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Discussion Forum : General Topics : I am so sick of the easy-believism that is so prevailant in American Christianity!

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andres wrote:
would you agree, When the Spirit of God enters a man, the man will have new desires, and would one of these desires be to live a holy and acceptable life before his creator. That that man would hate his sin and would want to be like Jesus, and Talk like Jesus,, That the old things in his life would pass away and he would become a new creature?
would you also agree that he would be a man full of love for God and not of the things of the world?that he would trust God to save him from his sin and give him victory over his sin?
would you agree with these questions?
love andy

1st question NO
2nd question NO
3rd question Yes and NO. Whered "IN HIS LIFE" come from?
4th question NO
5th question NO

 2007/3/7 22:48

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Thread locked.

Mike Balog

 2007/3/7 23:49Profile

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