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 HAS the CRASH BEGUN?? - Andrew Strom - COMMENTS?

-by Andrew Strom.

In the wake of the Stockmarket turmoil of the last two weeks, I
felt it important to comment. Two weeks ago the US stockmarket
fell 416 points in one day. Yesterday it lost another 242 points. A
lot of this is directly caused by the Housing crash that we have
been warning of for the past 8 months or so.

It is only since 9-11 that I have been watching the US economy
so closely. I remember very vividly kneeling down by my bed soon
after the towers fell on 9-11 and hearing God clearly speak to me-
To me this was a profound and shocking word, which I published
that same week. I felt strongly that in following years we would
see this play out before our eyes. -The unraveling of US financial
power in the earth. (I was made to understand it was like the
Titanic - which hit the iceburg but did not sink for many hours. In
a lot of ways, the sinking of that vessel was symbolic of Britain's
decline as a world power from that point on. -I know this is shocking
to contemplate regarding the US. -It certainly shocked me at the time).

After 9-11, I continued to publish occasional articles about a coming
economic crash. Meanwhile an enormous Housing bubble was
building in America.

Eight months ago we began to publish warnings about the bursting
of this Housing bubble, and the likely impact it would have -
beginning in 2007. ("WORST HOUSING SLUMP in 50 YEARS?" -
published Aug 30, 2006).

I began to refer to this coming financial judgment in my sermons,
saying that in many ways it would be God's MERCY - to shock
us out of our complacency and apathy - and to cause us to
desperately seek His face. We have allowed comfort and
materialism to turn our heads. We have become lazy - "lovers of
pleasures more than lovers of God". Only by striking this country's
great idol 'Mammon' can God cause us to cry out to Him. We
have no idea how lukewarm we have become.

If you listen to several of my sermons from last year - eg. "A CALL
AMERICA?" - you will hear me speak specifically of this housing
collapse and the economic judgment that is coming upon this
land. (-Both of these are on the recent CD that we put out).

And now here we are. March 2007. The sub-prime mortage market
is in free-fall. The CDO market is infected. The Yen carry-trade is
unwinding. Housing is still sinking with no bottom in sight, and
the stockmarket has suddenly become very volatile. It is a slow-
motion train-wreck, and this is only the beginning. (-Keep your
eye on the DERIVATIVES and the HEDGE FUNDS. -These are
the "insurers" of the markets, and systemic danger lurks in their
giant shadows).

For some time I have wondered what it will take to get us REALLY
PRAYING in this nation. What calamity will need to occur? Do
we really need a full-blown crisis staring us in the face before we
will go to our knees? -Perhaps we do.

Let me state this very clearly:- This nation is at a crossroads.
-RIGHT NOW. What is at stake is an entire lost generation - and
in fact, this country's entire future. What will we do? Will we PRAY
or will we allow this slide into the abyss to continue?

These few years decide all. -I say it again:- THESE FEW YEARS
DECIDE ALL. So what is it going to be?

As you know, there are several ways in which we have been led
to facilitate MORE PRAYER in recent months. One of these
needs to change slightly in view of what is happening and the
urgency of the hour. I am talking about the PHONE PRAYER.
Up until now, Friday night was for everyone, but Wednesday
night was just for Youth and Street ministries. From tonight on,
I believe Wednesday needs to be for EVERYONE also. So please -
tell your friends that there is a free worldwide Conference Call for
prayer every Wednesday and Friday night - for ALL of us to cry
out to God for our nation. (-Details below).

And please remember too that we are holding SOLEMN
ASSEMBLIES all over the USA in the next 2 months. I don't
know if we will ever do this again. So please take the opportunity
to gather with us and cry out to God together, my friends. We
have got to PRAY MORE. Do you sense the urgency of the hour?

Here is the info for the PHONE PRAYER - for TONIGHT and
EVERY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. (-All are welcome):

The TIME is 9pm Eastern/ 6pm Pacific time (USA). It costs
nothing to take part.. In USA and Canada the phone number is-
1-800-399-1052 and the entry code is- "65257684". For other
countries, please see our website-

I look forward to praying with you tonight, my friends.

God bless you all,

Andrew Strom.

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: HAS the CRASH BEGUN?? - Andrew Strom - COMMENTS?

In the wake of the Stockmarket turmoil of the last two weeks, I
felt it important to comment. Two weeks ago the US stockmarket
fell 416 points in one day. Yesterday it lost another 242 points. A
lot of this is directly caused by the Housing crash that we have
been warning of for the past 8 months or so.


