon - that would be embarrassing.

There are very active woman in the Bible -- but just the authority over men and when teaching is not Kosher.

I'd like to talk with you some more - and not just because you have my only child's name. :-)

 2007/6/4 12:11


When I first joined SI in '05 I said, if SI had lady Moderators, I'd not sign on.

This is interesting... before I joined SI I had belonged to another similar forum, and there were several women who were moderators.

Now, what I am about to say applies [b]only[/b] to these women of which I speak, and not necessarily to anyone else. It's one of those "if the shoes fit..." kinda things.

My experience with these women was most discouraging. We never discussed this particular topic, so they didnt get "catty" because of this. But what I discovered was they could not seperate their emotions and feelings from cold hard truth. And when dealing with people, things became very personal... and very public.

I was called judgemental and mean because I challenged a person who was encouraging everyone to see "Bruce Almighty" because this person said it was a "great Christian movie, with many Biblical applications". So I listed how many cuss words were in the movie, how many references there were to breasts and other female anatomy areas, etc etc... (My info came from a Christian movie review website. I still refuse to see this blasphemous movie)

Two of the female moderators went on a rampage against me... so much so that I left the board never to return. (and showed up here at SI a couple days later) And it was all about their feelings, and nothing about scripture.

After I left, I went back and just read what was being written... and they were gloating that they had run off a pharisee (meaning me). I didnt bother replying to their posts.

I am in no way saying that every woman would respond like that. I know that they wouldnt. I know my wife wouldnt. I'm only sharing my experience.

Make of it what you will. :-)

By the way, I've seen Mike and Greg have to ban people from here... and it is always done with a very sincere heaviness of heart. I can tell it breaks their hearts to have to deal with people when they need dealt with. What a difference.


 2007/6/4 13:05

Joined: 2005/10/28
Posts: 119
Iowa, USA


Here's a thought...

In Acts there is mentioned the man who had daughters who prophesied. In Acts it says that all who were in the upper room went out and preached (including women).

As it has been brought up before, Paul says that women are forbidden to speak in church... and then he says why... becuase:
But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
"For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression."

The woman is the "weaker" vessel, as it says elswhere in God's Word, and so therefor, they are not given the position of a teacher, for they, as eve, are more easily lead astray... don't get me wrong, they CAN teach and prophesy... but UNDER the authority of a man, as an oversight.

I have great respect for Sisters in teh Lord, so don't get me wrong here. But, God has an order...

As for there being neither male nor female in God's Kingdom (Gal. 3:28) it seems to me that in the context of the rest of the passage, he is saying that there is not respect of persons with God, with reguards to salvation. To say that there is now no distinction between the sexes now that we are born of God could open the door to... !!!

Just a few thoughts. Don't have time to write more, or i would, but my lunch break is over!! :(

In Christ's love,


 2007/6/4 13:28Profile


Amen Nathan. Good name. Reminds me of the Nathan that said to David, "you the man." (He was the first to coin that phrase, you know :)

Krispy, had many a "run-in" such as yours. One female Moderator, when we had a 9 page thread on OSAS that we all were enjoying and though we differed with each other ... it was all extremely civil. All Scriptures and Greek, etc. but because she had a bias and the Greek Grammar was proving her Greek wrong ... she went Nuts.

Ha, yes, literally nuts.
She first started to just delete pages from it, then moved it to the "Eschatology" board (for some not-known-to-anyone reason - except hormones we figured) and then she deleted the whole thread. And this was on an Apologetic Site. Hoy Vey !

Also, on another Site with many ladies Moderating .... they would post immensely long threads - Teaching us. But when an opposing viewpoint would come up from other lady members --- they'd get their husbands to come on and tell those female members that women shouldn't teach. (except their wives ? - HA)

Welp, Semper Fi and hope all's well with everyone here.

 2007/6/4 13:45

Joined: 2007/2/15
Posts: 44

 Re: Are Women Totally Forbidden to Teach?

Why don't you ask Catherine Booth, Kathryn Kuhlman, Maria Woodworth Etter, Aimee Semple McPherson, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyers, & Juanita Bynum (just to name a few) that question. ;-)

 2007/6/4 15:31Profile


Why don't you ask...

I'd rather hear what God has to say on the matter. PS - your list sure lost credibility at Joyce Meyer :(

In Christ - Jim

 2007/6/4 15:37

Joined: 2007/2/15
Posts: 44


Krispy Kritter/Grannie Annie

It seems rather unfair to lump your individual experiences with female moderators with ALL women. I've had a few bad experiences with men, but that doesn't mean all men are bad. Is there a way to look past stereotypes and look at the individuals behind the scenario?

There have been/are some awesome women teachers/preachers who have impacted countless peoples lives for eternity. If Pastor Cho (of S. Korea) uses women as pastors (on purpose by the way, not as an afterthought because no men were available) then there must be good reason for women to be leaders, yes, leaders in the church today.

God Bless

 2007/6/4 15:49Profile

Joined: 2007/2/15
Posts: 44



I'm sure these women of God have thoroughly wrestled through this issue both in Scripture and with the male leadership in their lives. Trust me, I've heard/read alot of them and the struggle it was for them to actually obey God in this matter of ministering/teaching God's Word-and they all do with much authority. You can't deny the men and women who have been impacted by their ministries. That speaks for itself.

Everyone has their biases-if you don't prefer Joyce Meyer, oh well, many, many people do and are quite ministered to, especially those who have been abused.

Peace in Christ

 2007/6/4 15:56Profile


It seems rather unfair to lump your individual experiences with female moderators with ALL women. I've had a few bad experiences with men, but that doesn't mean all men are bad. Is there a way to look past stereotypes and look at the individuals behind the scenario?

Hi, and welcome to this forum.

Since you're new, do you mind if I offer some friendly, brotherly advice? Here it is:

"Read slowly, and read completely."

If you apply this advice, and go back and read what I actually wrote, you will notice that I made it abundantly clear that I was not "lumping" all women together. I made it clear that I was speaking [b]only[/b] of these two women, and no one else.

Also, my post was a response to something Annie said concerning forum and moderators. I did not apply it to teachers or the church.

As for my mentioning emotions and implying that women sometimes have trouble detaching themselves from their emotions... well, thats a fact. I need not try to convince you of that. And that does not mean that some men dont ever have that problem either.

I'm excited to see you joining in the discussion. Just be sure to actually read everything someone posts... it helps to keep one from making conclusions that are baseless.



 2007/6/4 16:28

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