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 The upcoming Mormon debate in America

I have a question for y'all...

The 2008 presidential race is starting to take shape (unfortunately), and the lines are becoming a bit more clear. I think most here are in agreement that Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Gore are probably not the choice of most Bible believing Christians because of their stand on abortion and other moral issues.

On the other side, the three main candidates are Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Gulianni & Fred Thompson.

I like McCain's stand on defense, but not his stand on abortion or securing our southern border. I like Rudy's stand on crime, but again, his moral character is in question (adulterer), and he is also pro-choice.

Then there is Mitt Romney. A man of character. Has a tough stand on defense, believes in securing our southern border, and is as pro-life as you can get. I personally believe he would make a great president.

And he is a Mormon.

This is a slight snag for me because I know a lot about the Mormon cult, and it's hard for me to understand how someone as brilliant as Mitt Romney could believe the absurd prophecies and teachings of Joseph Smith.

I've pretty much made up my mind already who I am voting for... but my question for everyone here is... should his being a Mormon effect how believers vote? Would you vote for someone else because he is a Mormon, or doesnt it matter?

Personally, my vote will either go to Romney or Fred Thompson in the primary. I'm still waiting to here more from Thompson. (I met him once in Knoxville, Tennessee... very nice man. Very gracious.)

Should Romney's personal faith make a difference? We had a Southern Baptist as president... and look at what we got. He fornicated in the Oval Office with an intern, which made him an adulterer... and then he lied under oath.

What say you?


 2007/5/23 7:04

Joined: 2006/11/10
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North Carolina, US

 Re: The upcoming Mormon debate in America

The mormon debate is upon us; PBS released a series on mormons about 2 weeks ago and it seems that I am hearing more press time on the subject. I am sure we will be bombarded with much false information on the topic and the "clustering w/ Christian view" seems to be in full swing. Let us not be persuaded by such

As for the political; ??? A lot of questions remain

 2007/5/23 8:53Profile


i want you to know, before i say anything, there is anger in me, and i don't want to sin. if i do, i am willing to accept and confess.
so, you must be kidding right Krispy? wow? incidentally, as i was thinking about my struggle with lust this morning, the verse that came to me was,(and this is with humbleness i will say for i am mostly not learned in the things of God as most of you and have yet a road so long ahead of me but)- what fellowship has Belial with Christ? what fellowship? huh... don't deceive yourselves folks... thinking you would vote for somebody that is the best out of evil. i believe it is just another way of endorsing evil, no matter how you would think it is your right to vote or do so. remember, you gave up your right at the cross... yea- i would confess to you, i am not a citizen of the US, neither am i permanently here, and hence forth, might say easier for you, but i feel just the same of my home country folks. i am a brother to you and more of a citizen than of my flesh brother. oh,

right before coming here, i was checking and was grieved at the cavalier way that they tossed around the word of God. but, i wanted to come and post a prayer saying, "Oh God, if you ever give me your annointing to carry any burden for you, would you remind me the verse, "the gifts and callings are without repentance" everyday. and stumbling upon this thread, i cannot help but say again, oh how much if we remember, the gifts and callings are without repentance, even for our presidents
krispy, i love you my friend and brother... i am so sorry if there's anything that kills the inner-man that is in Christ in you, for my intention is not for that.

 2007/5/23 9:09

Joined: 2006/3/22
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Wheaton, IL

 Re: The upcoming Mormon debate in America

I'm still holding out hope for Mike Huckabee, Baptist Minister for president.

Ian Smith

 2007/5/23 9:55Profile

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 Re: The upcoming Mormon debate in America

Hi Krispy...

Thanks for this thread! I watched the PBS program about the Mormon church. I was shocked by much of history, beliefs and practices of the religion.