I also do believe that there is a coming economic collapse. David Wilkerson spoke from the pulpit about 2 weeks ago and warned america:

[b]That Dreadful Day No One Wants to Talk About[/b]

I was going to write a article on this same topic but have relented. It is time for the Church of God to pray and also to be found in Him blameless. God is in control and may we be found in Him that our "hearts will not fail us" in that day.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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God is in control and may we be found in Him that our "hearts will not fail us" in that day.

Most Christians believe there hearts won't fail them in those days but why are we different. How do we know our hearts won't fail us?

Leonardo Santana

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Good question, Santana.

How many of us even really think about this?


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 Re: HAS the CRASH BEGUN?? - Andrew Strom - COMMENTS?

In the light of what Andrew Strom has shared and Greg also I am giving a link to a message I received yesterday from Rick Joyner. It seems to be right in line with what was spoken here.

Two Roads to the Future.
The Morning Star
February 2007
I was carried into another realm where I found
myself standing at a crossroads. Close to me,
I saw the form of a person holding a dim light. As
I approached, I recognized Lady Liberty, the
Statue of Liberty, which was alive. She was
confused and disoriented. With her feet barely
moving forward, she was hesitant. Her light was
dim, and her arms drooped so that she was about
to drop the tablet she was holding loosely.
She was trying to choose one of the roads.
She had just read the sign that warned those
who came to this crossroads—that one path led
to increasing weakness and ultimate destruction,
and the other led to increasing strength and an
even more brilliant future. However, the signs
did not tell which road was which. The sign also
warned that if one stood at this crossroads
long, a choice would be forced upon them, and it
would be the wrong road. So hesitating was not
an option, but I knew the confusion and disorientation
Lady Liberty was feeling would force
the wrong road upon her.
I was compelled to encourage her so she
would regain her decisiveness, but at the
same time, I was looking for any clue that would
indicate which was the right road. As I looked, I
noticed very faint footsteps leading up to this
crossroads. As my eyes focused on them, I could
see that these were the footprints of great
nations or empires in history. They had obviously
once stood right where we were. All of these
footprints led down the same road, which I knew
was not the right one. It did not seem that any
had yet passed this point on the right road—at
least, I could not see any footprints on it.
As I looked at this road and then the other, I
could see that the wrong road did seem much
more inviting. It had warm streetlights leading
to a curve that I could not see beyond. Because
Lady Liberty’s light was so dim now, I knew this
would be tempting as she could actually drop the
heavy light to go that way.
As I looked at the other road, it looked as
difficult and uninviting as the wrong road looked
easy and inviting. It was very dark, rocky,
narrow, and climbed steeply to a crest I could
not see beyond. It would be nearly impossible to
choose this road without being in a state of great
encouragement and confidence, not the depressed
state which Lady Liberty was now in.
As I looked at her, it was obvious that her
confidence and resolve were eroding even
further. She would never choose the right road
if she did not regain her vision, confidence, and
resolve quickly. It was a hard road, and just about
the only light on it for a time would have to be
the light you carried yourself, which would make
the climb even more difficult. However, it was
the only choice that was not certain doom. I was
driven by this to try to convey to Lady Liberty
that enduring hardship was essential if she was
to live.
As I looked at Lady Liberty, I knew that she
could drop the torch at any moment. She had to
have help very fast. Without that torch, she would
have no choice but to choose the wrong road
where there was at least some light initially. I
stepped over next to her and gently, but firmly,
took her arm and started to lift it back up. As the
light was lifted back up, it was like it received
by Rick Joyner
more oxygen and immediately became brighter.
This was an obvious revelation to her, and her
countenance began to change slightly.
I then asked her to grip the tablet, telling her
she must not drop it. She responded as if she did
not realize that she was about to drop it, and
she gripped it. Even so, she did not yet have the
will or strength to bring it back up to her side.
However, I could tell that just taking the resolve
not to drop the tablet helped to dispel more of the
confusion. Even these seemingly small steps to
regain her resolve and purpose had a great
effect. I knew action and decisiveness were
critical to her recovery.
I began to encourage her with all that she
had done in the past just to get to this point, and
told her that her future could be even greater.
She could go further than any nation or empire
had ever gone before. As I talked, her countenance
began to brighten even more. I knew, as
well as holding her arm up, I needed to speak
to her of her future—she desperately needed
vision. There was yet hope that she would take
the right road, but there was not much time. I
felt that at any moment the wrong choice would
be forced upon her if she did not move forward
to take the right road.
Lady Liberty was obviously the United
States. She is at a critical crossroads, which will
determine if she has an even brighter future than
her past, or whether she will begin to weaken
and fail. She will not make the right decision or
