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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Once Saved...Always Saved???

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Larry, as a sister in Christ, I would also like to caution you brother that again, I've read this entire thread twice now and you have Not read the whole of it once and so once again missed the "occultic" and non-Christian accusations that started around page 25 from Katy.

If you "see nothing that I speak of here" Larry, then it is because you have not looked.

I don't appreciate being called "Madam" and about "LOVE" .... when I asked Katy to covet love and unity here, she inferred that I was trying to bring out a New Age Love Dove thing here.

You have not read this whole thread and I cannot address the unfairness of your judgments.

I will speak to Katy's accusations of me or anyone else ... and she can take your advice and not speak to my complaints of being labeled by her since page 25.

HE IS TRUTH and until you know the whole of it here on this thread, I must not speak anymore to your accusations and ask maybe for a Moderator to do the job you have now taken on without proof for your words.

I first was accused of not wanting to hear the preaching of "THE GOSPEL" because I didn't want us all pitting against each other over this doctrine.
Next when trying to bring love and unity, as I said before, that too was a failed attempt.

Then Omsly came on and was accused of everything from being a Mormon, universalist, new age .... my I can't even recall how many different names she levied at him.

Now, you've made a biased statement because you haven't read this whole thread and so I am forced now to ignore yours also, as you have mine here.

If you wanted to preach love, I wish you had come on page 25 and helped me preach it then.

If you feel calling someone who's posts you haven't read from very early in this thread, "Madam" and say you're preaching "love" ... pure logic alone would call that a misnomer.

I will never come to the defense of Mr. Omrly again. If that's all it will take to stop this "titling and name calling" FROM Katy from page 25 on.
Even to belittling Oswald Chambers, Wesley et al, who hold a view contrary to whatever it is that Katy is doing to this Forum.

If you have not been an actual eye-witness on this thread from page 1, you're automatically disqualified to judge.

 2007/7/8 19:18

Joined: 2007/6/14
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Indiana, US


dear phillip,

thank you for trying to remind everyone here on this thread that the focus here should be Christ and loving one another. i appreciate you directing our thoughts that way.

dear ormly,

i will not be involved with posting back and forth with you when there is not edification and love as the purpose of our posting. sorry.

 2007/7/8 19:31Profile



LoveHim wrote:
dear phillip,

thank you for trying to remind everyone here on this thread that the focus here should be Christ and loving one another. i appreciate you directing our thoughts that way.

dear ormly,

i will not be involved with posting back and forth with you when there is not edification and love as the purpose of our posting. sorry.

I didn't expect you would. Rest assured I will not lose sleep tonite fretting over your willful obfuscations. But how disppointing that you have done so.....and then do the humble routine.

 2007/7/8 19:52

 Re: Still grieving for all.

 2007/7/8 20:01

Joined: 2007/7/6
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My Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

May I bring to our minds renewed in Christ, we do not fight against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities and rulers in high places. Please do not forget for one moment, or believe these powers are harmless or powerless against the Church. We are assured as we stand firm in the faith, the powers of hell will not prevail.

He has at this time taken the earthly church hostage, calling good evil and evil good. We are to stand fast, our faces as flint Marching forward upholding the Word of God. We overcome In Christ. Praise His Holy Name.

I am Forever Alive in Christ,

 2007/7/8 20:05Profile

Joined: 2005/10/28
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Iowa, USA



Thank you so much for your reply.

No, you did not bore me! i really enjoy that sort of thing.

Ormly, Amen. He will lead us in His truth.

To all, i'm going to leave this forum, because i can't see enough good here, and too much debate, and feelings getting hurt. i hope i havn't hurt anyone. Please forgive me if i have.

God bless you all.

In Christ's love,


 2007/7/8 20:39Profile


Nathan, I told you before what a good brother you are and about your name, being that of the prophet that spoke to David "You're the man".

Just because one thread out of thousands goes sour, don't see that as the whole forum.

This is the best Forum out there. Believe me, I've looked and they're all going bonkers.

But at least here we have the foundation of the AUTHORS that this website is built around.

Because two ladies scrap, don't leave for that.

Just because some guys are scraping on other threads, don't leave because of that.

I've learned more on this Forum than in any Church and I just told my husband that today.

This Forum has done more for me than any Church or other Forum has ever done for me.

I'm not perfect yet and neither are all of us others here, but this place will rub the rough spots off of you faster than any Church ... because we ARE in such close and real confrontation with each other and not just putting on our Sunday best.

The moderator here showed me things I needed to work on last year and the year before.
No matter how long I've been saved, if I can't grow more here than anywhere else, than I'm just not able to see my need for growth.

Don't go out to those compromising Forums out there .... I've either been on them or have lerked everyone of them and they are so full of light-weight-nothings - our eyes will never be opened on them of what really matters here and now in this world.

Nathan, I don't want to post to this thread anymore and haven't wanted to since before page 25 but I kept on it for one purpose only ... that we not call each other names or "titles" .... other than that .... I think all folks should be able to speak their mind.

When we get rubbed the wrong way .... that is the BEST time for the LORD to help perfect HIS image in us. We're not to grow in each other's image but HIS, but He uses others to help us grow into His, a lot of times by even disagreements.

Give it a chance and just stay on threads that encourage you .... like those on Articles and Devotionals and ones like that.
Where you can agree only type until you see the extreme benefit of this place over the others.

Stay and help us grow too,

In Him.

 2007/7/8 20:53

Joined: 2005/10/28
Posts: 119
Iowa, USA


Oh no GrannieAnnie!! i meant to say this THREAD!!! not this forum as a whole!!

Sorry!!! :-) :-) :-)

i mis-speeched :-P

Thanks for the encouragement!

Hope i wasn't to strong in my statement!

In Christ's hope,


 2007/7/8 20:58Profile



No, you weren't too strong with your statement.

We all pretty much feel the same ... that's what I was trying to say from the beginning of this thread .... this doctrine is not worth all of this .... I said it would split us and it almost has and it shouldn't. That's what I felt way back on page ? because I've seen it happen on other forums, as I mentioned on one post on page ?.

I guess my statements are a 1000 times stronger than yours than, that's why we need you here to temper us iron mouths some more.

Love you brother.
Thank you !!!

 2007/7/8 21:12

Joined: 2003/6/3
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Sister Katy-did wrote about 4 pages ago...

After seeing ALL those miracles, and partaking of those miracles...did not all eat and drink? Yes they did, but because of teh hardness of their hearts and because they did not have faith to enter in, they were forbiden to enter. Hebrews 3&4 say, they were preached the Gospel as we, yet because they did not have FAITH, they did not enter in.

You stated that they did not enter in because of the hardness of their hearts...this is true. What provision did God give to those in the OT to enable them to have soft hearts?

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2007/7/8 21:29Profile

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