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yes this video is really something....


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Read this today. Let's keep praying for our tortured brothers and sisters.


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 Re: Amazing Testimony Of Richard Wurmbrand (Interview)

Very difficult to imagine...
This testimony has not left my mind since I read it yesterday.
Oh my, we have absolutely NOTHING to complain about.
I thought I had suffered for the cause of Christ.
I have not even scraped an elbow in comparison to what many have stood thru.
Oh Lord, give me a heart to lift these men and women up to you that you have positioned in these places, for your Glory.

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 Re: Amazing Testimony Of Richard Wurmbrand (Interview)

wanted to bump this thread from the archive


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So powerful! I actually do lose my strength and faint whenever I imagine tortures,hospitals and bloods (that's why I rarely go to hospitals) but the reality is that I need to remind and prepare myself for the coming worldwide persecution. I think the damage that the pre-trib doctrine, that came from the west which has no present persecution at that time, is that it will help the believers to become careless and unprepared for the literal physical crosses that we all need to endure. Lord, have mercy!

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 Re: hmmhmm

Brother thank, you, thank you thank you, thank, you, thank you so much for bringing this treasure to us. This thread must not be archiived. We need to remember Richard Wormbrandt and the persecuted. Thank you for releasing this to us again.


 2011/9/10 19:01

 Re: To all Sermon Index Saints

Has anyone heard of Richard Wormbrandt? Is anyone familiar with Voice of the Martyrs. Richard Wormbrandt founded Voice of the Martyrs in the mid 60's. Then it was called Jesus to the Communist World. But then renamed Voice of the Martyrs as we know it today.

Richard Wormbrandt is probably best known for his book Tortured for Christ. I would recommend this book for every believer to read. I have read this book and plan to read it again.

One of the moderators has blessed us by saving this thread from the archives and bringing it to light again. The thread is Richard Wormbranft appearing before the U S Senate and testifying about his experiences as he suffered for Christ in Rumania. The info is dated as the context is the cold war of the 1960s. Then communism was the biggest persecutors of Christians. Today it is Islam.

Saints whether it is in the past or present there is something eternal and timeless about the testimony of the martyrs. I encourage you to work through this thread. Read it and meditate on it. I have and I weep ever more so for the persecuted. To get the full impact you have to go to the front of the thread. But it is worth it.

After you have worked through it. I invite you to tell me we must be silent for the persecuted. But please, do not tell me to be silent until you have worked and prayed through this thread. I have. And I can assure you I cannot be silent about my brothers and sisters who suffer for Christ.

Submitted in Christ,

Blaine Scogin

 2011/9/10 19:33

 Re: Quote by Richatd Wormbrandt

The message I bring from the underground church is:

Don't abandon us.
Don't forget us.
Don't write us off.

Give us the tools we need. We will pay the price for using them. This is the message I have been charged to deliver to the free church.

Quote by Richard Wormbrandt.

Will we take this brothers quote to heart for the persecuted?


 2011/9/10 20:04

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And now a Sunday morning the political officer of the prison comes, the whole brigade is gathered, and just at random he sees a young man. He calls him, "What is your name?" He says the name. "What are you by profession?" He said, "A priest." And then mocking the Communist said, "Do you still believe in God?"

[b]This priest knew that if he says yes, this is the last day of his life. We all looked to him. For a few seconds he was silent. Then his face began to shine and then he opened his mouth and with a very humble but with a very decided voice he said: "Mr. Lieutenant, when I became a priest I knew that during church history thousands of Christians and priests have been killed for their faith, and notwithstanding I became a Christian and I became a priest. I knew what I became. And as often as I entered the altar clad in this beautiful ornate which priests wear I promised to God, "If I will wear the uniform of a prisoner, then also I will serve Him. Mr. Lieutenant, prison is not an argument against religion. I love Christ from all my heart."

Glory to Jesus!

- Travis


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 Re: Amazing Testimony Of Richard Wurmbrand (Interview)

Saints I am attempting to put this Wormbrandt testimony on the board. This is a really powerful thread to read. You need work from the front of this thread to get the full impact. But it is well worth the effort.

Keep in mind this testimony was given 40 years ago. The context was the cold war and communism. But the issues regarding persecution of believers are still the same. Some of Wormbrandt's accounts may be disturbing. Overall though the thread is a blessing.

My thanks to the moderators for making this available. My thanks to Ann for providing the link to find this.


 2012/6/19 14:10

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