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Ian, I understand what you are saying, but don't agree.

I've seen that video before too. I was very sicken to my stomach I could not watch the rest.

For anyone to put that video on for the congregation to watch does NOT KNOW Jesus.

You can know if a christian is truly devoted to Jesus by his conversation and the things he watches. If His heart is good, it will show. If His heart is evil, he cannot hide it, it will come out by his action or his conversation.

Now I'm not talking about young believers, but even they should have some sort of conviction, watching that video, if the Spirit lives in them. But this is the leader who put this on, who should know better.

What do you mean he could of not have the right focus today?

I believe christians can slide back, but too put a movie on mocking Jesus means this person just did not have 1 day of wrong focus, but there has been many days of wrong focus. When a christians slide back, they slide slowly back. You cannot be filled with Jesus one day then the next day you mock Jesus in front of the whole congregation. No way!

If we were truly after God's heart, that video would not be near us. By the leaders showing this video shows that they do not have discernment at all and should not be guiding the sheep.

I pray that the leaders see the deep sin of this and repent in ashes.

What you sow you will reap. Mocking God in front many,you will be made a fool in front of many.

It is surely God's mercy to send someone to blow the trumpet or else the leaders could fall deeper into delusion. Obviosly the leaders weren't listening to the Spirit because they put the video on, that God sent people to show him his error and help the sheep not to fall in the leaders delusion. Thats mercy!

For everbody else, please know that my motive was not to tear anyone down, but exort others to good works and contending for the faith and to put truth before relationships.

We must obey the first commandment in order to be able to truly love our brethren or else we will be loving them with flaterries, not watching out for their souls, but wanting to please them more than God.

Ian, I want you to know that I am glad that we had this conversation.

Much love, Lisa


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Hi everyone,

I was there at Kensington with Josef and Lina when it happened. I didn't stand up and speak, but i did talk to the elders out in the lobby area right after.
You all must understand that we are certainly not coming at these people in a spirit of judgement-we have a deep love and concern for their souls- but more importantly we have a HUGE concern for the glory and the name of our Lord!
That video was a complete mockery and there was no way it could have gone without something being said.
This place is one of those that loves to "push the envelope" I know this because i have attended this place in the past. Actually, i was involved in a small group and was baptized through kensington. So we are not going into this place not knowing anything about it, or to just start nit picking at other believers- i really don't like to do that, that is why i never post on these internet forums. I would much rather be out preaching the Gospel to the lost and hurting like we do at least 3 times a week.

People were SHOCKED at the outburst- YES! I think it is exactly what they needed! We have gotten so many views/downloads on the web site and so many responses via email- some of them good- some not so good- like brother Jim's meeting with that guy from there went well- we will be meeting with others from there in the near future PRAISE THE LORD! but the seekers are being directed to the real undiluted Gospel and the others are being seriously challenged which is definatly a blessing! The Lord is working through this and even if only one person finds Jesus then GLORY TO GOD!

ian wrote:
I'd rather be on the mission field than accusing my fellow believers.

AMEN!!!! Like I said, we are out on the street 3 times a week in inner city detroit.

ian wrote:
i firmly believe that Paul grieved and prayed for hours before saying one word or penning one line of scripture.

you have no idea who you are even talking about. you don't know the prayer life of these Christians-and you don't know their burdens- and i can say in all honesty that they are not those that take pleasure in rebuking others- you should REALLY be careful what you say.

Imagine if all the time that was spent sitting on our computers accusing and being contentious with other believers was spent witnessing on the street or in prayer.....
this post has taken me like 20 minutes or do the math.
We just might have revival!

At least we are out there doing something- reaching out in love to the world.(and it WAS in love) Both in the synagouges and the marketplace. I would really encourage all of you to do the same if you are not already.

God bless you all.

Mary Beth Ersig

 2007/3/26 23:45Profile

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Why do simple black and white issues always become gray? The films are evil...what more is there to discuss?

We love the people at Kennsington. They are demonstrating a measure of spiritual blindness but hopefully can still see clearly enough to listen to these witnesses in their midst. As Watchman Nee has said, sin can be dealt with at the cross...but spiritual blindness doesn't see the sin. It is not unloving to say so.

They were wrong and got rebuked. What's the big deal? We've all been rebuked many's not the end of the world. I was rebuked this week as a matter of fact. Actually it can be a turning point in your life. This could be a key moment for this church...repentence is the stuff of revivals!

Now regarding the 'questioning' of the motives of the protestors. It doesn't seem very sensible to decry the invisible motives of the people who protested the films, when the visible evil of the films is in plain sight. That seems abit like straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. I mean if ever bad motives become as plainly visible as those videos, then we can deal with that. In the meantime we can't be responding to everyone's imagination instead of simply responding to what is real. In our dealings with one another, let's just stick to the facts as they are without any x-ray pretense.

Besides, Kensington won't die from this public paddling. They're big boys.

God bless Kennsington...He must love them to send them some brave and faithful witnesses to rebuke them to their face..which is certainly the very anthesis of gossiping! Ian is right when he says there is a remmnant is this wayward nation showing that God is merciful to us all.


Mike Compton

 2007/3/26 23:56Profile

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I think your posts are confusing. You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth: saying one thing on one hand then turn around and say another which appears to be in conflict with each other.

I still am not sure what the point of your post is...

But let me say this I admire anyone who will stand up in front of a large gathering and speak out for my Savior. That was very couragous, very brave! There are very few brave Christians in this US of A!



Sandra Miller

 2007/3/27 8:41Profile

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