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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Indeed it appears I am regarded as so evil and twisted for simply posting this article. It certainly gives me pause. SermonIndex has always been one of my favorite sites - which I have recommended to many people in the past.


Thank you for your perseverance from alot of outlandish comments towards your article. I do believe you were stating the obvious and even the paragraph that was "prophetic" in nature really doesn't equal you to a prophet or your comments as coming as that. I am sure if the Lord wanted to he could speak a prophetic word through you.

I do think its a good conversation topic to discuss in light of scripture of the economics in the last days.

I do encourage everyone to keep the discussions on topics and not on the person himself. Andrew I believe does not abuse the right to post articles on He does not post every article he writes here but only select ones.

I would love to see you active in other discussions at times Andrew but I know you are busy with your website and other things also.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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As for me, when I judge what the person is saying I don’t judge the outer things i.e the vocabulary and the phrases but the spirit therein. I think the whole summation of what Andrew is saying is let’s get to our knees. He wants to make everybody aware of what is going on all around (sometimes we see things but we don’t see them). So call it prophecy or speculation the purpose and his motive inside is to wake people up spiritually. (So is this motive evil? I don't think so) And if I’m not wrong he is scheduling “Solemn Assemblies” and “Fast and Prayer Programs” in Los Angeles, Sacramento and other states on the coming days. Shortly he is calling you to prayer for your country and for your walk with God.And he is saying lets pray together. Whether he is a prophet or not what harm will it do to you if you pray?! What if a stranger come and say to you-you have to pray for your walk with God and for what is befalling on your nation and you go and pray-what harm will it do to you? Leave it to God whether Andrew is a real servant of God or not for God is the only judge of his servants and paul said "who are you to judge another's servant" - restrain yourselves form what you are saying for it is better to keep silent than being judged for Christ said what we say will be judged later (and I don’t see any spiritual relevance in this)- but you go and pray for yourself and for your nation-this is the most important thing for you and for America right now!And I think this is the whole summation of what God wants you to do right now.

Your sis. Mek.

Mekdes Tsige

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 Re: HAS the CRASH BEGUN?? - Andrew Strom - COMMENTS?

Good word Mek. How can it be wrong to do what the devil doesn't want you to do. Our country does need to fall to it's knees, hopefully it will be in prayer.


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crsschk wrote:

Don't make it personal and don't take it personally.

Amen brother!

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Melbourne, Australia

 Re: HAS the CRASH BEGUN?? - Andrew Strom - COMMENTS?

Here in Australia, we are experiencing an unprecedented economic slump. Government sources are talking things up, somewhat due to a great mining boom which is in progress, but industrially, there would appear to be much holding back on spending. My perspective comes from working in a industrial supply store, in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, but my information comes from comments made by tool wholesalers across Victoria.

Perhaps it is the drought, perhaps it is the fuel price increases, perhaps it is rapid increase in importing, or perhaps a combination. All I know is, everything is unpredictable, of late, and it is getting harder to make a dollar everyday. It would not surprise me if, after our next federal election, and the left wing Labour Party is elected (which us very likely), optimism will be cast to the wind, and a recession will be declared. Neither would it surprise me if we are in the middle of a revolution of some kind within the next five years.

I could seriously believe that the "crash has begun".

Aaron Ireland

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Hi Andrew,

Regarding doing a "Google Search" on Christian leaders, I agree that great care is needed. It is simply dangerous to take the word of "Heresy-hunting" sites about anyone. I have seen so many falsehoods presented as "fact" about leaders. If you do a search on "David Wilkerson" or "Charles Finney", you will be amazed at how many people despise them or accuse them of all kinds of things! Imagine the field day that Wesley's critics would have had if they'd had the Internet! Wow!

Good point. I have spent quite a bit of time with you Andrew and I can say wholeheartedly I believe you are a sincere man of God who wants to see revival. I wish I had more time to read through the articles you write these days, but I simply choose what seems of most interest or relevance. We don't agree on everything, but having known you I believe you long to do God's will unlike few I have ever known. Folk don't always interpret that right. And yet, we are all still learning and growing in the Lord. Just wanted to share that for what it's worth.

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

 2007/3/16 10:55Profile

 Re: HAS the CRASH BEGUN?? - Andrew Strom - COMMENTS?

No time to read the whole of this thread, but just wanted to say that this is the threat hanging over the whole "Western" world.

We had the Word of God but what did we do with it?

Britain lost her Empire because of idolatry, complacancy, love of money and disobedience to the God she once claimed to worship. America seems to be going the same way.

How else is the Lord going to wake us up?

In Him


 2007/3/16 12:51

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I wish I didn't have to agree, but I do.

We will lose what we hang onto in this world. They only things we can legitimately hang on to are in the world to come.


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 Re: An Observation

An article like this is bound to draw sharp comments, so no surprise there. I particularly note Greg Gordon’s reaction to this article and an earlier article way back from 2003 entitled "PROPHETIC MESSAGE to the USA CHURCH" -by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.

That was also from Andrew Strom's mailing list. The message was similar content wise but the messenger was different. Now I don’t know if Bro. Gordon has had a change of heart or whether he took exception to the messenger who then was characterized as a “character” and a “fellow”.

As for me, I have no comments about either the message or the messenger, in this case or the earlier one.

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i believe this article is right on, soon we have to be ready...

no money

no food

no work

no social security



crime goes up

and Gods people need to be ready...... to preach the gospel


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