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Corey said:

But I didn't hold it to be a "vision" or "prophetic" (in the miraculous way he described) because he was simply reiterating what preachers from the thirties, and before, were saying America was headed.

If you read in the beginning of the book "The Vision" you'll find that David had a vision to which he was 'transfixed', he couldn't move. He had the vision in 1973, and The Vision was released in 1974. There was no recession in the 70's, it was a booming era, to which Wilkerson said in his book that from 1974 on will be the most prosperous in American history. A recession did hit the world in the early 80's, but this was not the recession that he was talking about, it wasn't severe. He also said that there would be 1 or 2 times that the economy would recover before this 'recession' that he is talking about would come to pass, and we have seen at least 2 of those recovery times, one in the early 90's and the other I suppose after 9/11.

I think the book that your thinking of that he might have done some speculating was the sequel to the Vision, "Set thy trumpet to thy mouth".

I have two copies of the vision, and I read them from time to time.

 2007/3/17 8:35

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