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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Once Saved...Always Saved???

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One more time.

Referring back to that link I put on this thread from the Women Teaching thread .... Why through-out this thread must one man's = in this one case again, Ormly's posts be "interpreted" by a woman, IF Ormly's post have been directed & addressed directly to a man, who should be allowed to THINK ON HIS OWN WITHOUT THE AID OF A FEMALE INTERPRETER/TEACHER ?

This is what I've noticed going on since the middle of this thread.

Phil can think on his own, without subtle leadings to think or translate other men's posts by a woman and/or questions God's ability to speak to Phil.

This is an insult on Phil's walk with GOD or ability to reach his own wisdom from above.

Since when is this the "authority" of women to [u]constantly/consistently[/u] tell a man how to interpret posts directed at 'them' from a man ?

These are the flesh hooks I spoke about twice now. On this thread and on the Women Teaching thread.

If this were only the case in just a few posts, I wouldn't have noticed it at all ... but it's been Consistently the case.

Phil has a good brain and heart ... don't take advantage of either !!!

Let men talk to each other without having to boggart or claim a follower or think you have more wisdom than Phil does.

Why I brought up "shamefacedness" also.

Where and what is THAT ?

Come on the women teaching thread if you want to hash this out so we don't take this off topic anymore.

edit: added words "questions" & "from" for clarity.

 2007/7/8 15:08


GrannyAnnie, If I recall, Wasn't it YOU who was usurping authority over Phil when you scolded him not to ask Ormly questions?

Now please, if you are going to be a judge here, please as God says, take judgement of your own activities first, and then you can scold me.

This is an open forum.

Phil, If I offended YOU, I ask for YOUR forgivness.

But I do believe if Phil is offended, it is up to HIM to let em know, not someone who is a busy body in another persons matter.

But Granny, I believe it is the TRUTH that bothers you, not me or Forrest or anyone else who also replies to posts not personally directed at them.

Love in Christ
Katy-did ;-)

 2007/7/8 15:18


I did not interpret "for" Phil as you have been doing consistantly through-out this thread.

Phil's questions were answered with Ormly's posts not "my" opinion of Ormly.

I did NOT interpret for Ormly to Phil, just quoted Ormly fairly ... something you haven't yet done, but judged him and others by "cultic" labels. That takes a lot of nerve I will say again for the fifth time.

This may be an "Open Forum", but it can and has been abused by the NON-Biblical use of it.

BIG difference there !

I told you, I AM A MEMBER OF A REFORMED THEOLOGY CHURCH - so keep your lame "assumptions" to yourself. I also told you from the beginning I have no aught with the etenal security doctrine as long as it doesn't lead to laziness or slackness or throws out the pressing on that Paul so often speaks of ....... so having said that countless times ..... STOP your misrepresentation about me or Ormly or anyone else that disagrees with your one-sidedness on this topic.

The day that I am offended by TRUTH .... and I wouldn't try that bit about "the others who've posted on here" .... they have not done what you have here.

And don't compare yourself to Forrest dear.

Edit to add: These verses are already in red, so no need for me to make them red or enlarge the font a hundred fold.

Rev 22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.
Rev 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
Rev 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
Rev 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

 2007/7/8 15:31



Katy-did wrote:

Ormly, are you saying you don't believe anyone will go to hell? Where was Lazarus in speaking to those on in Abraham's Bosom,'s as hot as Phoenix over here, go warn my family! Where was he?

Then you are saying they all went to hell.
That's ineresting since the Lord continued to feed and cloth them for forty years after their session with unbelief..
Ormly, the Word of God is not irrational. God has laid a wonderful foundation of truth from Genesis to Revelation.

But your understanding of it certainly is. And that is what I was referring to.

Your lack of rationality hasn't a thing to do with what you may believe my pride to be. You stand alone.

 2007/7/8 15:42


Hi Phil, I just wanted to Clarify that I was in total agreement with you concerning Hebrews 6.

Christians do not curse other christians...for that is WITCHCRAFT. Some here love to do that in pulling scripture out of Context as in the Rev 22:12-15 post just prior.

That means those who have not put on the INCORRUPTABLE, Christ Himself, will not be raised up in the 1st resurrection.

When we use those kind of scriptures to curse one another, that is of satan, witchcraft and cultish activity.

Love in Christ
Katy-did ;-)

 2007/7/8 15:44


Ormly said,

That's ineresting since the Lord continued to feed and cloth them for forty years after their session with unbelief..

You mean those who were 20 years and older who did not enter in who died in their sins in the wilderness, who's carcuses fell, and died. He still led those guys 40 more years? Can you show me scripture to back up.

