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 Pornography: Slaying the Dragon -audio



No more strategies. No more band-aids. This sermon contains the information you need to NEVER fall into the temptation of pornography again. What will it take? What do you need to hear to NEVER look at another forbidden image again? What do you need to do so you will never go to that dirty place again? Hear Todd Friel share these answers in this audio series:

[b](Pornography: Slaying the Dragon)[/b]




I am sorry but we had to take that series down for free download. But it is available to be purchased very reasonably here:


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 Re: Pornography: Slaying the Dragon -audio

praise God for this message, it will set many people free by the power of Jesus Christ

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 Re: Pornography: Slaying the Dragon -audio

From a woman's point of view... this was excellent. My husband and I divorced almost seven years ago and his porn addiction was at the middle of it all and when Mr. Friel says that it will destroy your marriage if you let it, it will.

When he described what marriage was intended to look like and be, I wept, it sounded beautiful, we wouldn't be divorced had we experienced that instead of the other. [He waffled between group one men and group two men. Some days he was repentant; other days, blatantly not.] If you remember, please pray for him. His name is Jeff.

Men, single or married, please listen to this.

 2007/5/14 18:46

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What an excelent sermon, Todd Friel puts marriage, sex and pornography into perspective with such passion.

I agree with Lisa, all men should listen to this.

BTW, does anyone know of a good sermon that deals with keeping sex (within marriage) holy and honorable to God?



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 Re: Pornography: Slaying the Dragon -audio

I downloaded this series to my mp3 player, hope to listen to it soon!

Jonathan Veldhuis

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This was excellent. Any man who says he doesnt struggle with lust should have his pulse checked.

I'm not surprised there hasnt been very many posts on this thread. No one is man enough to admit they struggle with lust, yet it's "every man's battle". This isnt just about porn... it's about driving down the street... walking thru the store... going to the park... and even going to church.

C'mon guys... get some backbone and admit this weakness that is in each one of us.

This preacher is right, men have the capacity to be absolute dogs. I cringe when I think of the things I did before I came to the Lord. It would completely shock 99% of y'all if you could see me back then.


 2007/5/15 7:32


i have krispy. i have stated it in multiple of my posts. as a matter of fact, it's the single thing for sure that i know right now that stands between me and God.... have done just about anything from sharing, to accountability etc. will hear the message and return if i need to comment

 2007/5/15 8:08

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 Re: Pornography: Slaying the Dragon -audio

I think you duplicated track 2 ( for the 1 & 2 links)
everything else is correct, but track 1 is missing.

I have heard a many positive references to these messages,
Thanks for the links

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This was indeed a great message on the issue that has frustrated the purposes of God for so many men.

I can not tell you of a sermon on keeping sex holy yet I can tell you that the Lord God who is Holy has a vehement jealousy for the preservation of the pristine concept of what intimacy should be between husband and wife. There are many preachers out right now that are saying that anything is lawful between spouses when it comes to intimacy. This I believe to be a malicious attack from hell itself.

Hell is vomiting its desires into the undiscerning minds of christian husbands and wives. This causes them to be on a never ending nose to the grind stone pursuit of "hotter" and better intimacy. So much so that they are not able to enjoy what God has given. When a husband can not enjoy intimacy with his wife unless it is done in a method that he saw in a website or rated R movie then, he has allowed his God given libido to be seared with the hot iron of worldly sensuality. Because of this the couple go to church on Sunday but eat and drink from the cup of devils in their bedroom.

I know some might say that is your subjective opinion. Yet I would say that the level of iritation and frustration you one would have with what I am sharing is indeed the level of dominance that the god of this world has over your relationship with you and your spouse as it relates to intimacy.

Men who pursue forms of sex that "feels better" may find themselves in the day of eternity regretting that they allowed Gods original intention for marital sex to be marred by selfish lusts that were fueled by illicit images and memories.

Husbands and wives must remember that their bodies are in fact the temple of the "Holy" Spirit. God has warned that who ever defiles this temple, Him will God destroy. That warning alone should be enough incentive to make us warry of treating our spouses bodies in a way that is dishonorable, even if husband and wife delight in the act.

May marital intimacy always remain true to the original thing that was in the Fathers heart when he gave this most precious gift.

Grace, Grace to you.

Eric Lanham

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Does anyone have the 1st track to this message?
(since they are small, I am going to splice these together for a single message mp3)

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