choose the right road unless she is strengthened
and encouraged to make decisions proactively.
Vision and decisiveness are her oxygen, and
without it, she will expire. To be encouraged is
to have courage, and it is going to take courage to
take the right road and to walk on it, but it is the
only path with a future.
I felt that I represented the church in this
vision. I needed to undergird her arm, which will
be done with prayer and intercession, just as
when Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ arms while
Israel battled Amalek (see Exodus 17). I also
had to prophesy to her, encouraging her with
visions of her potential future. She had to choose
a hard and lonely road, but she had the light, the
light of liberty, which would enable her to do it.
The higher she lifted up the light of liberty, the
more brightly her path would be lit.
The depression she felt was dispelled when
she regained her resolve not to drop the tablet.
This was the mandate of God to hold to the Word
of God. This mandate had dropped lower and
lower, until she was just about to let go of it
altogether. In the vision, I only saw her grip it
enough not to drop it completely, but I knew she
had to raise it up to her side again to make it up
the steep incline she was facing if she chose the
right road.
The Bible only addresses depression one
time. God’s remedy for depression seems too
simple, but it works and is the only thing that will
work. His easy remedy cuts off depression at its
roots. That is why it is only addressed once; there
is nothing more to be said about it. This is found
in Genesis 4:6-7:
Then the Lord said to Cain,
“Why are you angry? And why has
your countenance fallen?
“If you do well, will not your
countenance be lifted up? And if you
do not do well, sin is crouching at
the door; and its desire is for you,
but you must master it.”
Of course, the Lord warned Cain of this just
before he slew his brother. Every person has
been given a conscience that tells them right from
wrong. To violate it is an open door for depression,
which leads to anger and ultimately conflict
with others. Nations that give themselves over
to evil will become angry nations, which will
lead to conflict and war. There are righteous
wars, but most are unrighteous, and are
motivated by either jealousy or anger, just as this
first conflict between brothers. Had Cain heeded
God’s warning, this would not have happened.
Depression is the result of sin, which is not
doing what we know to be right. Regardless
of how much we may try to kill or disregard
our conscience, it cannot be violated without
opening ourselves to depression. The depressed,
who do not repent and turn to God, will usually
turn against Him, then others, and will turn to
anything that will give them at least temporary
relief for the depression. In our generation, drugs
have become the source of temporary relief most
people seek. Drugs can work, temporarily, but
only while opening the door wider for increased
depression, which requires more drugs. The
longer this cycle continues, the more that vision,
purpose, and resolve are confused, deluded, and
eroded. What will often fill the void are illusions
of grandeur that are out of touch with reality,
which the devil imparts to bring further humiliation
and conflict.
In contrast to this, we are told in Romans
14:17, “...the kingdom of God is not eating
and drinking, but righteousness and peace
and joy in the Holy Spirit.” The kingdom of
Satan would have you pursue this in reverse,
compelling you to seek joy with the delusion that
it will lead to peace in your life, but it will only
lead to more confusion and more depression.
True peace and true joy can only begin with
righteousness, which is doing what is right. If we
will seek to do what is right, it will lead to a peace
that the world cannot even understand, which
will lead to a joy far above anything that this
world can offer. The peace and joy of the
kingdom is not quick, but it is deep, lasting, and
based on reality.
The fact that this vision ended without a road
being chosen means that it has not yet been
determined which road she will take. The most
important thing now is to help her regain her
strength, vision, and resolve so that she will be
able to see the paths and the choices more clearly.
As she lifts the light of liberty higher, she will be
able to see further and others will also come to
the light.
The United States is not the kingdom of God,
and it is not indispensable to the purposes of God.
Many believe that she has a special covenant
with God, but many do not believe she does. This
is based on the belief that, biblically, the Lord
is only obligated to keep covenants which He
initiates, and in Scripture He only has a covenant
with two nations, Israel, and the holy nation,
the church. Whether you believe America has a
special covenant with God or not is not crucial
for us to be the light and salt that we are called to
be to our country, and to want to see our nation
align itself with the purposes of God. At the very
least, America was dedicated to God by its first
colonists and the founding fathers who formed
the nation, and the things dedicated to the Lord
are holy and will be destroyed before being
allowed to be profaned.
Because America was dedicated to the Lord,
it cannot get away with what some other nations
may be able to get away with. Severe discipline
from the Lord will come upon America for things
that may not be nearly as bad as what other
nations are doing. This should be an encouragement
to us that the Lord has not given up on us,
as we are told in Hebrews 12:7-13:
It is for discipline that you endure;
God deals with you as with sons; for
what son is there whom his father
does not discipline?
But if you are without discipline,
of which all have become partakers,
then you are illegitimate children
and not sons.
Furthermore, we had earthly
fathers to discipline us, and we
