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I'll pray, but how 'bout you fill us in on what has been going on there. It will help us pray for you, and perhaps some of us old guys can help you think of a strategy to combat this beyond praying. Remember, this is still the USA where we have certain rights. If you aren't breaking the law of the land, they have no right to bother you.
Give up the details, 'bro..... :-)


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A note: the people I've had to say something about a severe lapse in judgment, has so far been people I've known personally for at least a year, and prayed a lot about, we must exercise wisdom with that sort of thing. They were professing Christians, I would never rebuke a nonChristian that way.

About persecution, that is one of those things Jesus' promises we will have. Hang in there, lazarus, keep praying and standing firm to the end.

If you'd like encouragement about standing firm in persecution, read Fox's Book of Martyrs. That book is great testimony about God's holding power to Christians. It'll give you a new perspective of Christianity, too.


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