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Krispy said something I agree with, as I become more focused on the cross I am losing focus with politics.

I went to school to study politics, I fully planned to be involved in international politics after graudating but God had a different plan.

The fact of the matter is that in the bible we are told NOT to force the law on others (although i'm not going to look up references right now) but instead to preach the Gospel.

Why force a country that is pro-gay marriage to be against gay marriage... the fact of the matter is that the sin is still being practiced even if marriage is not recognized. We need to strike at the root, we NEED TO PREACH THE GOSPEL!

Politics can't change the heart of a sinful nation, only Jesus can! Stop putting your faith in man, and put your faith in The Son of Man!

Ian Smith

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 Re: The was opinion

There is a book out in 2006 that I didn't read by General Georges, former air vice marshal in Sddam Hussein's military and one of Saddams's top advisors. He clams the weapons of mass destruction are in Syria right now. I had heard this through a minister before America went in Iraq a few years ago but did not hear how it was done until I read a small article in a Jewish Christian magazine today called Israel My Glory.

Any way, Mr Georges clams that Saddam continued to work on the chemical weapons and rockets into August of 2002 and his original plan in 1990 was to attack Israel with three types of chemicals. At this time, August of 2002 he was convinced America was going to attack. The weapons were still being worked on into 2003.

Mr Georges claims that the weapons were gotten out because of a natural disaster in Syria in 2003 that provided a perfect cover to get the weapons to Syria. On June 4, 2002, a three-mile-long irrigation dam, which had been drawing water from the Orantees River in the north western district of Qeyqoun, Syria, collapsed, inundationg three small villages and destroying scores of homes. When Syrian President Bashar al-Asssaad asked for help from Joran and Iraq, Saddam knew what he would do. For him the disaster in Syria was a gift, and there, posing as shipments of supplies and equipment sent from Iraq to aid the relief effort, were Iraq’s WMD’s.

Who would suspect commercial airliners of carrying deadly toxins and contraband technology out of the country? Plains were reconstructed. All passenger seats were taken out, stuff including toilet compartments, storage compartments, and stuff normally used for passengers were taken out and flooring was put in. The airliners were then used to transport hundreds of tons of chemicals , armaments, and other paraphernalia into Syria under the cover of a mission of mercy to help a stricken nation. Mr Georges speaks of fifty six sorties moved by commercial 747's and 727's.

The Book. Saddams’s Secrets:
How an Iraq General Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein by Georges Sada. Published in 2006 by Integrity Publishers, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. P.O. Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214.

I copied most of this from the magazine Israel My Glory printed for Jan. 2007.

Gary Eckenroth

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Hi GaryE...

I have seen some reports about this. The fact that they didn't find any WMDs does indicate that they didn't exist. It just means that they didn't find any recently produced weapons. They did, however, find many illegal weapsons. They also found much proof of a planned production of WMDs. But remember, the war was not commenced solely because of WMDs. The possibility of WMDs in the hands of a madman only created an urgency in the days following 9/11.

The war was actually the result of a decade worth of defiance from Saddam Hussein following the first Gulf War (when he was forced to withdraw from Kuwait). Hussein agreed to a ceasefire that was based upon particular conditions which he openly defied for 10 years. It is important to remember that President Clinton ordered the bombing of Iraq on at least three occasions. It can be argued that the current operation is the needed completion of the first Gulf War.

[i]As far as Barrack Obama is concerned...[/i]

He is a very intelligent individual. He has some brilliant ideas in areas such as health care, net neutrality, and gun control (issuing a license -- similar to a driver's license). However, I could not bring myself to vote for a man who verbally [url=]affirms and promises support for abortion[/url]. I also disagree with his conclusions concerning gay marriage -- in which he believes such moral issues [url=]should be left up to the government[/url].

Those two issues are very important to me. As a future husband and father (and of course, as a believer), I feel that it is my responsibility to oppose such a candidate who supports the continued slaughter of millions of unborn babies. Even though Obama claims that he "opposes abortion on personal grounds" (the new "talking points" of pro-abortion candidates), I could never vote for a man or woman who might appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court that continue to "redefine" the morality and social views of a once-Christian nation.

Don't get me wrong -- I am neither a member of the "religious right" or the "immoral left." These are solely my own [u]opinions[/u] based upon an idea that I should be a good steward of my home and my country. I want the best for my country, and I know that sin is a reproach for any nation (particularly one that was founded by many devout men). I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. Yes there are sometimes little differences between candidates. But abortion is still a holocaust that kills more innocent lives in one year than all of the wars in the past decade.

Yes, the darkness is inevitable. And yes, my citizenship is first and foremost in Heaven. But I believe that my vote is my voice. It is a reflection of my beliefs. The government, which is allowed by God, was used by Paul to bring the Gospel to Rome. We need individuals who will do the same to Washington D.C. As a man who loves my parents, siblings, my future wife, my future children, and my homeland -- I cannot ignore an issue as important as abortion.



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Just a quick comment Ian,

Why force a country that is pro-gay marriage to be against gay marriage...

The best reason to 'force' someone to do anything is because the law is instructive regarding what is right and wrong...especially to developing children. Most people are against driving 55mph...but they know to do it because it's posted. Most people are instinctively against many things that are required by law.

When we are responsible just for ourselves we see the world differently then when we see the world as parents. When I was single I would have heard that as an insult but it really isn''s just that parents (the good ones) come to understand that it doesn't matter if people want to do right or not...some things have to be enforced for the good of the personal, family, or national character. Someone once said, what this generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.

Righteous and moral laws are a good thing. They won't save the soul of an immoral man, but they just might keep a child from adopting a popular view of right and wrong, making tragic mistakes and suffering irrepairable moral damage.

Wanting good laws is not 'trusting in man' and certainly not a political position. In fact I am finding it hard to see how a person can vote for either political party without producing fruit that is contrary to the Holy Spirit.



Mike Compton

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