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rodge wrote:

I believe the answer is determined very simply by asking the question 'Who does God consider you are married to?' I would suggest that subsequent remarriages, which are called adultery, imply that the first marriage is still intact and that the second marriage is both unlawful and unrecognised. Can you be committing adultery when having sex with the person God considers to be your wife? I don't think so. So, regardless of how many subsequent marriages you have, the first is the only one God recognises. So sex with the first spouse could not be adultery while sex with subsequent spouses couldn't be anything other than adultery.

So then in that case, if someone gets a divorce, remarries another person, but during their second marriage they go have sex with their first partner, that is ok?

Benjamin Williams

 2007/3/19 14:20Profile


This thread is getting absurd. I dont know if y'all have noticed that or not, but I see it. Can we possibly come up with any more wicked, debased and perverted scenarios??

My my... what more wickedness can a group of Christians come up with to debate over?

I believe this is what Paul condemned as idle chatter.

Here's a thought... if you're not personally faced with situation, dont worry about it. Stay faithful and married, and you wont need to concern yourself with it.

If someone is faced with this, and they ask for scriptural advice on this forum, I say share your advice... but so far this has been a contest to see how far out on the lunatic fringe we can get... and I say it is not honoring to God at all.


 2007/3/19 17:43

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