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Hey Doug... just in case you forgot...

John173 wrote:

I went back and watched this vid again..It certainly causes an emotional reaction in me. This brothers testimony was rather emotional. No wonder considering the depths of anger and hatred he saw in his HEART prior to salvation! Unfortunately, emotion will only carry him a short distance. I truly hope he has found some good solid fellowship and is devoting hinself to the Word of God and prayer.

Doug, then you replied...

...I don't think I questioned his heart in the least, that certainly wasn't my intent.

*******Adding your own 'words' about emotion and the condition of his heart at any time to me seems like opinion and comments.********

John173 quote:

The thng I find disturbing about this link however is that it is indeed to the youtube site. I LOOKED AT THE OTHER VIDS POSTED NEXT TO AND FOLLOWING THIS ONE AND IT WAS MOSTLY GODLESS TRASH. How many people, members and non members viewed the one vid then got sidetracked and started surfing this youtube filth? This is why Greg doesn't want links like this here.


John173 wrote:

Ummm...Did I say I got caught up watching videos? I was just reinforcing what I believe to be some valid reasons for not linking to youtube. How many hits do you suppose that video got as a result of this thread? Most of those viewings were by brothers and sisters who are quite capable of turning away from the other videos, but the possibility exists that some may stumble.

Neither you or I mentioned anything about being 'caught up' in the videos, but you did say that you (in my words) "looked to the left AND the right". I understand your concern and sincerity for brethren, but maybe you should be taking your own advice.

I just wanted to (re)reply to your comments.

Gob Bless those that stick to their words,

P.S. If you have not noticed, I have not called you or your wife on your replies to me about you and hers 'black' experience, because I believe that your comments and opinions got in the way there, as well.

 2007/3/16 10:24

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Oeiras, Portugal


Brothers let's all make an effort not to create tension when posting. I'm not in charge or anything, but I think I can ask.

João Tiago

 2007/3/16 11:02Profile

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I am completely confused by your take on my post. I stated that he was emotional because he was emotional. This is not an opinion. I made a comment about what he was like prior to salvation and pointed out what [i]he[/i] saw in his heart. This was taken directly from [i]his[/i] testimony, except he didn't use the word heart. Again, how is it that you are calling this opinion?

As far as the old black church exchange it was you who so generously offered up the opinion that my wifes posts sounded like bigotry to you. Now [i]that's[/i] an [i]opinion[/i]. So who should take their own advice?

As for the other vids comment. Looking [i]at[/i] is different from [i]viewing[/i]. I watched one regarding 9/11 and found that it was some conspiracy theory regarding US foreign policy toward Isreal, then returned to SI. Sorry if I didn't make that clearer. In this regard I do follow my own advice by not going to youtube except when there is a link like the one in this post. Doing so didn't cause me to stumble, but it can cause stumbling in some. We all have our weaknesses.

Now, the one thing your post did do. I feel rather convicted that I am prone to sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong. I have made a few posts where I was acting like I was the SI police, my initial post on this thread being the most recent. I need to learn to keep my 'mouth' shut. Had I done so we wouldn't tussling over this in the first place. I am [i]not[/i] one of the moderators on this site and therefore apologize for acting 'on their behalf'.

In closing brother, I really do respect you and your views. I don't agree with anyone here 100%. Does anybody? I truly hope we can get past this bump in the road without creating angst in our hearts.

May our Lord [i]truly[/i] bless you,


Doug Fussell

 2007/3/16 17:33Profile


Brother Doug,

Maybe both of us should learn to keep our mouth shut.

May God Bless You and Your Wife,
Brian :-)

 2007/3/16 20:03

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