Looking forward to seeing that.

PS: Yes he waited until they were all dead, before the new generation entered in. They had no second chance. It was a done deal. Only Joshua and Caleb who were older went in.

 2007/7/8 15:48

Joined: 2005/2/24
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Wow this has almost become a good old fashion knock down drag out, maybe someone should make a live YouTube video this "now" non edifying thread. Lordy if this thread is Christians encouraging and edifying at their best, I might not want to keep my salvation if this is what Christianity is all about.
Sorry this to me now has become a waste of band width, guess I can now expect a letter from the Mods, but hey I am a big boy and I said it and I will take my punishment if they see fit.
God Bless.
Mr. Bill


 2007/7/8 15:50Profile

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Indiana, US


dear brothers and sisters,

wow, a lot of stuff has happened since i posted last night.

brother ormly,

i'm sorry, were you there with me when i was talking to the man about Jesus? like many people that i have talked to, this gentleman could not tell me anything about how Jesus has changed his life, who Jesus is to him except the common answer "my Lord and savior". i have heard this answer a million times by men and women that do not want any part of Jesus, but only to have the apperance of knowing Him. we live in a religious country and everyone always seem to "know Him", but when pressed into how they know Him, many really don't. it was the same kind of thing yesterday, but you weren't there, so please don't presume to act like you were. you rebuke me for saying i was judging and yet brother you weren't even there, and you cast judgement on me?? come on ormly, we need to treat each other better than that.

dear grannieannie,

i appreciate your concern, but i have no problem if any man or woman on here wants to jump in on either side of the debate. many do all the time. nathan, phillip, ormly, you, katy, lazarus, forrest, we all jump in and post. that's what it's here for. but i appreciate your concern and kind words. i appreciate you too sister.

dear brothers and sisters,

if we can't talk about this reasonably (without putting everyone down who doesn't agree with us), then we need to repent of our pride. we need to humble ourselves and learn to try to help each other in the word with LOVE. if we can't approach this subject out of a spirit of love, then we probably shouldn't be discussing it.

i don't know... just some thoughts.

 2007/7/8 15:55Profile


Christians do not curse other christians...for that is WITCHCRAFT. Some here love to do that in pulling scripture out of Context as in the Rev 22:12-15 post just prior.

You are the only one pulling Scripture out of Context on this thread. And you defy the rest who have posted the other side of sanctification on here.

Funny, I mentioned witchcraft and "craft" in some other posts on here.

Again you are "teaching Phil".

YOU have been the ONLY ONE to "curse" some of us on this thread. People are not stupid Katy.
Anyone with a half a brain can go back, like I did twice and read this entire thread.

My problem was not with Phil on here, but with your not allowing him to answer Ormly on his own, without you jumping between to "interpret" Ormly's words "for" Phil, before he had a chance to assimulate Ormly's direction for himself.

I very strongly believe, having watched Phil on other threads, that he and Ormly would have had no problems communicating their views without your "help".

You critiqued Oswald Chambers, so that means you could say the same about more than half of the Authors on this Website. So who are you - that you are doing what NONE OF US would ever dare to do --- to critique that many men of that caliber ?

And I wonder what Phil's wife or the other wives would think about all the winking going on here with your subtle 'directing'.

And WHO'S BEEN CURSING WHO ON THIS THREAD, ALL ALONG ? Can you Honestly answer that ? I sincerely doubt it now.

When we use those kind of scriptures to curse one another, that is of satan, witchcraft and cultish activity.

I've been the recipient of this from you as have others.

I've only been this hard on you as a sister.

Again, Phil does very-very well on all the other threads without your teaching or expounding to him what 'we' all are saying {or in your mind only, 'think' we are saying} and has no need for you to constantly tell him what he needs to think and throw an occasional "flattery" in to loosen him up to your "leadings".

This is not about Phil anyway, but you are out of order in your BEHAVIOR as a women.

UN-Biblical ... the men on here are mostly all married besides and their wives don't need their husbands sitting under a women interpreter of other's posts.

Witchcraft in the Church has been answered on The Women Teaching Thread and earlier here when I first started to post about what you were doing here.

No I don't think Phil is wrong in what he believes as long as he is permitted to read threads directed at him and interpret them for himself and the same goes for the rest of us.

I sit back and read tons of threads where just the men hash things out and find no need to enter, even if I feel it or I may add to something, because I don't feel the need to pull men around by their noses.

Final word, unless you have more accusations to haul back.

I leave you to GOD.

 2007/7/8 16:12

Joined: 2005/2/24
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Ding, Ding Round 2. :-)


 2007/7/8 16:13Profile

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