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I read a couple of months ago in some secular magazine that this guy was a believer. I just saw on the news that he said he has given his life to Jesus. I know that he is not pro-Israel (big beef with me and God :-o ) don't know much else...does anyone have anything on this guy. Like is he pro-slaughtering babies or pro-truth through life?? Anything else let me know

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 Re: Obama

I heard that to, but I also read that he a joined church because it would help him with Christians. A while back I was on World net Daily and read a whole article, you could go there and do a search on him. You'll get a whole list of things, but maybe you can find something that will help you.



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 Re: Obama

Yeah he likes to propagate the fact that he's a Christian, but as far as I'm concerned he's not much different than Bush. Politics as usual... I wouldn't take much thought to it. You'll never know where his heart is, for only God knows. But from his fruits you can decide if he's living for God or not.


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 Re: Obama

Check ot the Senator's home church, Trinity United Church of Christ, on the web:

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 Re: Obama

This is what the AP News quotes Obama as saying:

[color=6600FF]If your name is Barack Hussein Obama, you can expect it, some of that. I think the majority of voters know that I'm a member of the United Church of Christ, and that I take my faith seriously," Obama said in an interview with The Associated Press.[/color]

Barack Obama on Abortion
Democratic Jr Senator (IL); previously State Senator

On the Issues quotes:

Extend presumption of good faith to abortion protesters
as they had once done in this country. I suggested that perhaps we could agree on ways to reduce the number of women who felt the need to have abortions in the first place.
"I will pray for you," the protester said. "I pray that you have a change of heart." Neither my mind nor my heart changed that day, nor did they in the days to come. But that night, before I went to bed, I said a prayer of my own-that I might extend the same presumption of good faith to others that had been extended to me.

Source: The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama, p.197-8 Oct 1, 2006

Pass the Stem Cell Research Bill
State Senator Barack Obama today called for passage of the Ronald Reagan Biomedical Research Act (HB 3589), which will permit embryonic stem cell research in Illinois. The bill, formerly known as the Stem Cell Research Act, was recently renamed to honor the memory of former President Ronald Reagan.
The Ronald Reagan Biomedical Research Act specifically permits embryonic stem cell research in Illinois. Today, more than 100 million Americans are afflicted by medical problems [which could be affected by this research]. Obama says, "This bill affects diseases that attack Americans - regardless of their gender, age, economic status, ethnicity, race or political affiliation. This is about a commitment to medical research, under strict federal guidelines. I call on leaders in Illinois and President Bush in Washington to stop playing politics on this critical issue and expand the current policy on embryonic stem cell research so that we can begin finding the cures of tomorrow today."

Source: Press Release, "Stem Cell Research Bill" Jun 16, 2004

Protect a woman's right to choose
For almost a decade, Obama has been a leader in the Illinois legislature in the battle to protect a woman's right to choose and promote equal economic rights and opportunities.
Source: Campaign website, May 2, 2004

Supports Roe v. Wade
Abortions should be legally available in accordance with Roe v. Wade.
Source: 1998 IL State Legislative National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998

Voted YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives.
Vote to adopt an amendment to the Senate's 2006 Fiscal Year Budget that allocates $100 million for the prevention of unintended pregnancies. A YES vote would expand access to preventive health care services that reduce unintended pregnancy (including teen pregnancy), reduce the number of abortions, and improve access to women's health care. A YES vote would:
Increase funding and access to family planning services
Funds legislation that requires equitable prescription coverage for contraceptives under health plans
Funds legislation that would create and expand teen pregnancy prevention programs and education programs concerning emergency contraceptives

Contact: Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr., 973-296-3915, [email protected]

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- In anticipation of the Feb. 10 announcement in Springfield, Ill. that Sen. Barack Obama will run to become president of the United States, Christians for Social Justice has launched ObamaNation.Com, a website exposing the hypocrisy of Obama on the greatest moral issues of our time – abortion and homosexual unions.

Pastor Clenard H. Childress, Jr. an African American Pastor and leader of the largest Black Pro Life group in America says "abortion is black genocide. Each day, 1452 African Americans are murdered by abortion. 4,000 children over all. There has been over 15 million African American children dismembered in the womb by the abortion holocaust and as many women victimized. Sen. Obama supports of the wholesale slaughter of our own community by abortion."

Here is another quote from: Christian Newswire

Childress, Director for Christians for Social Justice, also says "African Americans make up 12% of the population but account for over 50% of all new cases of HIV. Now, with that said, 60% of all new aids cases in America will be the result of the violation of Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:27 (men having sex with men). If he were to become President of the United States Sen. Obama's support of homosexual unions would pose a real health threat to African Americans."

The Truth about Obama:

Obama voted to not outlaw Partial Birth Abortion (1997 Illinois ban, 2003 Federal ban)

Obama voted against protecting born alive infants from abortionists (2002, Induced Infant Liability Act, and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act )

Obama voted in support of homosexual unions. (06/07/2006, Same Sex Marriage Resolution)

If elected president, Obama's use of the bully pulpit would be a boost for the culture of death and the homosexual agenda. Also, there would always be a threat of an Obama veto of any significant pro-life or pro-family legislation. Obama would undoubtedly nominate pro-abortion justices to the US Supreme Court, which could etch Roe v. Wade into stone for generations.


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Thanx a bunch for all that Goldminer!

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Obama is pro-abortion, and sees nothing wrong with homosexuality. He has voted for partial birth abortion. I will not judge another man's salvation, but I will say this... by their fruits you shall know them.

He will never get my vote.


 2007/2/13 8:49

 Re: Obama

not only will he get my vote, he will get my labor, whether it be thru writing or serving.

I will have no compunction on telling him two things, that abortion is murder, and that the US should help form, outifit and protect the new nation of Kurdistan in northern Iraq. No surge, no leaving the region, the best and smartest move is Kurdistan.

The only man I see fit to serve as President, Colin Powell, is not running, so Senator Obama gets my vote.

Colin Powell is the only republican I would vote for, the republicans have no desire to end abortion, they pay lip service to the religious right, but its just another chip on a whole stack of lies they been serving out. They don't want "inner city single mothers" breeding, thats the ugly truth they won't tell ya, Bill Bennett did.

and since his announcement, I have been praying for the safety of Senator Obama. He's going to be our next President, God willing.

 2007/2/13 10:06

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i'm not sure what the fuss is about Obama but somehow i'd not be surprised if he won.anyhow the bottom line is neither party is wholly sympathetic to God so i don't like either one. i think though we ought to seek our Lord on how we should vote and vote accordingly. bro Krispy mentioned he'd not vote for him because of the issues he mentioned, on the flip side, the republicans have proven themselves inept and corrupt on many occasions for the reason i mentioned at the first, they are not wholly sympathetic to God. democrats also have proven the same. however let us not cease to lift them all up in prayer because in spite of the rampant corruption, ineptitude,lip-servicing and so on, God has placed each of those congressmen and senators where they are, republican and democrat (perhaps contrary to popular belief) for His own purposes. We need to see past how democrats/republicans being in office affects us because it's not about us, it's about Him. How does their being in office fit into His plan for His own glory and the revelation of His manifold wisdom (Ephesians 3)to the powers of the air.

Farai Bamu

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 Re: Obama

Billy Graham could run for president and half the Christians in America would find fault with him. The president is a secular job, it'd be nice to have a Christian as president *and i know I will take flak for this* but I don't expect my mailman to be a Christian either.

Frankly put, politics is so caught up in power and materialism, I full suspect that even if a saint were to get involved out of pure benevolence he would either quit out of discouragement or compromise his faith.

Ian Smith

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