I've also had the opportunity to meet Senator Fred Thompson a few times. He comes from the town in Tennessee in which my parents currently live. Unfortunately, I am not completely aware of his stances on many issues. I also met Governor Mike Huckabee (Arkansas) and Governor Jim Gilmore (Virginia) at the Southern Governors Conference in Puerto Rico (where I was on assignment as an intern with NASA Langley Research Center). Both of these men seem to be quite sincere. They seem to be devoted fathers, husbands and Christians. However, like Senator Thompson, I don't know where they stand on many issues.

It would be really sad if the most "legislatively righteous" candidate in this nation was actually a member of the Mormon cult. Yikes!


- I removed a portion of my post that could possibly ignite political debate. Thanks!


 2007/5/23 9:56Profile

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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: The upcoming Mormon debate in America

This is a difficult question but one that we need to face.

I know there are some who believe that values and ideas are more important than theology when it comes to politics. I do understand this view but I can't help but believe it privatizes, or compartmentalizes, the behavior of Christians. I believe this is dangerous.

We get our values from our faith (or lack of faith in the atheist's case) so how can we privatize? A Mormon's values should come from his faith. If he believes in the book of Mormon, which as you have pointed out is absurd because it has no historical or archeological evidence, then we know something about his mindset. Do we want someone in the White House who accepts certain beliefs without rational analysis? What does this say about his judgment?

I believe this should be more than a "slight snag" for us.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2007/5/23 10:07Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Careful how you tread

A word of caution and consideration. This realm is known for it's divisive nature in these parts and there is a small word to it in the disclaimer here (an unfinished thought that needs some clarification).

Am only asking that we preceed with the nature of what is given here predominately as a backdrop. Carry on the conversation with this in mind, that this is not always the best of places for political discussion as it tends to often spiral down into destruction. It can be done and has in the past, generaly it is the exception however and not the norm. Always depending on the participants.

Mike Balog

 2007/5/23 10:09Profile


Am only asking that we preceed with the nature of what is given here predominately as a backdrop. Carry on the conversation with this in mind, that this is not always the best of places for political discussion as it tends to often spiral down into destruction. It can be done and has in the past, generaly it is the exception however and not the norm. Always depending on the participants.

I agree, and I didnt have the intention of beginning a political debate. This isnt really about politics.

What I am really asking is this: if one candidate matches your own views and values over all the rest, but his theology is quite different from yours... would you still vote for him?

Doesnt matter what your politics are, that is not relevent to the question I am asking.

I think if we stay focussed on that, this conversation would be good.

By the way, everyone, I have no agenda here in asking... I'm just curious how everyone feels about this, and thought it would make an interesting conversation.


 2007/5/23 10:53

Joined: 2005/7/11
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I would rather vote for a pro-life Atheist than a pro-choice 'Christian'.

Mitt Romney might make a good president. I prefer to have a strong, mature Christian in the White House, but if one is not running I vote for the person who agrees with me on these issues:
- Abortion
- Gun Rights
- National Defense
- Small Government
- Taxes

 2007/5/23 10:59Profile


i am not a citizen of the US, neither am i permanently here

[b]sb1175[/b]... I'm not bothered at all by your post, please dont worry.

I dont really expect you to understand my way of thinking when it comes to voting and civic duty since you were not born and raised here... and I presume you're fairly new to our way of life here, such as it is.

And thats ok!

My family has been here since before America gained her freedom from England, and most of my ancestors served in the military all thru this nations history. Many of my ancestors were judges, law enforcement, public servents, etc... and some were outlaws and bootleggers.

So it's been bred in me that we have civic responsibilities that come with living here. Voting is the biggest one. A say in the direction our country moves in. A lot of blood was spilled so that we could have that freedom.

We also have the freedom to not participate should we choose not to.

I dont know where you're from, but I think that perhaps the misunderstandings between you and I have more to do with our different back grounds.

I'm not upset at your words. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what your point was. But you are free to disagree with me. I dont expect everyone to agree with me all the time (good thing too... I'd be disappointed all the time!).

God bless,

 2007/5/23 11:02

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