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 Re: The upcoming Mormon debate in America

I'm not even from the USA, and don't understand your politics very well! Our main parties in the UK are Labour and Conservative, but these don't necessarily mean liberal and conservative in theology or values.

Traditionally Conservative voters used to be upper and middle class and belonging to the Church of England. Labour was traditionally working class and belonging to nonconformist churches. The distinction has become rather blurred these days, especially as few people go to church.

Each political party decides on their candidate, often only one, for each area, and that one is put up for candidate as the Party representitive. The leader of the party that gets into power in a General Election automatically becomes Prime Minister (no President).

Just a little information on the differences, now for the important matters! Just a few thoughts/comments:

1. Has anyone suggested [i]praying[/i] about who to vote for? The reason I ask is that my area is very strongly Labour, and people tend to vote automatically for them, however bad their government or party has been.

Just before a General Election, some years ago, a friend met a Christian from a local church. Eddie asked "Who are you voting for?" "Labour of course!", said the man. "Have you prayed about it?" asked Eddie. The man, a [i]church elder[/i], looked at him as if he was mad!

Just shows how blinkered people can be over politics.

2. The leader of God's choice need not be the one we expect. God can use pagans to bring forward His purposes. An obvious Biblical example is Cyrus.

Of course, we ought to vote for someone who at least has some moral standards, and a certain amount of integrity.

Maybe you have to settle for the best of the not so good, whether or not they claim to be a Christian.

3. Even if someone is an out-and-out Christian, sold out to the Lord, that doesn't necessarily mean he will have the needed qualities to be a good President. I had a Christian handyman to do some work in my house once. He was a lovely chap, and we had some good fellowship, but he was very unreliable, (as bad or maybe worse than many non-Christian workmen) and seldom turned up when he said he was coming. A non Christian plumber, garage owner, and a washing machine repairer, on the other hand, were very good honest and reliable men!

I had a doctor who was a Sikh. Except he always had his turban on you wouldn't have known what religion he was. I would have preferred a Christian, as long as he was also a good doctor, but I had no complaints with this one, and no reason to change when he took over the practice.

There was another doctor in town who was a Hindu. His office had a huge picture of his personal guru, a "god shelf" full of idols, and a crucifix hanging up behind the counter. I would [i]never[/i] go to him!

If this Mormon candidate is a man of integrity, but doesn't push his Mormonism, maybe he's the best one???

The important thing is to pray who you should vote for and that the candidate of [i]God's[/i] choice gets in.


 2007/5/26 18:35

 Re: The upcoming Mormon debate in America

Ron Paul is a man of truth, character, and staying power. I've watched his career for years.

It's a pity he's being marginalized by "the boys in the back room".

He's got my prayers and my support. I wish I could vote for him, too... alas, I'm Canadian.

What a man.

 2007/5/26 18:57

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North Pole, Alaska

 Re: The upcoming Mormon debate in America

Just a quick observation; it seems that when a man is elected to office regardless of what faith he is, his religious beliefs become privatized, other than mentioning "god" (which one?) in any given speech to whomever.

Just another step towards the secularization of this nation, privatization of religion and in essense making every belief socially irrelevant by proclaiming every belief "relevant"

 2007/5/26 22:36Profile

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Iowa, USA


Good point, jlosinski...

I'm not part of this world, so i don't have much to say, except to God in prayer...

You all probably know my stance on this... :-) *EDIT*

God bless you guys as you decide! Keep walking in the light! God will have His perfect will done, ultimately.

Thanks for all your encouragement and sharpening, brothers and sisters. I've grown since i joined Sermon Index forums... for the better!! GLORY to GOD!

In Christ,

*EDIT*= removal of excessive amounts of smiley faces. ;-)


 2007/5/26 22:56Profile

Joined: 2005/10/28
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Iowa, USA


In saying what i just said:

"I'm not part of this world, so i don't have much to say, except to God in prayer..."

i felt i should clarify myself; i do have concern for this nation: we are to pray for "kings and for all that are in authority" (1 Timothy 2:1, 2). I'm not ignoring the needs here.

i thought that i might have sounded like i didn't car about what's going on, and just wanted to clarify...




 2007/5/26 23:05Profile

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