respected them; shall we not much
rather be subject to the Father of
spirits, and live?
For they disciplined us for a short
time as seemed best to them, but He
disciplines us for our good, that we
may share His holiness.
All discipline for the moment
seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful;
yet to those who have been
trained by it, afterwards it yields the
peaceful fruit of righteousness.
Therefore, strengthen the hands
that are weak and the knees that
are feeble,
and make straight paths for your
feet, so that the limb which is lame
may not be put out of joint, but rather
be healed.
The Lord will discipline America with
increasing severity, not to condemn, but to save.
Intercession and repentance can reduce the
severity of these judgments, but reducing the
severity should not be our only goal, rather
repentance that will lift the discipline altogether.
The two paths before America are either
another Great Awakening or a great destruction.
The church is called to be both salt and light to
our nation. We must rise up with resolve to be
these. I Peter 4:17 states, “For it is time for
judgment to begin with the household of
God....” We are also told that if we judge
ourselves He will not have to judge us (see I
Corinthians 11:31). We do need to clean up the
church, but we do not have time to wait for the
church to become perfect before we can be used
or we would never be used. The church in
America is in very much the same state as the
Lady Liberty I saw. If we will rise to our
purpose and recover our resolve to stand for the
Word of God and His purposes without compromise,
we will find the strength to lift our light
higher and to help our nation lift her light higher.
The immediate, desperate need is for us to
help lift her arm with our intercession. Then we
must begin to prophesy to her about her future
as I did in this vision. America’s future really
can be far greater than her history, and she has
had a brilliant history. True prophetic purpose
will always be rooted in a basic commitment to
honor the fathers and mothers, or history. We
need to prophesy the potential future while
honoring the significant exploits and contributions
of great Americans in our history. Not all of the
history is good, but just as even the greatest
heroes of the faith in Scripture had flaws and
made mistakes, we must remember the extraordinary
exploits of all who built this nation.
We also need to honor the other nations who
were our fathers and mothers. For America, this
basically includes every other nation on earth.
We are a nation truly composed of those from all
nations. Every race and culture which has helped
to build America is worthy of honor and respect.
If America is to rise to greater heights, it will
not be by tearing down other nations, but rather
helping to lift them up.
The Great Commission is to make disciples,
not just converts, and it is to make disciples of
all nations, not just individuals. America has
been a discipled nation, and has been taught,
raised, and built on the principles of the Word of
God. That is the tablet which must not be
dropped, but raised up again to be at her side,
giving her the strength and resolve to uphold the
light she has been given—the light of liberty, to
proclaim freedom to the captives.
Freedom is essential for true worship. That
is why the Lord put the Tree of the Knowledge
of Good and Evil in the Garden. It was not to
cause them to stumble, but there could be no true
obedience unless there was the freedom to disobey.
This is why we are told in II Corinthians 3:17,
“Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where
the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
America now has the freedom to choose which
road she will take. The church in America also
has the freedom to help her, or do nothing. If we
do nothing, we will share her fate. If we help her,
we will share in the fruit of what she can yet
accomplish to help prepare the earth for the
coming kingdom of God.
To help her we must first cast off our own
confusion and disorientation, the result of letting
the Word of God slip lower and lower, and
loosening our own grip on it. We must return to
the Scriptures, seeking first the kingdom of God
and His righteousness—the only path to true
peace and joy, which is only found in His
kingdom, His domain, where He is obeyed.


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So, what are you gonna be? A financial annalyst or prophet? Not to sound mean, but you don't seem to be doing either very well. When you have a word to share, share it. But this Pat Robertson type forecasting you are doing is like Pat Robertson, rather embarrasing.

Jimmy H

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It seems David Wilkerson is saying the same thing. Many people on this forum respect him greatly.


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KingJimmy - yes indeed - a prophet simply shares
a word or a revelation.

However, it is the job of a teacher to bring
practical insights and applications.

My aim in almost everything I write is to combine
prophetic 'word' with teacherly insight. I do this on all kinds of subjects - in preaching and in writing.

Sorry that you object to it. I personally find it
helpful to combine these two.

God bless you,

Andrew Strom.

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 Re: HAS the CRASH BEGUN?? - Andrew Strom - COMMENTS?

Thanks Andrew.

God willing, my husband and I will join you in Arkansas for the solemn assembly gathering.


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I think that the majority of posts here by Andrew Strom seem to take the form of:

"X Message" by Andrew Strom.

I wasn't aware that the forum was suposed to be a repository for people to drop off their article for comment. Without particularly getting invloved in discussions themselves.

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