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I personally don't think that spray painting on the temple would be called decorating it. The temple is a place of reverence, and we certainly don't have the liberty to carve into the walls and insert permanent inks into them.

I personally have views against tanning because it's destructive to your skin and it's vanity; how then could I stand up in front of God and tell him that tattoos were not destructive, when they carried with them the spots and scars of the world and I could not see it?

With people that argue that christian can get tattoos and are OK with it, I seriously question whether they have the spirit, because how can the law be written on their heart? I fully and with all my heart believe that this is one of the laws of God, written on the hearts of the people that have his spirit, and even the testimony of nature should tell you that it's wrong!

It's not mere decorations, it's pure and simple defilement. RobertW said something to this effect on the "cannibalism" thread that "Just the fact that this is being debated is proof of the degenerate condition of our society". I couldn't agree any more that, just the fact that someone would dare to debate this is proof of the spiritual sickness of our times.

J. Wilson

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If one finds it appropriate to express oneself according to the standards of the world, one belongs to the world and there is great need for salvation and sanctification.

If you find it appropriate to express yourself according to the mind of Christ, you belong to Him and will therefore be able to announce salvation.

The treatment of this subject, and many others, mirrors one simple approach:
How much of the old life, the life and the ways of man that is supposed to be crusified, the life opposing Heaven will still be available to the "Christian". How to obtain blessings and receive the benefits of a Christian life-style and the work of salvation and yet retain parts of the old self-life.

Lars Widerberg

 2004/3/24 4:19Profile

 amen to most

I agree with everything except that last sentence of lwpray because I didn't understand what it was saying.

The rest, however, is, I think, a good sum up of the issue.

God bless


 2004/3/31 22:56

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 Re: amen to most

I believe it's how much are you willing to give up versus how much can I still get away with.

Mike Balog

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Hi Ron,
Thank you for helping me understand that I'm NOT responsible for what I don't know, and why. This appears to be another area that I need to grow in. Just the other day I was hassling a couple of bikers in front of "Big Daddys Body Piercing and Tatoo Parlor". I felt suddenly inspired to go inside the business, and have a portrait of " Mary Queen of Scot" tatooed on my tongue. I resisted the temptation, as I thought at the time that the Devil was tempting me. Now that there is "new revelation", I may reconsider. What a conversation starter that could be."Hey Dude check out Mary Queen of Scot blahhh." Well Ron, I'll take it under further consideration. In the mean time check this out :-P !
Clutch :-D

Howard McNeill

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Hey Clutch,

Once again you made my day :-D

Miss you brother, promise you will keep checking in? Someone has to come and diffuse all the hot air sometimes...Besides feeling a bit deprived of all the bovine humor...


Mike Balog

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If one finds it appropriate to express oneself according to the standards of the world, one belongs to the world and there is great need for salvation and sanctification.

If this statement were true, neither one of us belongs to Christ since we are expressing our thoughts via a BBS.

In fact, English itself wouldn't be appropriate.

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maybe i'm crazy.. but i feel that the temple.. our body.. is more of a spiritual body.. not so much as a physical body. (our physical body doesn't have any purpose besides to serve the earth.. correct? after we are lifted away what's done with it?)

the two are related but different (e.g. if one has adulterous sex.. they pierce and degrade the physical (yes).. but more of the spiritual..)

if it were the case that we were supposed to keep our physical body pure and clean.. wouldn't it be a sin to not eat as healthy as possible? shouldn't we be exercising all day? wouldn't it be a sin to breathe our air without a gas mask? not wear protective clothing as not to scratch ourselves.

you see.. people have to draw lines.. most people draw it at a different spot..

i'm going to get a tattoo soon that says " ζωsaν θυsιaν " (zosen thusia (living sacrifice)).. it represents my strive to be a living sacrifice.. spiritually.. not my phycial body's attempt to stay as clean as possible.. anytime i am tempted to do wrong i will have a very strong physical reminder to not sin spiritually.. it will be another way to witness to people that i see on a daily basis and if it turns out to be a sin... at least i had the opportunity to witness to and possibly save someone else.

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As a personal opition, I believe the bible speaks against tattoos. Just as one post, posted the scripture..

Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I [am] the LORD.

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

The only tattoo that Iam concerned about are the tattoo of nail prints in the palm of my masters Hands.


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